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by the State for maintenance be more than one-half
the amount which, in the judgment and experience of
the State Highway Commissioner, the annual cost of
maintaining improved highways of the standard of
construction prevailing in such township or county
should be, nor more than one-half the sworn, average
annual cost of maintenance, as set forth in the peti-
tion of the supervisors or commissioners of said town-
ship or county.
Section 24. County commissioners or county engi-
neers of the several counties of this State, and the
officers of all cities, boroughs and townships in the
State, who now have, or may hereafter have, by law,
authority over the public highways and bridges, shall,
upon the written request of the State Highway De-
partment, furnish said Department with any infor-
mation relative to the mileage, cost of building and
Imaintenance, condition and character of the high-
ways under their jurisdiction, and with any other
needful information relating to the said highways.
Section 25. In addition to his other duties, the State
Highway Commissioner shall cause to be made a com-
plete survey of all the roads in the State; and shall
cause to be made, and kept for the State Highway
Department, a general highway plan of the State;
and compile statistics and collect information rela-
tive to the mileage, character and condition of the
highways in the townships and counties of the State.
He shall investigate, and determine upon, the various
methods of road construction best adapted to the
various sections of the State; and establish standards
for the construction and maintenance of highways in
the various sections, taking into consideration the
topography of the country, the natural conditions, and
the character and availability of road-building mate-
rial, and the ability of the townships and counties to
build and maintain roads under the provisions of this
act. He may, at all reasonable times, be consulted
by county, city, borough or township officers, having
authority over highways and bridges, and shall, when
requested, advise and give information to such officers
relative to the construction, repairing, alteration and
maintenance of the said highways and bridges. He
shall at all times lend his aid in promoting improve-
ment throughout the State, and shall prepare and dis-
seminate useful information relative to road building
and improvement.
Section 26. The sum of six millions three hundred
and fifty-six thousand two hundred and thirty-two
dollars and forty-seven cents is hereby appropriated
to carry out the provisions of this act. Of this sum,
eight hundred and fifty-six thousand two hundred and
thirty-two dollars and forty-seven cents shall be

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When available.



Registration of

births and deaths.

Central pureau of Vital Statistics.

available in the fiscal year, ending on the thirty-first day of May, one thousand nine hundred and five; one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, in each of the two years next following; and one million five hundred thousand dollars, in each of the two years next following.

Section 27. All acts or parts of acts inconsistent here with are hereby repealed: Provided, That the provisions of this act shall not be construed to repeal any of the provisions of the road acts, approved June twenty-sixth, one thousand eight hundred and ninetyfive (Pamphlet laws, three hundred and thirty-six), and June twenty-three, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven (Pamphlet laws, one hundred and ninety-four), and July ten, one thousand nine hundred one (Pamphlet laws, six hundred and thirty-six), nor the provisions of an act, approved June seventh, one thousand nine hundred and one, and entitled “An act relating to railroad crossings of highways, and for the regulation, alteration and abolition of grade crossings, except in cities of the first and second classes.”

APPROVED–The 1st day of May, A. D. 1905.

No. 221.

To provide for the immediate registration of all births and deaths throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by means of certificates of births and deaths, and burial or removal permits; requiring prompt returns to the Central Bureau of Vital Statistics at the capital of the State, as required to be established by the State Board of Health: and to insure the thorough organization and efficiency of the registration of vital statistics throughout the State, as provided in section seven of “An act to establish a State Hoard of Health for the better protection of life and health, and to prevent the spread of contagious and infectious diseases in this Commonwealth,” approved June third, eighteen hundred and eighty-five; and making an appropriation for establishing and maintaining such a Bureau, and providing certain penalties.

Section 1. Be it enacted, &c., That it shall be the duty of the State Board of Health and Vital Statistics to have charge of the State system of registration of births and deaths; to prepare the necessary methods, forms and blanks for obtaining and preserving such records, and to insure the faithful registration of the same, in the townships, boroughs, cities, counties, and in the Central Bureau of Vital Statistics at the capital of the State. The said Board shall be charged with the uniform and thorough enforcement of the law throughout the State, and shall, from time to

time, recommend any additional forms and amend-
ments that may be necessary for this purpose.
Section 2. That the secretary of the State Board of
Health and Vital Statistics shall have general super-
vision over the Central Bureau of Vital Statistics,
which is hereby authorized to be established by said
Board, and which shall be under the immediate direc-
tion of the State Registrar of Vital Statistics, whom
the State Board of Health shall appoint within thirty
days after the taking effect of this law, and who shall
be a medical practitioner of not less than ten years
practice in his profession, and a competent vital sta-
tistician. The term of appointment of State Regis-
trar of Vital Statistics shall be four years, beginning
with the first day in January of the year in which this
act shall take effect, and any vacancy occurring in the
office of State Registrar of Vital Statistics shall be
filled by appointment of the State Board of Health.
The State Registrar of Vital Statistics shall receive
an annual salary at the rate of twenty-five hundred
dollars, from the date of his appointment. The State
Board of Health shall provide for such clerical and
other assistance as may be necessary for the purposes
of this act, and may fix the compensation of persons
thus employed, within the amount appropriated there-
for by the Legislature. Suitable apartments shall be
provided by the custodian of the capitol for the State
Bureau of Vital Statistics, in the State capitol at Har-
risburg, which shall be properly equipped with fire-
proof vault and filing cases for the permanent and
safe preservation of all official records made and re-
turned under this act.
Section 3. That for the purposes of this act, the
State shall be divided into registration districts as
follows: Each city, borough, and township shall con-
stitute a primary registration district.
Section 4. That within ninety days after the taking
effect of this act, or as soon thereafter as possible, the
State Board of Health and Vital Statistics shall ap-
point a local registrar of vital statistics for each regis-
tration district in the State, excepting such boroughs
and cities as are otherwise provided for. The term of
office of local registrars, appointed by said Board,
shall be for four years, beginning with the first day
of January of the year in which this act shall take
effect, and their successors shall be appointed at least
ten days before the expiration of their terms of office.
Any local registrar, appointed by said Board, who
fails or neglects to efficiently discharge the duties of
his office as laid down in this act, or who fails to make
prompt and complete returns of births and deaths, as
required hereby, shall be forthwith removed from his

State Registrar of
Vital Statistics.



Registration districts.

Local registrars



Deputy registrars.





Burial permit.

Transit permit.

office by the State Board of Health, and his successor
appointed, in addition to any other penalties that may
be imposed, under other sections of this act, for failure
or neglect to perform his duty.
Each local registrar, appointed by said Board, shall,
immediately upon his acceptance of appointment as
such, appoint a deputy, whose duty it shall be to act
in his stead in case of absence, illness or disability,
and who shall accept such an appointment, in writing.
and who shall be subject to all rules and regulations
governing the actions of local registrars: Provided,
That in cities or boroughs where health officers, or
secretaries of local boards of health, or other officials,
at the date of this act, are officiating as registrars of
births and deaths under local ordinances, such officers
shall be continued as registrars in and for such cities
or boroughs, but shall be subject to the rules and regu-
lations of the State Registrar, and to all of the pro-
visions of this act. And, when it may appear neces.
sary for the convenience of the people in any township,
the local registrar is hereby authorized, with the ap-
proval of the State Registrar, to appoint one or more
suitable and proper persons to act as sub-registrars,
who shall be authorized to receive certificates, and to
issue burial or removal permits, in and for such por-
tions of the township as may be designated; and each
sub-registrar shall note, over his signature, the date
on which each certificate was filed, and forward all
certificates to the registrar of the township within
ten days, and, in all cases, before the third day of the
following month: Provided, That all sub-registrars
shall be subject to the supervision and control of the
State Registrar, and may be by him removed for
neglect or failure to perform their duties in accord-
ance with the provisions of this act or the rules and
regulations of the State Registrar, and they shall be
liable to the same penalties for neglect of duties as
the local registrar.
Section 5. That the body of any person whose death
occurs in the State shall not be interred, deposited in
a vault or tomb, cremated, or otherwise disposed of, or
removed from or into any registration district, until
a permit for burial, removal or other disposition shall
have been properly issued by the registrar of the reg-
istration district in which the death occurs. And no

such burial or removal permit shall be issued by any

registrar until a complete and satisfactory certificate and return of the death has been filed with him as hereinafter provided: Provided, That a transit permit issued in accordance with the law and health regulations of the place where the death occurred, whether in Pennsylvania or outside of the State, may be accepted by the local registrar of the district where

the body is to be interred or otherwise finally dis-
posed of, as a basis upon which he shall issue a local
burial permit, in the same way as if the death occurred
in his district, but shall plainly enter on the face of
the copy of the record which he shall make for return
to the State registrar the fact that it was a body
shipped in for interment, and give the actual place of
death. But when a body is removed from a district in
Pennsylvania to an adjacent or nearby district for in-
terment, not requiring the use of a common carrier or
the issue of a transit permit, then the registrar's re-
moval permit from the district where death occurred
may be accepted as authority for burial.
Section 6. That stillborn children or those dead at
birth shall be registered as births and also as deaths,
and a certificate of both the birth and the death shall
be filed with the local registrar, in the usual form and
manner, the certificate of birth to contain, in place of
the name of the child, the word “stillbirth.” The
medical certificate of the cause of death shall be sign-
ed by the attending physician, if any; and shall state
the cause of death as “stillborn,” with the cause of
the stillbirth, if known, whether a premature birth;
and, if born prematurely, the period of uterogestation,
in months if known; and a burial or removal permit in
usual form shall be required. Midwives shall not sign
certificates of death for stillborn children; but such
cases, and stillbirths occurring without attendance of
either physician or midwife, shall be treated as deaths
without medical attendance, as provided for in sec-
tion eight of this act.
Section 7. That the certificate of death shall contain
the following items: -
(1) I’lace of death; including State, county, town-
ship, borough or city. If in a borough or city, the
ward, street and house number. If in a hospital or
other institution, the name of the same to be given
instead of the street and house number. If in an in-
dustrial camp, the name to be given.
(2) Full name of decedent. If an unnamed child,
the surname preceded by “unnamed.”
(3) Sex.
(4) Color or race: as white, black (negro or negro
descent) Indian, Chinese, Japanese, or other.
(5) Conjugal condition: as single, married, widowed,
or divorced.
(6) I ate of thirth, including the year, month and day.
(7) Age, in years, months and days.
(S) Place of birth, State or foreign country.
(9) Name of father.
(10) Birthplace of father, State or foreign country
(11) Maiden name of mother.
(12) Birthplace of mother, State or foreign country

Record of.

Still births.

Certificate of death.

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