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List of drawings

The following drawings pertain to work done under specifications No. 1400 "Potholes Dam: "

[blocks in formation]

222-D-6744 --Potholes Dam--Location of Borrow Areas Nos. 4, 5, 6 222-D-10115 --Potholes Dam--Location Map 222-D-10119 --Potholes Dam--Location and Logs of Borrow Pit Test Holes 222-D-10120 --Potholes Dam--General Plan and Sections 222-D-10397 --O'Sullivan Dam--Outlet Works--Trashrack Structure--Concrete Outline 222-D-10952 --Potholes Dam--Outlet Works --Alinement Profile and Sections 222-D-10953 --O'Sullivan Dam--Outlet Works--Gate Chamber and Shaft--Concrete

Outline 222-D-10954 --Potholes, Dam--Outlet Works --Valve House and Stilling Basin--Con

crete Outline 222-D-11066 --O'Sullivan Dam--Embankment Settlement--Installation 222-D-11092 --O'Sullivan Dam--Embankment Piezometer Installation 222-D-13227 --Potholes Dam--Crest and Camber Details 222-D-15561 --O'Sullivan Dam Outlet Works--4-foot by 4-foot Outlet Conduit--Dis

charge Curves 222-D-15575 --O'Sullivan Dam Outlet Works--22-inch Outlet Pipe--Discharge Curves 222-116-20942--O'Sullivan Dam--Surface Settlement Installations Plan

Interior - Reclamation - Denver, Colo.

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