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Instructions on registration form,

Immediately above the form shall be printed the following instructions: The applicant must be sworn or affirmed that the information given by him in reference to his right to be registered shall be the truth. Any wilful false statement constitutes perjury, and Perjury. is punishable as such.

Every register shall be indexed alphabetically from A to Z. The answers of the applicants shall be recorded in their presence, in both registers, in the fol. lowing manner: In the first column shall be entered

Manner of registhe surname of the applicant, in the order of his ap- tering answers. pearance at the polling-place, on the page bearing the index letter of his surname; in the second column shall be entered his Christian name or names; in the third column, his occupation; in the fourth column, the street and number of his residence; in the fifth and sixth columns, whether he is a lodger, lessee or owner, and, if he is a lodger or is lessee of a portion only of a house, the location or number of the room or floor which he occupies; in the seventh and eighth columns shall be entered the length of his residence in the State and district, respectively; in the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth columns, the location of the house from which he last registered, giving State, city, street, and number, respectively, and the year in which he so registered; in the thirteenth column, the State or territory of the United States, or the foreign country, where he was born; in the fourteenth column, whether, being foreign born, he produces his naturali zation papers; in the fifteenth and sixteenth columns, the manner in which he complies with the law re. lating to the payment of taxes as a qualification of the right to vote, whether by the production of his receipt or by making affidavit; if the applicant is less than twenty-two years of age, the word "age" shall be recorded in said column; in the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth columns, his personal description, designating whether white or colored, his approximate age, height, and weight; in the twenty-first column in the register marked "check list,” he shall be required to sign his name, if able to write; if he alleges inability to write, a record of the fact shall be made in the same column; and un. less his inability is due to some apparent physical infirmity, he shall be required to further establish his identity by answering the questions of the challenge affidavit," described in the following section; in the twenty-first column in the register marked “ballot check list," he shall, if challenged on election day, be required to sign his name; in the twenty-second column shall be entered the number of the challenge affidavit of every person who is required to take said affidavit; in the twenty-third, twenty-fourth, twenty


fifth, twenty-sixth, and twenty-seventh columns th election officers shall record, in one register, the ot taining of the ballot, and, in the other, the casting of the vote of the registered elector at the general municipal, primary or special elections, as hereinafter

provided, or as may hereafter be provided by law. Right of registre Section 8. Every person who possesses the quali

fications of an elector, as provided in the Constitution and laws of this Commonwealth, or who by codtinued residence in his election district will obtain such qualifications before the next ensuing election, shall be entitled to be registered; but no person shall be registered unless at least three of the registrars determine that he is so qualified.

Section 9. Any person claiming the right to register may be challenged by a registrar or by any elector of

the election district in which the election district is Challenges.

located. Any person so challenged shall answer the questions of the challenge affidavit, as herein speci fied; and after his answers have been recorded, he shall sign, if able to write, and swear to their truth. He shall also make affidavit, at the same time, to the truth of his answers as recorded in the register, if able to read, and which he shall be deemed to have examined or have had the same read to him. The affidavits of all persons so registered shall, at the close of each day of registration, be numbered and filed. The challenge affidavit shall be in the following

Form of challenge No...
Election Division,

City of..
State of Pennsylvania, SS:
County of .
What is your full name?.
Are you married, or single?.
If married, where does your family reside?.


If single, where do your parents reside?.

Where did you actually reside immediately prior to

taking up your present residence?....

Give your residences for last four months?.

What is the name of your present employer?.

Where is his place of business?

What is the name of your last employer?.

Where is, or was, his place of business?.

Have you read the information given by you, as re

corded in the register? I, the undersigned, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have read the information recorded opposite my name in the register of the'... Division of the .... Ward, on page and that said information, as well as that recorded in this affidavit, is the truth.

.and subscribed, this of

19... (Signature of Applicant.)


Registrars' Description of Applicant.
Distinguishing marks,
Other peculiarities,.
Color of hair,


Registrars. The challenged applicant shall produce such fur- Further proof. ther proof as the law requires challenged persons to produce on election day, and it shall be the duty of the registrars to require it before permitting him to be registered. All persons claiming the right to vote by reason of naturalization shall be required to pro Naturalization duce the proper naturalization papers, or a certified copy thereof, before they shall be registered; but no such person shall be required to produce his papers a second time in the same district, unless he is challenged. Whenever the applicant is rejected, after a portion of the record has been filled in, a line shall be drawn through the record already made, and the registrar shall note on said line the reason for the rejèction, and shall add his initials thereto. All affi. davits and vouchers shall be executed in duplicate, one being delivered into the custody of each registrar who has charge of the registers.

Section 10. On the registration day preceding the February election, the registrars shall, in addition to the registration of electors, strike from the list the names of such persons as shall be proven, to their from 11st. satisfaction, by the affidavits of at least two qualified electors of the ward, to have died, or removed from the district, since the last registration. Thereafter, upon the return of the registers to the office of the commissioners, it shall be their duty to examine the same, and wherever registered persons have given as their last place of registration another election dis

Amdavits and vouchers.

Striking of namon

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