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Art. XXII. SELECT LITERARY INFORMATION. ** Gentlemen, and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the

Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending information( post paid,) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

Proposals are issued by Boydell and and enlarged, will appear in the course Co., Mr. Wilkie, and Mr. Burnet, for of ibis month. publishing by Subscription, an en- Preparing for the press (by permis. graving from the celebrated Picture of sion) and will be published in next Octhe Blind Fidler painted by Mr. Wilo tober term, Cainbridge Problems, used kie, to be engraved in the line manner in the Senate-house from 1801 to 1810 by Mr. Burnet; the size to be 24 by inclusive ; properly arranged aud cor19 inches; it is intended to publish the rected; taken from the Cambridge Print in as short a time as the nature University Calendar.

of such engraving will admit of, and John Turner, Esq. of the Middle - 10 deliver the prints in the strict order Ternple, is preparing a new work op of subscription.

. Conveyancing, to consist of a collec An English gentleman lately escaped tion of modern precedents with notes from France has in the press a Picture and illustrations, and a practical introof Verdun; being an interesting state- duction on the language and structure ment of every circumstance connected of conveyances.' with the detention of vur countrymen: Lord Kenyon will very shortly pab.

this work contains an account of their lish his Sentiments on the Roman Cao arrestation, detention at Fontainbleant tholic Question and Valenciennes, confinement at Ver- Speedily will be published in quarto, dun, incarceration at Bitsche ; amuse. Philosophical Essays; by Dugald ments, sufferings, indulgencies granted Stewart, F. R. S. Ed. Professor of Moral to some; acts of extortion and cruelty Philosopby in the University of Edinpractised on others, characters of burgh. General and Madame Wirion, list of Preparing for publication, the Tra. those who have been permitted to vels of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan, (comleave or who have escaped from France, monly called the Persian Prince) in occasional poetry by Mr. Concannon, Asia, Africa, and Europe during the Sir William Cowper, &c. and anec- years 1799, 1800, 1801 and 1802, dotes of the principal Detenus.

Written by himself in the Persian lanAt press, a chronological Account guage, and translated by Charles Stew. of the Commerce of England from the art, Esq. Restoration, to 1810, distinguishing the Mr. Michael Fryer, Secretary to the "Years of War. By George Chalmers, Bristol Literary and Philosophical Sor Esq. F. R. S. A. S. to be pasted on a ciety, has issued proposals for publishboard to hang up, or in a case for the ing by subscription, “A General His. pocket, 3s. 6il.

tory of Matbematics from the earliest A third and last volume of the Tem. Ages till the close of the eighteenth ple of Truth, is in the press, under the century, extracted chiefly from Montutitle of Additional Studies, and may be ela, Hæstner, Bailly, Bossut, and expected in the course of the present others." It is intended to publish this month. :

work in three octavo volumes, which • A new edition of Dr. Henry's Che will be divided into five parts. 1. Hismistry is in the press. As the latě. torý of Mathematics from their ori. grand discoveries of Mr. Davy have gis till the destruction of the Grecian wrought extraordinary changes in the empire. 2. History of Mathematics science, the present edition will extend among the Eastern nations; viz. the to two volumes, and may be considered Arabs, the Persians, the Jews, the Inalmost as a new work.

dians, and the Chinese. 3. History of A new edition of the translation of Mathematics among the Latin and other Euler Elements of Algebra, corrected 'Western nations, until the commence ment of the seventeenth century, 4. Nearly ready for publication, under History of Mathematics during the the patronage of the Very Reverend the seventeenth century. 5. History of Ma- Dean of Westminster--Two highly fithematics during the eighteenth cen. nished Engravings of the Interior of tury.

Henry the Seventh's Chapel, combining Mr. George Cumberland, of Bristol, precision of perspective representation has in the press two volumes of Origi- with that species of effect most characnal Tales. He is also preparing for teristic of this celebrated and interesting publication a work with sixty plates, 'specimen of florid Gothic, on a scale on the Principles of the Composition sufficiently large to admit of much deof the Ancients.

tailed architectural inforination; from Mr. George Chalmers has in the press original drawings by John Morton, a new edition of his Estimate of the Junior. comparative Strength of 'Great Bric The Rev. William Beloe, has put to tain, corrected 'and continued to the the press the fifth volume of his Anec. present times.

dotes of Literature. He is also superintending a new edi. Joseph Harpur, LL.B. has nearly tion of Natural and Political Observa- ready for publication, an Essay on the tions and Conclusions upon the State Principles of Philosophical Criticism and Condition of England, 1696, by applied to Poetry. Gregory King, Esq. Lancaster Herald; In a few days will be published, in to which he has annexed a life of the octavo, a new edi:Jon of an Inquiry author.

into the Divine Missions of John the Dugdale's Antiquities of Warwick- Baptist, and Jesus Christ; so far as shire is about to be printed in two folio they can be prover from the circumvolumes, illustrated by nearly two hun- stances of their Birth, and their Condred engravings.

nexion with each other. To which Dr. Nathan Drake has in the press "are prefixed, Arguments in Proof of in four octavo volumes, the Gleaner, the Authenticity of the Births of John consisting of essays from scarce or and Jesus, contained in the two first neglected periodical papers, with an Chapters of the Gospels of St. Matthewy introduction and notes.

and St. Luke. By William Bell, D.D. Dr. Stock's Life of Dr. Beddoes is Prebendary of St. Peter's, Westminin the press. It will comprise an ana- ster. Jytical account of the doctor's numerous Mr. Carlisle's Topographical Dictio, writings both published and unpub- nary of Ireland is expected to appear lished.

- in a few days. Dr. G. H. Toulmin, of Wolverhamp. Dr. Williams has ready for the press ton, has in the press, Elements of the 'a new and enlarged edition, in two vols.. Practice of Medicine; in which an 8vo. of his Essay on Divine Equity and an atteı will be made to give that Sovereignty, the first edition of 1809 important subject the interest of a prac having been 'for some time out of tical science.

' print,


i The Life of Torquato Tasso; coma Illustrations of the Lives and Writings prising a his

a writings prising a historical and critical account of Gower and Chaucer, Collected from

of his writings. With incidental nos authentic Documents. By the Rev. H.

tives of his literary

contemporaries. J. Todd. M.A. P.S.A. With a portrait

By John Black. With 'portraits, 93

by of Chaucer, copied from the illumi

imi vols. 4to. 31. 3s. boards. mated manuscript of the Canterbury'.

: The Life of Penelon, Archbishop of Tales, in the possession of the Marquis

Cambrai; compiled, from original mas of Stafford, and with engravings of the

the nuseripts. By M. L. P. De Bausset, Tombs of Gower and Chaucer as they',

formerly Bishop of Alais, &c. &c. now stand. 8vo. 15s. A few copies

♡ Translated from the French, by William are printed in quarto, on a size similar

S Mudford. Embellished with an eleganti to the Oxford Edition of the Canterbury

Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo. 185. boards.

"Y Tales, Price 21. 28. in boards.

The Life of Fenelon, Archbishop ot** Cambrai, author of Telemachus, &c. ments ;-). Public Business.-- ?. Crimi. post 8vo. 7s.

nal and Civil Jurisprudence.-3. PolitiAn Introduction to the Linnæan cal Economny.-4. Chronicie.-5. BioClassification of Plants ; illustrated by graphy. royal 8vo. engravings; to which is added a Glossary, and the Latin terms of Linnæus MEDICINE AND CILIRURGERY. with the corresponding English words.

The Annual Medical Review and Re. By Henry Wyburd. 12ino. 5s.

gister for 1809, comprising a critical CHEMISTRY.

account of every publication relating The Elements of Chemistry. By

to Medicine and Surgery a hich appeared Thomas Thomson, M.D. F.R. S. E. during that year together with a histoSvo. 10s, 6d.

rical sketch of the discoveries and im

provements in these and the collateral CLASSICAL LITERATURE.

sciences within the same period; a Greek Idioms, exhibited in select

report of the general state of health Passages from the best Authors with

and disease in the metropolis ; and a English notes and a parsing index.

variety of miscellaneous intelligence. To which are added, Observations on

By a Society of Physicians, vol. II. some Idioms of the Greek Language.

8vo. 12s. By the Rev. William Neilson, D. D.

Observations on the Diseases of the M. R. I. A. 8vo. 55.

Army in Camp and in Garrison. By

Sir John Pringle, Bart. In one large EDUCATION.

volume 8vo. Price 12s.

Heroical Epistle from Death to Dr. A Practical Grammar of English Moselev on Vaccination. With a PostPronunciation, on plain and recognized

script on some collateral subjects. Price principles, calculated to assist in re

2s. 6d. moving every objectionable Peculiarity

A practical Essay on Cancer, being of Utterance, arising either from fo

the Substancc of Observations, to which reign, provincial, or vulgar habits; or

the annual prize for 1808 was adjudged from a defective use of the organs of

by the royal college of Surgeons, London. speech; and furnishing, to pupils of

By 'Christopher Turner Johnson, . of all ages, the means of systematically

Exeter, Member of the Royal College acquiring that nervous and graceful

of Surgeons of London, and of the articulation, which is the basis of a

Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh. superior delivery ; together with direc

8vo. 5s. 60. tions to persons who stammer in their

An Atteinpt to vindicate the Practice speech, comprehending some new ideas

of Vaccination, and to combat the relative to English prosody. By B. H,

Prejudices entertained against that Smart, teacher of elocution and polite

beneficial Practice. By O. W. Bartliterature. 8vo. Is. . , Soirees d'Automne ; ou, le Vice Puni,

tley, Surgeon, Nailsworth, Gloucester

shire. ls. 60. et la Vertu Recompensée ; à l'Instruction de la Jeunesse, et pour l'Usage

- MISCELLANEOUS. des Ecoles. Par Mademoiselle G. Bertholet. 12mo. 4s. Ed.

Memoirs of George Barnwell. De

rived from the most authentic source, HISTORY,

and intended for the perusal and InThe Stream of Time, or Figurative struction of the rising generation. By Representation of Universal History, a descendant of the Barnwell Family, Chronology, and Biography brought foolscap Svo. Ss. 60. into one point of View. : Translated Flowers of Literature, the seventh from the German of Frederic Strass, volume, for 1808-9, embellished with and continued down to the present portraits of the Rev. Dr. Mavor, Sir year, by W. Bell, Price 11. 155. coloured R. K. Porter, Miss Temple, Mr. Diand varnished on canvas and rollers. mond, Junr. and Mr. Elphinstone ;

The County Annual Register, for containing an interesting memoir of the 1809. The contents are arranged under Lives and Writings of the above poputhe names of the counties to which lar authors. Also numerous Anecdotes, they respectively belong, and the sub- Narratives, Essays, &c. Calculated to jects classed under five general depart- amuse and enliven the imagination,

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To which is added, a view of literature By John Joshua, Earl of Carysfort, &c. for 1808-9. 6s.

K. P. 2 vols, crown 8vo. 11. ls. . True Stories; or interesting Anecdotes Sir Edgar. A tale, in two captos, of young Persons; designed through with Serious Translatious from the anthe medium of example, to inculcate cients, and Merry Imitations of a moprinciples of virtu: and piety. By the deri. By Francis Hodgson, A.M. 8vo. author of “ Lessons for Persons in hum. 10s. 611. ble Life." 12mo. 33. Cd.

Poems; consisting of the Mysteries Miscellanies, designed chiefly for of Mendip, the Magic Ball, Sonnets, the Benefit of Feinale Readers. By Retrospective Wanderings, and other A. S. Hunter. 8vo. 5s. 6s.

Pieces. By James Jennings. 12mo. Extracts froin the Diary of a Lover 75. of Literature, 4to. 11. Is.

A Poetical History of England; writo ORIENTAL LITERATURE.

ten for the Use of the young Ladies

educated at Rothbury-house School, de.
Ta Tsing Leu Lee; being the fun. dicated to them by the Author. Part I.
damental laws, and a selection from 8vo. 1 s. 6d.
the supplementary statutes, of the penal. The Poetical Works of Percival

code of China ; originally printed and Stockdale. 2 vols. Svo. 11. 1s.
· published in Pekin, in various suc- Poeins, by George Townsend, of Tri-

cessive editions, under the sanction nity College, Cainbridge. 8vo. 10s. 60.
·and by the authority of the several 'The Influences of Sensibility; a poem,

Emperors of the Ta Ysing or present in three parts. post 8vo. 4s.
Dynasty. Translated from the Chinese:
and accompanied with an appendix,

consisting of authentic documents, and .

Two Memoirs upon the Catholic

' a few occasional notes, illustrative of
the subject of the work. By Sir George

Question ; with an Essay upon the his

tory and effeots of the coronation oath, Staunton, Bart. F.R.S. 4to. 31. 3s.

and also an Appendix. By John Joseph POETRY. .

Dillon, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister
Natale Solum, and other poetical at Law, 4to. 10s. 6d.
pieces. By Joseph Brackenbury of An Account of the Origin, Progress.
Bene't college, Cambridge, 8vo. 8s.

and Consequences of the late Discon.
The Valentine, a poem on Valentine's tents of the Army on the Madras Es
day, with a poetical dedication to Mrs. tablishment. 8vo. 8s.
· Dorset, author of The Peacock at Home.

A Short Letter to a friend in the · By Edward Coxe, Esq. of Hampstead

Country upon the Question of Reform
Heath. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

and the Disturbances in the Metropolis. The Pleasures of Friendship, a poem,

Is. 6d. , in two parts. By Frances Arabella

Advice to the Whigs.; with Hints to Rowden, crown 8vo. 75.

the Democrats, and Cautions to the Sacred Allegories; or Allegorical Edinburgh Reviewers. 1s. Poems, illustrative of subjects moral

THEOLOGY. and divine; to which is added, an Avacreontic on the Discovery of Vacci- A View of the Brahminical Religion. nation; with an epilogue to the same. in its Confirmation of the Truth of By the Rev. John Williams, M. A. the Sacred History, and its Influ Curate of Stroud, Gloucestershire, fcp. ence on the Moral Character; ia a - Svo. 48, 6d.

series of discourses preached before · Constance de Castile; a poem in ten the University of Oxford in the cantos. By William Sotheby, Esq. year 1809; at the Lecture founded by 4to. 11. 5s.

the late Rev. John Bampton, M. A. CaEpistles on Women, exemplifying non of Salisbury. By the Rev. J. B. - their character and condition in various S. Carwithen, M. A. 8vo. 108. 6d. . ages and nations. With miscellaneous Christ divided ; a Sermon preached poems. By Lucy Aikint. post 4to. 12s. at the Triennial Visitation of the Lord

Vocal Poetry; or a select collec. Bishop of Lincoln at Grantham, in June tion of English Songs. To which is 1809. By T. J. Middleton, D.D. Recprefixed a new Essay on Song Writing. tor of Tansur in Northamptonshire and By John Arkin, M.D. 8vo. Is.

of Bytham in Lincolnshire, and PreDramatic and Miscellaneous Poemsi bendary of Liacola. 4to. 2s.

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The Accomplishment of Prophecy in tish and Foreign Bible Society addressed the Character and Conduct of Jesus to the Rev. Dr. Gaskin. By an old Christ. From the impressive treatise Priend of the Society for promoting “ on the Truth of the Christian Reli. Christian Knowledge, 2s. gion." By James Abbadie, formerly A Letter to the Rev. Christopher Deau of Killaloe, 12mo. 45.

Wordsworth, D. D. in Reply to his The Fall of David: a Sermon on 2 Strictures on the British and Foreign Samuel, chap. xi, ver. 1. Preached at Bible Society. By Lord Teignmouth, All-Saints Chapel, Bath, on Sunday President of the British and Foreign the 4th of March 1810. By the Rey, Bible Society. Is, Lucius Coghlan, D.D. Is. 6d.

A Letter addressed to the Rev. Dr. . Lectures Preparatory to Confirma- Wordsworth in Reply to his “ Reasons tion: to which is added a Sermon on for declining to become a Subscriber the Character of Hazael ; addressed to the British and Foreign Bible Soto young persons. 23.

ciety." By William Dealtry, M. A. .. Three Sermons on the Jubilee, preach. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, ed at Welbeck Chapel by the Rev. and Examining Chaplain to the Lord Claudius Buchanan, D.D. viz. the Mo- Bishop of Bristol. Is. 6d. saic Jubilee, the British Jubilee, and A Letter to the Conductor of the the True or Heavenly Jubilee; second Critical Review, on the Subject of Reedition; also the Star in the East, con ligious Toleration, with occasional Retaining att account of the Jubilee cele marks on the Doctrines of the Trinity brated by the Natives of India in com and Atonement. By Herbert Marsh, memoration of the event of their re D. D. F. R. S. Margaret Professor of ceiving the Gift of the Bible. Seventh Divinity. 1s. 6d. edition, 8vo. 9s.

The detestable Nature of Sin, the Remarks on the Version of the New substance of a serinon preached before Testament, lately edited by the Uni the Sussex Mission Society at Lewes, tarians, with the title of “an Iinproved Sept. 27, 1809, aud pablished at their Version upon the Basis of Archbishop request. By John Styles. To which Newcome's New Translation, with a is appended au Accouist of the Society. corrected Text, and Notes critical and 8vo. 1s. ... explanatory," being a dispassionate The characteristic principles of the appeal to Christians of various deno- Gospel illustrated and defended; a serminations on some of the first and most mon preached for the benefit of the generally received doctrines of the London Female Penitentiary, at the Bible. By the Rev. Edward Nares, Rev. Dr. Winter's Meeting House, New M.A. Rector of Biddenham, Kent; Court, Carey Street, Nor. 26, 1809. By and author of Bampton Lecture Sermons John Styles. 8vo. 1s. for 1805, &c. 8vo. 9s.

TOPOGRAPHY. The Works of the Rev. Thomas A Trip to Coatham; a watering place Townson, D.D. late Archdeacon of Rich in the North Extremity of Yorkshire. mond, one of the Rectors of Malpas, By W. Hutton, F. A. S. S. embellished Cheshire, and some time Fellow of St. with engravings. 8vo. Is. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford. To ..

TRAVELS. which is prefixed an account of the A Narrative of a Three Years Resiauthor, with an introduction to the Dis- dence in France, principally in the courses on the Gospels, and a sermon Southern Departments, from the year on the Quotations in the Old Testament. 1802 to 1805. Including some authen By Ralph Churton, M. A. Archdeacon tic particulars respecting the early Life of St. David's, Rector of Middleton of the French Emperor, and a general Cheney, Northamptonshire, and late Inquiry into his Character. By Ande Fellow. of Brazen-nose College, Oxford. Plumptre. - Embellished with a whole With a portrait of the Author and two sheet map of the French Empire, comothier.engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. prehending all the post-roads. 3 vols. A Letter on the Subject of the Bri- 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d.

ERRATUM. Page 428, line 12. ' for Rowland, Taylor, read Rowland Taylor. N.B. To the Binder. The Title and Table of Contents for Vol. VI. Part I. will be

found in the July Number; the Title and Table of Contents for Part II. will be given at the Eud of the Year; together with a general Index for both Parts udder one Alphabet.

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