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School Patrons


Mrs. CHARLES F. HARDING, 4842 Kenwood Avenue..... Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. GERTRUDE S. MARTIN, 934 Stewart Avenue. Ithaca, N.Y.
Mrs. HENRY KUA, 4404 Ellis Avenue.

Chicago, III.

Rural and Agricultural



C. H. LANE, Chief Specialist in Agricultural Education,

United States Department of Agriculture..... Washington, D.C.
W. F. LUSK, Professor of Rural Education, Cornell

Ithaca, N.Y.
CHARL O. WILLIAMS, Superintendent of Shelby County

Memphis, Tenn.


Classroom Teachers


SARA H. FAHEY, Teacher of English, Seward Park School New York, N.Y.
VIOLA ORTSCHILD, Grade Teacher, Cauch School. ... Portland, Ore.
MARY V. DONOGHUE, Grade Teacher, Stewart School... Chicago, Ill.

Educational Publications


ARTHUR H. CHAMBERLAIN, Editor, Sierra Educational

San Francisco, Cal.
GEORGE L. TOWNE, Editor, Nebraska Teacher..... Lincoln, Nebr.


Deans of Women


Wesleyan University.....

Delaware, Ohio Vice-Presideni....... MARGARET JEAN CALVIN....

New York, N.Y. Secretary-Treasurer..... RHODA M. WHITE, State College..

Pullman, Wash.








EDUCATIONAL SUNDAY Sunday, June 30, was observed as Educational Sunday. In many of the churches the pastors had invited prominent educators in attendance at the convention to speak from the pulpit on topics of educational interest, and the public attended the services in large numbers.


OPENING SESSION-MONDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 1, 2:00 O'CLOCK The Fifty-sixth Annual Convention of the National Education Association was opened in Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pa., at 2:00 P.M. on July 1.

Vice-President Robert J. Aley, of the University of Maine, Orono, Me., presided at the opening of the session,

The meeting opened with community and patriotic singing, led by Will Earhart, of Pittsburgh, Pa., after which Adele Bradford Hatton, of Denver, Colo., read from the Scriptures and the “Star-Spangled Banner."

Addresses of welcome were given by E. V. Babcock, mayor, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Samuel Hamilton, superintendent of schools, Allegheny County, Pa.; W. M. Davidson, superintendent of schools, Pittsburgh, Pa.; and responded to by Josephine Corliss Preston, state superintendent of public instruction, Olympia, Wash.

Vice-President Aley then introduced Mary C. C. Bradford, state superintendent of public instruction, Denver, Colo., president of the National Education Association, and transferred to her the conduct of the convention.

President Bradford then delivered the presidential address, which was entitled, “The Building of the New Civilization."

Nathan C. Schaeffer, state superintendent of public instruction, Harrisburg, Pa., delivered the closing address.

President Bradford announst the Committee on Resolutions, and other committees.

SECOND SESSION-MONDAY EVENING, JULY 1, 8:00 O'CLOCK The meeting was given over to a discussion of “War-Modified Education in the countries of our European Allies.” The following speakers presented the views of their respective countries: Amy A. Bernardy, Rome, Italy, representing the government and education associations of Italy; Frank Roscoe, secretary, Teachers' Registration Council, London, England, representing the government and education associations of Great Britain; Suzanne Silvercruys, Belgian Relief Committee, Philadelphia, Pa., representing the government and the people of Belgium; Paul Perigord, French High Commission, Washington, D.C., representing the government and education associations of France.

SECOND DAY'S PROCEEDINGS THIRD SESSION—TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 2, 2:00 O'CLOCK Following community and patriotic singing, addresses were delivered by the following: Walter A. Jessup, president, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa; Katherine D. Blake, principal, Public School No. 6, Brooklyn, N.Y.; William L. Ettinger, superintendent of schools, New York, N.Y.; Joseph Swain, president, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa.; Frank A. Vanderlip, chairman, National War Savings Committee, Washington, D.C.

FOURTH SESSION—TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 2, 8:00 O'CLOCK The general topic for discussion was “Education for Democracy,” and after community and patriotic singing by the audience, addresses were delivered by: James A. B. Scherer, member, Council of National Defense, Washington, D. C.; John Collier, president, National Community Center Association, New York, N.Y.; P. P. Claxton, National Commissioner of Education, Washington, D.C.; ex-Governor Eberhart, of Minnesota.


FIFTH SESSION-WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 3, 2:00 O'CLOCK The topic for the afternoon was “The National Emergency in Education," and the vital points in the work of the National Education Association Commission were presented by the following members of the commission:

W. C. Bagley, professor of education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.; Thomas E. Finegan, deputy commissioner of education, Albany, N.Y.; Lotus D. Coffman, dean of the College of Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.; Carroll G. Pearse, president, State Normal School, Milwaukee, Wis.; J. A. C. Chandler, superintendent of schools, Richmond, Va.; George D. Strayer, professor of educational administration, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

SIXTH SESSION-WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY 3, 8:00 O'CLOCK The meeting opened with community and patriotic singing, led by A. J. Gantvoort, College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio.

After the singing, the following delivered addresses on various phases of the general topic"Training for Foreign Service"; Frederick Peterson, president, Lunacy Commission, New York, N.Y.; Glen L. Swiggett, Bureau of Education, chairman, Committee of Fifteen on Educational Preparation for Foreign Service, Washington, D.C.; Mrs. Louis F. Post, member, Executive Committee, Women's Auxiliary Committee of the United States, Second Pan-American Scientific Congress, Washington, D.C.

At the close of the session President Bradford announst the appointment of the Committee on Nominations.


SEVENTH SESSION—THURSDAY FORENOON, JULY 4, 9:00 O'CLOCK After community and patriotic singing, the meeting was called to order by President Bradford, and addresses were given by: Elizabeth A. Woodward, supervisor, Brooklyn Free Kindergarten Society, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Ernest A. Smith, superintendent of schools, Salt Lake City, Utah; David Snedden, professor of education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.; Ella Flagg Young, Washington, D.C.; Martin G. Brumbaugh, governor of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pa.

EIGHTH SESSION—THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 4, 8:00 O'CLOCK President Bradford called the meeting to order, after the usual community and patriotic singing, and the addresses of the evening were given by: Andrew F. West, dean, Graduate School, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.; Maud M. Miles, art department, Manual Training High School, Kansas City, Mo.; R. M. McElroy, president, National Security League, New York, N.Y.; G. Stanley Hall, president, Clark University, Worcester, Mass.

FIFTH DAY'S PROCEEDINGS NINTH SESSION-FRIDAY FORENOON, JULY 5, 9:00 O'CLOCK The meeting opened with community and patriotic singing, led by P. W. Dykema, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., after which the meeting was called to order by President Bradford, and addresses were delivered by the following: J. A. Churchill, state superintendent of public instruction, Salem, Ore.; D. E. Phillips, head of department of psychology and education, University of Denver, Denver, Colo.; Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior, Washington, D.C.

Following the program, the annual business meeting of active members was held.

TENTH SESSION-FRIDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 5, 2:00 O'CLOCK The general topic for discussion was “War-Modified Education and the Rise of the Common Life thru It."

After the opening music, the meeting was called to order by President Bradford, and the addresses of the afternoon were given by the following: H. W. Wells, Boys' Working Reserve, Department of Labor, Washington, D.C.; Walter R. Siders, superintendent of schools, Pocatello, Idaho; Cora Wilson Stewart, president, Kentucky Illiteracy Commission, Frankfort, Ky.; Jane Addams, Hull-House, Chicago, Ill.; Mrs. George Bass, secretary, National Liberty Loan Committee, Washington, D.C.; Milton Fairchild, National Institute for Moral Instruction, Washington, D.C.; A. E. Winship, Journal of Education, Boston, Mass.

J. W. CRABTREE, Secretary


The members of the Association express their appreciation to the Committee on Arrangements for the measures taken for the success of this meeting, to the press of the city for its reports of our meetings, to the teachers, to the Board of Education, to the city officials, to the chairmen and their associates of the special Committees on Entertainment, and the citizens of Pittsburgh for the royal welcome and hospitality accorded the Association.

DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES The National Education Association, assembled in annual convention in the city of Pittsburgh, July 5, 1918, recognizes that the first great business of the nation is the winning of the war, and to this end pledges the fullest measure of service and sacrifice for the sacred cause of our country, of democracy, and of humanity.

At this fateful hour in the life of our nation the Association reaffirms its faith in the American common-school system as the only safe and sure foundation for a democracy either in peace or in war. Ít asserts its belief that the three-quarters of a century of free

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