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1. Was the flight half empty because some people had been warned? During the last five years, what has been the normal flight load on Pan Am 103 during the days immediately before Christmas?

2. What was the role of U.S. government agencies, State Department, FAA, CIA in selective notification of government employees of the bomb threat. Of those passengers who cancelled their reservations on Pan Am Flight 103 (11st presumably obtainable from Pan Am), what was their reason for cancelling?

3. When Pan Am spokesman Jeff Kreindler told The New York Time (December 22, 1988) that "Pan Am had not received any threats," was he misinformed, uninformed or instructed to cover -up?

4. In weighing the seriousness of the December 5 warning about a Pan Am flight out of Frankfurt, did the FAA and Pan Am pay any attention to the discovery in West Germany only a few weeks earlier of extremists equipped with the same kind of explosives?

5. When the FAA conveyed its warning to LOndon: (a) Did the British Ministry of Transport Inform the British Airport Authority,

which is responsible for security at

(b) Did Pan Am's Head of Operations in
London take "high alert" measures, as
claimed; and, if so, what were they and
to what departments and individuals was
the threat Communicated?

(c) What steps did Pan Am Corporate
Security take?

6. Why did Mr. William Kelly of the U.S. Embassy staff in Moscow believe the warning sufficiently serious to be posted for Embassy personnel? Is this matter connected to his subsequent removal from the Embassy?

7. In view that this incident was the single largest act of terrorism against American citizens in the history of the United States, why were there no high level State Department officials in Lockerbie, that could provide basic information and answer questions from the victims' families 7

- 8. Why were there only four State Department representatives present at Lockerbie, who were limited to obtaining previous approval before providing any basic information/answers ? This pre-clearance procedure made them incapable of serving anyone's needs on a timely basis. (Unlike the English police, the Scottish government's social workers who were trained to assist/support, allowed to inform and show human concern).

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9. Why did the State Department abdicate their authority to Pan Am by referring all questions to them? Callers were informed that their role was:

- Help conduct the investigation/but not disseminate any

- Help identify American bodies.

- Ensure American bodies were returned quickly.

- Ensure that all personal belongings were returned.

10. Why was there no emergency crisis center in the United States created to assist/officially inform families, on a daily basis, about the following areas of concern: General Procedures/Basic Information - Number of bodies found; documents needed to I.D bodies; number of bodies I.D. to-date; average time frame to I.D. bodies; procedures for returning/receiving bodies; condition of bodies (i.e. autopsy/embalmed)

Crash Information
- Why didn't the State Department call the families to inform
them that the explosion was a terrorist bomb 7
- Why was the media the first and only source to inform the
genera//2ub//d of the bomb 7
- Why do the families have to rely on the media for all their
information ?
- Why didn't the State Department inform the victims' families
that several U.S. government agencies had jurisdiction to
investigate this incident, and that they would be contacting
us 7 (i.e. State Department, F.B.I., C.I.A.,N.S.T.B., etc.)

- Why don't all the investigating agencies share/have access to basic biographical information obtained from the victims' families, in order to minimize repetition/harassment of these families at a time of great stress 7

Pers | - What was the role of the State Department regarding personal belongings 7

- Why did it take the State Department over 5 weeks for the first written Communication to be sent 7

- Why hasn't the State Department moved the process along and help victims' relatives get belongings sooner 7

11. Why did the lack of action/cooperation from the State Department and other government agencies require us, as citizens, to form the "Victims of Pan Am 103" support organization?

12. Why was the State Department reluctant to initially send out letters from "victims of Pan Am 103° to join and organize?

before the
house COMMIttee on PUBLIC works And transportAt ION

MARCH 21, 1989

My name is Rosemary Wolfe. My 20-year old stepdaughter Miriam Luby Wolfe, a student of musical theatre at Syracuse, was a victim aboard Pan Am Flight 103. I thank the Chairman and members for calling this hearing and appreciate the opportunity to appear before you today- on this the three-month anniversary of the bombing.

Just a few days ago, as I was getting ready to prepare this testimony, my family learned that the only two of Miriam's personal effects to have been identified so far are a watch and one earing. She liked to collect jewlrey that had the masks of the muses of comedy and tragedy. As it turned out, the earing she was found still wearing was the muse of tragedy. This was a a chilling and startling reminder that the legacy of Pan Am Flight 103 is that it could happen again- that we take immediate steps to ensure that security and warning systems are improved and implemented in enough time to stop another disaster.

This must involve not only the airlines, which have the responsiblity for establishing and carrying out security operations, but also FAA, which regulates airline security, the Department of Transportation, which oversees FAA, the State Department, which manages our policy, and the Congress-- the

watchdog of new legislation.

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