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Report of Committee on Cooperation of

Boards of Education, 549
Report of the Committee on Economy of

Time in Elementary Education, 520
Report of Committee on Education,

National Council of Jewish Women

Report of the Committee on Publicity, 533
Report of the Committee on Resolutions,

Report of the Committee on Teachers'

Salaries, Tenure, and Pensions, 721
Report of the Committee on Vocational

Supervision (ELLA Adams MOORE), 433
Report of Pennsylvania Department of

School Patrons (Mrs. CHARLES LONG)

Response to Addresses of Welcome (MARY

C. C. BRADFORD), 483
Responsibilities, The New, Which the War

Situation Has Brought to the State
Department and the Schools (FRED L.

KEELER), 583
RICE, O. S.-Practicable Library Coopera-

tion with Junior Red Cross Organizations

in Rural Schools, 450

May Rightly Expect from a President,

Riggs, JAMES G.–The Policy of New York

State with Regard to Physical Training,

Roscoe, FRANK-Education of the Adoles-

cent in England, 188
Rural and Agricultural Education, De-

partment of, Secretary's Minutes, 271
Rural Continuation School, Effect of, on

Agricultural Efficiency (RUFUS W. Stim-

SON), 291
Rural School as a Social Center (Mrs.

Rural Schools, Physical Education in

Rural Schools in the War (MARIE TURNER

HARVEY), 438
Sabin, Henry (Necrology), 686
Salvage, Club Work and (HENRY R.

DANIEL), 146
SANFORD, BERNICE E.- Organization of

Social Life Where There Are No Dormi-
tories, and Housing Students under

Such Conditions, 393
SARGENT, Dudley A.-Physical Welfare

Work with School Children in War
Times: A. The Vital Necessity of
Physical Training for the Country Boy

and Girl, 677
SCHAEFFER, Nathan C.-A Better Appre-

ciation of Cultural Values, 163; The
New Program of the National Education
Association-an Opportunity and a Re-

sponsibility, 38
SCHERER, JAMES A. B.-The Nation at

War, 49
School Accounting, Uniformity in (JAMES

STOVER), 369

School Administration, Department of,

Secretary's Minutes, 359
School Budgets and School Finance

School Children, Conserving the Health of

School Finance, School Budgets and

School Finances as a War-Time Problem

(EDWARD L. Taylor), 364
School Gardens, Americanization thru

School Morale, Effects of Physical Educa-

tion on (MAY H. PRENTICE), 345
School Patrons, Department of, Secretary's

Minutes, 419
School Practice as Affected by the Reports

of the Committee on Economy of Time

(C. N. KENDALL), 531
Schoolhouse Planning and Construction,

Standardization of (FRANK IRVING

COOPER), 568
Schoolhouses, The Wider Use of, Depart-

ment of, Secretary's Minutes, 471
Schools in War Time, Guarding the
(MRs. 0. SHEPARD BARNUM), 430;

(MARGARET S. McNaught), 435
Science Instruction, Department of, Secre-

tary's Minutes, 295
Scouting Education for Girls (ABBY

Secondary Education, Department of,

Secretary's Minutes, 177
Secondary Education, The Emergency in

Sectional Conferences and Periods of

Professional Improvement Work for
Teachers of High-School Agriculture

SEITZ, Don C.-Opportunity and Leader-

ship in American Education: D. The
View of the Entire Situation from the

Outside, 519
Sense of Time, Children's (EARL BARNES),

Sex Education and the War (NORMAN F.

SHAWKEY, M. P.-How Shall We Conduct

the Thrift Campaign so as to Cause It
to Attain Its Maximum Effectiveness,

SHERMAN, ELMER C.-War Problems:

C. Increst Food Production-Home

Gardening, 649
SHIELS, ALBERT-Discussion: Efficient

Finance for the City School System, 616
SHOOP, JOHN D.—Why the Cost of Public

Education Is Constantly Increasing, 607
Shoop, John Daniel (Necrology), 685
Shortage of Teachers, Causes of the

Present (ISABEL A. ENNIS), 387
SIDERS, WALTER R.-War-Modified Edu-
cation, the Teachers, and the Schools,

SMALL, W. S.-Physical Education in the

High School in the Present Emergency, 181; The State Normal Schools and

the Problems of Child Health, 217 SMITH, ERNEST A.-Practical Education

under Federal Guidance, 77 SMITH, HELEN M.-What the Dean May

Rightly Expect from the President, 397 SMITH, LAURA M.-Leadership in Educa

tion: D. Thrift in Relation to Public

Schools, 638 SMITH, PAYSON--Centralizing Tendencies

in Educational Administration: A. Limitations of State Control in Education,

490 Smith-Hughes Act, Agricultural Educa

tion under the (CHARLES A. GREAT

HOUSE), 269 Smith-Hughes Act, Vocational Education

under the (C. A. PROSSER), 266 SNEDDEN, DAVID—The Birth and Child

hood of Vocational Education with a Forecast of Its Development during Adolescence, 286; Education toward the

Formation of Moral Character, 79, Social Center, Rural School as a (MRS.

THOMAS W. HAYES), 602 Social Ethics, What Constitutes ? (Romi

ETT STEVENS), 407 Social Needs, Manual Arts for, and for

Daily Living (JOHN G. THOMPSON), 158 Socialization, The College Community

Life as an Opportunity for (MINA KERR),

402 Special Class, Does the, Equip Pupils for Industrial Employment? (E. R. WHIT

NEY), 310 Special Class, Does the, Equip Pupils for Industrial Employment in the Community? Can the Cooperation of Employers during and following the School Period Be Obtained and How?

(DAVID B. Corson), 312 Special Class, Overcoming the Objection of the Parents to the-Can It Be Done? How? (H. E. BLACKMAR), 305; (ANNA

M. KORDSIEMON), 307 Special Education, Department of, Secre

tary's Minutes, 297 Speech-Disorder Problem in Public Schools, Part-Time V. The Special Teacher as the Economic Solution of the (WALTER

B. SWIFT), 671 SPRAGUE, H. A.-Coordination of Theory

Standardizing the Small Country School

(J. H. BINFORD), 595 State Normal Schools, The, and the

Problems of Child Health (W. S. SMALL),

217 State Plan, A, for Vocational Training

(HOWARD G. BURDGE), 254 Statistics, Commercial-Education (DAVID

H. O'Keefe), 240 Status, The, of the Child, State and

National, as a Result of the War (W. H.

SWIFT), 440 Status, The, of the Classroom Teacher

(W. C. BAGLEY), 383 STECHER, WILLIAM A.-Physical Welfare

Work with School Children in War Times: B. Principles Underlying Mini

mum Essentials of Exercises, 681 STEINBACH, CHARLOTTE-After-School Care

of the Feeble-Minded, 309; What and

How to Teach Defectives, 304 STEVENS, ROMIETT—What Constitutes So

cial Ethics, 407 STEWART, Cora WILSON-War-Modified

Education and Illiteracy, 117 STIMSON, RUFUS W.-Effect of Rural Con

tinuation School on Agricultural Efficiency, 291; Sectional Conferences and Periods of Professional Improvement Work for Teachers of High-School Agri

culture, 278 STOOPS, R. 0.- Leadership in Education:

A. Leadership as Found Today in Instruction in Interpreting the Curriculum;

II, In Principals and Supervisors, 623 STOVER, JAMES—Uniformity in School

Accounting, 369 STRAUSS; S. W.-The Patriotism of War

Savings, 137 STRAYER, GEORGE D.-Centralizing Tend

encies in Educational Administration: D. How a State Department May Stimulate Local Initiative and Increase Efficiency, 501; Educating the Public to the Financial Needs of the School, 609; The Emergency in Secondary Education, 187; The National Emergency in Education, 129; The Present

Emergency in Education, 205 Superintendence, Department of, Secre

tary's Minutes (Lida LEE Tall), 473 Survey of Child-Study, A General (Dr. G.

STANLEY HALL), 332 SUTHERLAND, A. H.-The Practical Value

and Practice in Normal Schools, 212 Sprague, Homer Baxter (Necrology), 688 Standard Library Organization and Equip

ment for Secondary Schools of Different

Sizes (C. C. CERTAIN, Chairman), 691 Standardization Aims, High-School Li

brary, from the Point of View of the
School Administration (JESSE H. New-

LON), 40o
Standardization of Schoolhouse Planning

and Construction (FRANK IRVING
COOPER), 568

of Psychological Tests-Do They Find

the Bright and Dull Pupils ? 300
SWAIN, JOSEPH–The Nation and the

Crisis in Its Schools, 45
SWIFT, WALTER B.-Part-Time V. The

Special Teacher as the Economic Solu-
tion of the Speech-Disorder Problem in

Public Schools, 671
SWIFT, W. H.-The Status of the Child,

State and National, as a Result of the
War, 440


cation in Preparation for Foreign Service, 238; Why Should the Government Train

for Foreign Service? 71 TAYLOR, EDWARD L.-School Finances as

a War-Time Problem, 364
TAYLOR, W. S.-Project Methods in

Teacher-Training Courses, 276
Teacher-Training Courses, Project Meth-

ods in (W. S. TAYLOR), 276
Teacher-Training Departments under the

Provisions of the Smith-Hughes Act,
The Relationship between, and State
Supervisors of Agriculture for the State
Boards for Vocational Education (G. A.

WORKS), 272
Teacher Training in Vocational Agricul-

ture, Project Methods in (ARETUS W.

NOLAN), 275
Teachers for American Children, Com-

petent (L. D. COFFMAN), 62
Teachers of High-School Agriculture,

Sectional Conferences and Periods of
Professional Improvement Work for

Teachers, Maintaining an Adequate Sup-

ply of, without Lowering Standards ().

Teaching, Prepare Rather than Train for

(A. E. WINSHIP), 222
TEITRICK, R. B.-Centralizing Tendencies

in Educational Administration: C. The Township as a Unit for Local Adminis

tration, 497 Textbooks, Modifications Needed in, as

Shown by the War (FRED M. HUNTER), 465 Theory and Practice in Normal Schools,

Coordination of (H. A. SPRAGUE), 212 THISTLETHWAITE, GLEN F.-Citizenship

and AthleticsA Concrete Example, 183 THOMPSON, JOHN G.-Manual Arts for

Social Needs and for Daily Living, 158 THORNBURG, Z. C.-Leadership in Educa

tion: A. Leadership as Found Today in Instruction in Interpreting the Curric

ulum: I. In the Superintendent, 618 Thrift Campaign, How Shall We Conduct

the, so as to Cause It to Attain Its
Maximum Effectiveness ? (M. P. SHAW-
KEY), 589
Thrift and Commercial Supremacy (J. A.

BEXELL), 138
Thrift and National Service (FRANK A."

Thrift in the Public Schools (ARTHUR H.

Training for National Service in Normal

Schools (L. D. COFFMAN), 209
Training for Social Adjustment—the Citi-

zens of the Future (MARY D. BRADFORD),

160 Training of Teachers, The, as a Factor

in Establishing Professional Standards (Sara H. FAHEY), 382

TYLER, DR. JOHN M.-What Teachers

Ought to Know about the Physical

Growth of Children, 323
UNGER, MAURICE S. H.-The County as a

Unit of Organization, 598
Uniformity in School Accounting (JAMES

STOVER), 369
Unit of Organization, The County as a

United States Boys' Working Reserve,

The (H. W. WELLS), 113
University Reform, The War and (D. E.


National Service, 127
Van Hise, Charles Richard (Necrology),

Vocational Agriculture, Project Methods

in Teacher Training in (ARETUS W.

NOLAN), 275,
Vocational Education, The Birth and

Childhood of, with a Forecast of Its
Development during Adolescence (DAVID

Vocational Education for Girls, The Influ-

ence of War Conditions on (MRS. MARY

Vocational Education and Practical Arts,
Department of, Secretary's Minutes,

Vocational Education under the Smith-

Hughes Act (C. A. PROSSER), 266 Vocational Reeducation of Disabled Sol

diers-Canada's Experience (T. B. KID

NER), 264
Vocational Supervision, Report of the

Committee on (ELLA ADAMS MOORE),

433 Vocational Training, A State Plan for

War, Commercial Education after the (J.T.

War Conditions, The Influence of, on

Vocational Educational for Girls (MRS.

War, Education after the (JAMES P.

MUNROE), 196
War Garden Movement, The (R. H. WIL-

SON), 148
War Library Service (WILLIAM H. BRETT),

War-Modified Education and Illiteracy

(CORA WILSON STEWART), 117 War-Modified Education and the Rise of

the Common People thru It (A. E. WIN

SHIP), 123
War-Modified Education, the Teachers,

and the Schools (WALTER R. SIDERS),

War, The Nation at (JAMES A. B.

War Policies for Schools (GEORGE W.

GERWIG), 375
War Problems: A. Economy of Time-A

Twelve Months' School, Divided into
Four Quarters (F. E. PALMER), 641;

B. Conservation of Resources--School Savings Banks and Thrift Education (ARVIE ELDRED), 645; C. Increast Food Production)-Home Gardening (ELMER C. SHERMAN), 649; D. A Practical Program of Patriotic Instruction (FRANCIS G. BLAIR), 652; Discussion (A. E. WIN

SHIP), 655 War Savings, The Patriotism of (S. W.

STRAUS), 137 War, Sex Education and the (NORMAN F.

COLEMAN), 195 War, Some Educational Values of the (G.

STANLEY HALL), 96 War-Time Duty of the Schools, Ameri

canization as a (J. GEORGE BECHT), 363 War Time, Guarding the Schools in (MRS.


S. McNAUGHT), 435 War-Time Problem, School Finances as

a (EDWARD L. TAYLOR), 364. War Times, The Child and the Book in

(CLARA W. HUNT), 448 War, Women and the (CLARA G, BAER),

355 WARDEN, RANDALL D.-Creed of Physical

Education, 350 WELLES, W. S.-Home-Project Work too

Small-Something Bigger Needed-A Substitute in Operation, 283. WELLS, H. W.-The United States Boys'

Working Reserve, 113 WEST, ANDREW F.-The Immortal Con

flict, 87 WHEELER, BENJAMIN IDE-Opportunity

and Leadership in American Education: A. The Place of the State Supported and

Managed Institution, 508 Wheeler, Henry 0. (Necrology), 689 White, Andrew Dickson (Necrology), 688 WHITMAN, CHARLES S.-Address, 485 WHITNEY, E. R.--Does the Special Class

Equip Pupils for Industrial Employ

People: B. The Nation's Responsibility

to the South for Negro Education, 558 WILSON, H. B.-Discussion: Leadership

in Education: C. Direct Instruction in Citizenship in the High School, 636 WILSON, R. H.—The War Garden Move

ment, 148 WINSHIP, A, E.--Discussion: War Prob

lems: D. A Practical Program of Patriotic Instruction, 655; Prepare Rather than Train for Teaching, 222; War-Modified Education and the Rise

of the Common People thru It, 123. WINSLOW, CHARLES À.—The Rehabilita

tion of Disabled Soldiers and Sailors or

Victims of Industry, 268 Woman in the New Internationalism, The

Role of (MRS. Louis F. Post), 74 Woman's Obligation, The World's Food

Supply and (JANE ADDAMS), 108 Women and the War (CLARA G. BAER), 355 Women's Clubs, General Federation of

(Mary E. PARKER), 427 WOOD, THOMAS D.-A National Program

of Health Education, 144 WOODWARD, ELIZABETH A.--The Chil

dren's Year and the Opportunity of the Kindergarten for Conservation Work in

Congested Cities, 131 WOOLLEY, MARY W.-Some Ideals for

Deans, 411 WOOLMAN, Mrs. MARY SCHENCK— The

Influence of War Conditions on Voca

tional Education for Girls, 256 Works, G. A.-The Relationship between

Teacher-Training Departments under. the Provisions of the Smith-Hughes Act and State Supervisors of Agriculture for the State Boards for Vocational

Education, 272 World-Standards of Educational Efficiency

ment? 310 WILLIAMS, W. T. B.-National Responsi

bility for Education of the Colored


dress, 360 Yocum, A. DUNCAN—Democratic Factors

in American Education, 141 Young, Ella Flagg (Necrology), 685

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