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of of setting to Show those great Services which You have done the Publick, has not likewife a little contributed to that Universal Acknowledgment which is paid You by Your Country. :"..;

THE Confideration of this Part of Your Cha-: racter, is that which hinders me from enlarging on thofe Extraordinary Ta


lents, which have given You so great a Figure in the British Senate, as well as on that Elegance and Politeness which appear in Your more retired Conversation. I should be unpardonable, if, after what I have said, I should longer detain You with an Address of this Nature: I cannot, however, conclude it without owning jiti! A r those those great Obligations which ; You have laid upon, ... . ... .

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N° 170. Friday, September 14. 1711.

In amore hec omnia infunt vitia: injuria,
Suspiciones, inimicitia, inducia,
Bellum, pax rursum

Ter. Eun.

to a V PON looking over the Letters of my fea

male Correspondents, I find several from
Women complaining of jealous Husbands,
and at the same Time protesting their own

Innocence; and defiring my Advice on
L a

this Occasion. I shall therefore take this
Subject into my Consideration; and the more willingly,
because I find that the Marquiss of Hallifax, who in his
Advice to a Daughter, has instructed a: Wife how to be.
have her self towards a false, an intemperate, a cholerick,
a füllen, a covetous or a filly Husband, has not spoken one
Word of a jealous Husband.

FEALOUSY is that Pain which a Man feels from
the Apprehension that he is not equally beloved by the Per-
fon whom he entirely loves. Now, because our inward


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