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Amendment to Rule 27.*

Add at the end of Rule 27:

attention is called to the matter by a prayer When testimony is admitted, not as sub- for instruction; nor will it be ground of exstantive evidence, but in corroboration or conception that evidence competent for some tradiction, and that fact is stated by the purposes, but not for all, is admitted generalcourt when it is admitted, it will not be ly, unless the appellant asks, at the time of ground for exception that the judge fails in admission, that its purpose shall be restricthis charge to again instruct the jury specially ed. upon the nature of such evidence, unless his Adopted March 16, 1904.

Amendments to Rules 28, 52, and 53.7

28. Printing Records, What to be Printed 53. Petition to Rehear-What to Contain. Pauper Appeals.

The petition must assign the alleged error Fifteen copies of the entire transcript sent of law complained of, or the matter overlookup in each action shall be printed, except in ed, or the newly discovered evidence, and alpauper appeals, and in these latter the court lege that the judgment complained of has desires the counsel for the appellant to furnish been performed or secured. Such petition a sufficient number of printed or typewritten shall be accompanied with the certificate of briefs for the use of the court, giving a suc at least two members of the bar of this court cinct statement of the facts applicable to the who have no interest in the subject-matter exceptions, and the authorities relied on. and have never been of counsel for either Should the appellant gain the appeal the cost party to the suit, and each of whom shall of the same shall be taxed against the ap- have been at least five years a member of pellee.

the bar of this court, that they have carefulThe printed transcript shall be in the order ly examined the case and the law bearing l'equired by rule 19 (1), and shall contain the thereon and the authorities cited in the opinmarginal references and index required by ion, and they shall summarize succinctly in rule 19 (2) and 19 (3), though, for economy, such certificate the points in which they deem the marginal references in the manuscript the opinion erroneous. may be printed as subheads in the body of the The petitioner shall endorse upon the petil'ecord and not on the margin. The tran- tion the names of two justices, neither of script shall be printed immediately after whom dissented from the opinion, to whom docketing the same unless it is sent up ready the petition shall be sent by the clerk, and printed.

it shall not be docketed for rehearing unless

both of said justices endorse thereon that it is 52. Petition to Rehear-When Filed. a proper case to be reheard: Provided, how

ever, that when there have been two dissentA petition to rehear may be filed at the ing justices it shall be sufficient for the petisame term, or during the vacation succeed- tioner to designate only one justice, and his ing the term of the court at which the judg-approval in such case shall be sufficient to orment was rendered, or within twenty days der the petition docketed. The clerk shall enafter the commencement of the succeeding dorse on the petition the date on which it was term. If such petition is ordered to be clock- received, and it shall be delivered by him to eted by the justices to whom it is submitted one of the justices designated by the petitionunder rule 53, such justices may, upon such

There will be no oral argument before terms as they see fit, make an order re the justice or justices thus designated, before straining the issuing of an execution or the it is acted on by them, and if they order collection and payment of the same until the the petition docketed there shall be no oral next term of said court, or until the petition argument thereon before the court (unless the to rehear shall have been determined.

court of its own motion shall direct an oral


*For rule as originally adopted, see 39 S. E. vii.

46 S.E.

For rules as originally adopted, see 39 S. E. viii, x. (v)

argument), but it shall be submitted upon | lar by the respondent the cause will be disthe record at the former hearing, the printed posed of without such brief. petition to rehear and a brief to be filed by The petition may be ordered docketed for the petitioner within ten days after the peti- a rehearing as to all the points recited by tion is ordered to be docketed and a brief to the two certifying counsel (who cannot certify be filed by the respondent within twenty days to errors not alleged in the petition), or it after such order to docket. Such briefs shall may be restricted to one or more of the points not be the briefs on the first hearing, but thus certified, as may be directed by the shall be new briefs, directed to the errors justices who grant the application. When a assigned in the petition, and shall be print- petition to rehear is ordered to be docketed ed. If not printed and filed in the prescribed notice shall at once be given to counsel on time by the petitioner, the petition will be both sides by the clerk of this court. dismissed, and for default in either particu Adopted October 28, 1903.


It is ordered that Rule XII of this Court | law,) and no re-hearing will be allowed, unbe and it is amended and re-adopted so as to less one of the judges who concurred in the read as follows:

decision shall be dissatisfied with the con

clusion reached; and no petition for a reNo petition for a re-hearing will be enter- hearing will be entertained by the Court in tained unless presented within the term at any case, unless the reasons therefor are which the decision is announced, nor, in any printed and filed with the petition; but if case, later than thirty days after the date the decision complained of is announced withdec the case in which it

pre- in fifteea days of the close of the term, the sented, (unless as otherwise authorized by 'printing may be dispensed with.



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275 46 S.E.







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