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- Detectsa wide variety of
military and commercial explosives

Detects instantaneously
Minimizes false alarms
Easy to use
- Ready injustminutes
Cears in seconds

The TIModel 97 is a fourth generation handheld explosives detector designed to be used by security personnetto search people, vehicles places, and parcels for concealed explosives. The Model 97 detects the vapor produced by a wide variety of commerical and military explosives and provides both an audible and visual indication of alarm. The Model 97 containsaunique real time detectionsystem that can rapidly discriminate betweenthevapors from an explosive and those produced by a similar non-explosive material. The results are instantaneous as theseismo tedious sample collection of slow analysisprocessin the system. Once an explosive has been detected by the unit, it is automatically purged cleanandisready to continue within a few seconds The Mode 97 is sightweight and simpletouse it is containedinanunobtrusive attachestyle case and can be quickly made ready for use its simplicity of operation makes user training quick and painless

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High sensitivity Batteryor AC power | Two operating modes - Compact size | Adjustable sensitivity - Attractive appearance

The is Model MM-1 is a high sensitivity metal detector designed to screen
letters and small packages for metal stcan be used insecurity
applications to inspect incomingmail for small amounts of metal that
may be presentina bomb itcan also be used forquality control to
check finished packagesforstray metal parts from manufacturing
processes. The instrument consists of a detection coil with high
sensitivity amplifies operating controls, feeder ramp, and -
removable guide rails. o
When metails detected the MM-4 initiatesan
audible alarm. Amodeswitch provides for
selectionofalatched, or momentary alarm
The MM-1 is idea for screeningmais in any high
risk facility.


- High sensitivity
| Rugged design
- Watertight detector

- Constantsensitivity as batteries discharge

- Audible low battery alert

Theososodel ML-1 is a sugged groundsearchmetaldetector designed to meetthe rigid requirements of Law Enforcement and Military applications it consists of a watertight detector mounted to a two past telescoping bar with attachedelectronics. It comes complete with carrying case and headphones. The Model Mot detectsal sorts of metals including iron, steel gold, copper brassandsilver its quick and easy to setup and operate and is powered by four 1.5V batteries

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