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QUIDDITS, quiddities, legal subtleties.
QUILLETS, sly turn in argument, chicanery.
QUINTAin,a figure set up for riders to tilt at.
Quit, requite.
QUITTANCE, acquittance; requital.
QUIVER, nimble.
QUOIF, cap.
Quote, note, mark.


= some

R, "for the dog,". because of the sound

being like a dog's snarl. Rabato, ruff, band; originally a turned

back collar. RABBIT-SUCKER, sucking rabbit. Race, flavour ; natural disposition (S.);

breed. RACE OF GINGER,” root. RACK, floating vapourous clouds ; v. move

like clouds. RAMPALLIAN, a term of low abuse. RANK, row; "rank to market

interpret . pace." RAPTURE, fit. RASCAL, lean deer, unfit to hunt. RASH, strike (applied particularly to the

stroke of a boar): RAT, “Irish rat," it was believed in Ire

land that rats could be rhymed to death. RAUGHT, reached. Ravin, devour. RAWNESS, hasty, unprepared manner. RAYED, defiled, dirtícd (S.). Raze, race, root; package (? S.). RAZED, slashed. READ, REDE, counsel. REAR (rere) MOUSE, bat. ReBATE, render obtuse, blunt. REBECK, stringed instrument. RECEIVING, "ready apprehension." RECHEAT, notes sounded on the horn to

call the dogs off. RECORDER, a kind of flute, or flageolet. RED LATTICE, pertaining to the ale-house,

formerly distinguished by its coloured

lattice. REDUCE, bring back. REECHY, smoky, greasy, filthy. REFELLED, refuted. REGIMENT, government, sovereign sway. REMONSTRANCE, manifestation. REMORSE, pity, compassion. REMOTION, act of keeping aloof, non

appearance” (S.). REMOVED, secluded, remote. RENEGE, deny. REPLICATION, reply. REPORT, so likely to report,"=" so near

to speech" (J.). REPROOF, disproof. REPROVE, disprove. REPUGN, resist. REPURED, purified. REPUTING, valuing at a high rate" (S.). RESOLUTION, assurance, conviction. RESOLVE, dissolve ; convince, satisfy ;

“make up one's mind fully" (D.). RESOLVED, convinced. RESPECT, regard. RESPECTIVE, worthy of regard; consi. derate; respectful, formal.


REST, set up one's rest," to be fully

determined ; a metaphor borrowed from

gaming. REVERB, reverberate. RHEUMATIC, choleric. Rigol, circle. RIVAL, associate. RIVALITY, equality, association. RIVE, split; used to express the bursting

sound of artillery. ROAD, roadstead. RoISTING, bullying, defying. ROMAGE, tumultuous movement. RONYON, mangy animal. ROOKED, squatted. ROPERY, roguery. Rote, repeat from memory. ROTHER, horned cattle (some editions,

“ brother"). ROUND, plain spoken; o. whisper. ROUSE, carouse. Rub, an expression borrowed from game

of bowls. RUDDOCK, redbreast. RUDESBY, a rude, underbred person. Ruffle, to be turbulent and boisterous. Rush, rush-ring; used for rural marriages,

or mock marriages. Rush, openly, eagerly evade (S.); "rush'd

aside the law.

Sack, a dry Spanish wine.
SACKBUT, kind of trumpet, trombone.
SACKERSON, a famous bear at Paris-gar.

den; name probably that of his master.
Sad, serious.
SADLY, seriously.
SAG, hang down, flag.
SAGITTARY, the Centaur who fought in

the armies of the Trojans ; building in

Venice bearing sign of. SALLET, helmet, headpiece ; salad. SALT, licentious. SALTIERS, blunder for satyrs. SALUTE, touch, affect (S.). SAND-BLIND, having imperfect sight. SANDED, sandy: SAVAGERY, wildness of growth. Saw, saying. Say, a kind of silk, or satin; taste, relish;

assay. SCALD, low, shabby, “scabby." SCALE, weigh. SCAMBLE, scramble. SCAMEL, uncertain meaning ; perhaps sea

mell, i.e. sea-mew.
SCANTLING, a given portion.
SCAPE, escape; misdemeanour.
SCAR, broken precipice.
SCARFED, hung with flags.
SCATHE, injury.
SCONCE, round fortification; head.
SCOTCH, score, make sballow cuts.
SCRIMER, fencer.
SCRIP, slip of writing, list; a small bag

“scrip and scrippage."
SCROYLE, low wretch.
SCULL, shoal.
Scut, tail.
SEAM, grease, lard.

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SEASON, temper;

seasons him his SLIP, counterfeit coin ; noose in which enemy," my blessing season this in greyhounds were held, before they were thee,” confirm (D.); mature (S.).

let loose to start for the game. Sect, sex ; section, cutting.

Sliver, slip, portion broken off. SECURE, SECURELY, SECURITY, rashly con- SLOP, SLOPS, loose trousers, or breeches. fident, etc.

SLUBBER, to do things in a slovenly way; Seel, close the eyes; the eyes of hawks to obscure "by smearing over.”

were seeled by passing a fine thread or SMATCH, taste, smack. small feather through the eyelids.

SMOOTH, flatter. Seen, skilled ; “well seen in music." SNEAK-CUP, one who sneaks from his SEIZED, possessed (legal term).

glass. SELDOM-WHEN, rarely.

SNEAP, snubbing, rebuke; check, nip. SELF, same, self-same; "that self band." SNEEK-UP,go and be hanged.' SEMBLABLE, likeness.

SNUFF, anger;

"take in snuff" = take SEMBLATIVE, resembling ; appearing, offence. seeming (S.).

SOILED, high fed. SENNET, set of notes, or flourish, on the SOLIDARE, small coin. trumpet.

SONTIEs, supposed corruption of saints, or SENSELESS, without feeling, perception. sanctity. SENSIBLE, having feeling, sensation, per- Sooth, truth; sweetness. ception.

Sooth, SoothEr, flatter, smooth over ; SERE, catch in a gunlock; tickle of the flatterer.

sere, a gun which explodes on the least SOP O'THE MOONSHINE, "old dish of eggs touch on the sere. (See Wright, quoted by in moonshine: i. e. broken and boiled in S.)

salad-oil till the yolks become hard, and SERPIGO, eruption.

eaten with slices of onion” (Douce). Sessa,“ probably a cry exciting to swift Sore, buck of the fourth year. running” (S.).

SOREL, buck of the third year. SEVERAL, private, "inclosed pasture, as Sort, company; o choose ; suit, fit; con. opposed to common land.

trive (S.): SEWER, the attendant who set on and SOUSED, pickled. removed dishes.

Sowl, pull by the ears. SHALE, shell.

Sowter, cobbler, name of a hound. SHARD, hard wing-case, "shard-borne," SPAN-COUNTER, a player throws a coin, or

"sharded"; fragment of broken pot- counter, to try and hit another, or come tery.

within a span of it; sometimes played SHARKED, “collected in a banditti-like with marbles. manner.

SPAVIN, disease of horses. SHEER, clear, transparent; nothing but, SPECULATION, power of vision, “specula.

tors, observers" (S.). SHENT, scolded, reproached, disgraced. SpeculATIVE, visual (D.); "speculative SHIP-TIRE, head-dress in some way resem

instruments. bling a ship.

SPERR, make fast. Suive, a small slice.

SPILL, destroy (D.). SHOTTEN,“ having cast its spawn" (D.). SPILTH, spilling. SHOUGH, shaggy dog.

SPIRIT OF SENSE,“'utmost refinement of sen. SHOVE-GROAT, SHOVEL-BOARD, game in sation”; “sense or sensibility itself” (S.).

which coins were pushed to reach a SPLEEN, caprice, humour; impetuous haste; certain mark.

“hate ; any uncontrollable impulse, fit; SHRIEVE, sheriff.

fire, eagerness” (S.). SHRIFT, confession.

SPLEENY, ill-tempered, peevish (D.); SHROWD, shelter.

eager, headstrong (S.). SiB, akin.

SPLINTER, put into splints. Siege, seat; rank.

SPRAG, sprack, alert. SIGHTLESS, invisible; unsightly.

SPRIGHTED, haunted. Silly, simple, rustic, harmless.

SPRINGHALT, a kind of lameness in horses. SIMPLICITY, foolishness.

SQUARE, quarrel. SIMULAR, counterfeited.

Squash, unripe peas pod. SINK-A-PACE. See Cinque-pace.

SQUINY, squint. SIR-REVERENCE, save-reverence.

SQUIRE, square, or measure. SITH, SITHENCE, since.

Stain, disgrace ;

"stain to all nymphs "= Sizes, portions, allowances.

that sullies by contrast (D.); v. taint, SKAINS-MATES, sword-mates (S.); skain dim, disfigure.

scapegrace" (Staunton); “swaggering. STALE, decoy; stalking-horse. companions" (Nares).

STALKING-HORSE, a real or artificial horse, SKILL, matter, riit skills not."

behind which the shooter hid himself SKIRR, scour.

from the game. Slab, moist and glutinous.

STANIEL, an inferior kind of hawk. SLEAVE, soft floss silk used for weaving. STARRED, fated by the stars. SLEEVELESS, useless, fruitless.

START-UP, up-start. Sleidan, raw, untwisted, “sleided silk." STATE, chair of state.


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STATION, mode of standing ; state of rest, Tent, probe a wound. Tent being a roll as opposed to motion,

of lint, used as a probe. STATUTE-CAPS, woollen caps, worn, as de- TERMAGANT, a Saracen god.

creed by statute, by all but the nobility, TERMLESS," beyond the power of words ** after a certain age, on Sundays and (D.). holidays.

TESTER, a coin worth sixpence. STELLED, “quenched the stelled fires," Tetchy, touchy. starry ; fixed (S.).

THARBOROUGH, corruption of ThirdborSTERNAGE, steerage.

ough; constable, or constable's assistant. STICKLER, umpire.

THRASONICAL, boastful. STIGMATIC, one who has been stigmatised, THREAD AND THRUM, “the thread is the

branded; stigmatised with deformity. substance of the warp, the thrum the STIGMATICAL, marked with a stigma of small tuft beyond, where it is tied.' deformity.

THREE-MAN BEETLE, implement for pile. STINT, stop:

driving. STITHY, smithy.

THROSTLE, thrush. STOCCADO, a thrust in fencing.

THRUM. See Thread. STOCK. See Stoccado.

THRUMMED, made of thrums, or of very STOMACH, arrogance, anger; stubborn

coarse cloth, courage; inclination ; v. resent (D.). THUNDER-STONE, thunder-bolt. STOUT, bold; unbending, obstinate (D.); Tick-TACK, sort of backgammon (D.). overbearing (S.).

TICKLE, ticklish, precarious(ly). STRAIGHT-PIGHT, straight-pitched,straight. TIKE, common sort of dog. built, upright (D.).

Tilti, tilled land ; tillage. STRAIN, lineage; disposition.

TIMELESS, untimely. STRAIT, close-fitted.

TIRE, head-dress; v. pull, tear, seize STRAITED, puzzled.

eagerly, as birds of prey their food. STRANGE, foreign ; shy.

TOD, twenty-eight pounds of wool. STRANGELY, wonderfully; distantly, like a

Toge, gown. stranger.

TOKEN'd, shewing plague tokens, spots. STRANGENESS, coyness, shyness.

TOM O' BEDLAM, the Bedlam beggars were STRAPPADO, a torture which broke and men who had recovered sufficiently to be dislocated the arms and joints.

let out of Bedlam, and were licensed to STRATAGEM, calamity, dire event.

go begging ; many impostors were about STRICTURE, strictness.

who had never seen the inside of a mad. STRIKE, blast by secret influence, “then house. no planets strike."

TOPLESS, not to be topped, surpassed. STROND, strand.

TORTIVE, tortuous. STROSSERS, trossers, trousers.

Touch, test by the touchstone. SUBSCRIBE, yield, submit.

Touse, drag, tear, pluck. SUBTILTIES, when a dish appeared un- Toys, "there's toys abroad"="rumours, like what it really was, they called it a

idle reports,"

" "tricks, devices," subtilty” (Steevens).

in the world" (S.). Success, succession ; result, consequence.

TOZE. See Touse. SUGGEST, prompt, tempt.

TRADE, traffic; in the " gap and trade" SUMPTER, horse or mule to carry baggage. “practised method, general course” (1.). SUPER-SERVICEABLE, over-officious.

TRAIN, artifice, stratagem. SUPPLIANCE, supply, gratification, pastime TRAMMEL, confine, tie up. (S.); “suppliance of a minute.'

TRANECT, probably from Italian traghetto SUR-REINED, over-worked.

= ferry (S.). SWEETING, a kind of apple.

TRASH, "trash for overtopping," lop, crop SWINGE-BUCKLER, a roisterer.

(S.); Nares decided that it was some SWINGED, whipped.

kind of strap, or implement to hold back

a hound; according to Madden (quoted TABLE, palm of the hand; tablet.

by S.) “when the hound was running, TABLE-BOOK, memorandum-book.

the long strap, dragged along the ground, Tabor, a small drum.

handicapped the overtopping hound." TAKE, blast, bewitch.

TRAY-DRIP, a game played with cards and TAKE IN, conquer.

dice; success in it depended upon throwTake up, borrow; obtain on credit.

ing a trois (treys). Tall, valiant.

TREACHER, traitor. TALLOW-KEECH. See Keech.

TRENCH, cut, carve. TANLING, one tanned by the sun.

TRIBULATION, probably name of a puri. TARRE, set on.

tanical society; or applied to the whole TARTAR, Tartarus.

sect of Puritans (S.). TASK, tax.

TRICKING, dress, ornament. TASSEL-GENTLE, tiercel, male goshawk. Tricksy, clever, adroit (D.); full of tricks TAXATION, sarcasm,

censure, vituper- and devices (S.). ation.

TRIGON, astrological term, signifying the TEEN, grief, misfortune.

meeting of the three upper planets, which TENDER-HEFTED. See Heft.

were then called the "fiery Trigon."

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TROJAN, cant term for thief; "a fami.

liar name for any equal or inferior (Nares). TROLL-MY-DAMES, TROLL-MADAM, TROU

MADAM, a game known in England as pigeon-holes, small balls being bowled into these from the farther end of the

board, TROPICALLY, figuratively. TRUNDLE-TAIL, dog with a curly tail. TUCKET, flourish, certain set of notes on

the trumpet. TUN-DISH, funnel. TURK, turn Turk," undergo a complete

change (S. adds " for the worse"). TurlyGOOD, TURLYGOD, apparently a

name for a “ bedlam-beggar." TWIGGEN, covered with wicker-work. TYPE, symbol. UNANELED, not having received extreme

unction. UNAVOIDED, unavoidable. UNBARBED, un barbered, unshorn. UNBATED, not blunted, as foils are. UNBOLTED, unsifted. UNBRAIDED,, not counterfeit, or, blunder

for embroidered (? S.). UNCAPE, probably "uncouple" (S.); it has

been interpreted as unearth"; turn

fox out of bag." UNCLEW, UNCLUE, unwind. UNCOINED, "not counterfeit"; real, unre.

fined, unadorned ; having received no previous impression ; without the current stamp, i.c. insinuating words,

etc.” (S.). UNCONFIRMED, without experience. UNCOUTH, unknown, strange. UNDERBEAR, undergo, bear. UNDERSKINKER, undertapster. UNEARED, untilled. UNEATH, hardly, scarcely. UNEXPERIENT, inexperienced. UNEXPRESSIVE, inexpressible. UNHAPPY, UNHAPPILY, waggish(ly);

mischievous(ly), evilly (S.). UNHAPPINESS, mischief, dreamed of

unhappiness," = wanton or mischievous

tricks (S.). UNHOUSELED,

without receiving the UNIMPROVED, unreproved, unimpeached

(D.); not yet used to advantage, turned

to account (S.). UNION, pearl of fine quality. UNKIND, unnatural. UNMANNED, untamed (term in falcony). UNOWED, unowned. UNPLAUSIVE, unapplauding. UNPREGNANT. See Pregnant. UNPROPER, not the property of one alone. UNQUALITIED, deprived of faculties. UNQUESTIONABLE, opposed to convers

ation. UNRECURING, incurable. UNRESPECTIVE, without respect, incon.

siderate; unrespective sieve,". valued (D.), used at random (S.). UNSISTING, unresting (? S.). UNSQUARED, unfitted to the purpose.

UNTENTED, not to be probed, incurable (S.).
UNVALUED, invaluable.
UPSPRING, upstart; or, a wild German

dance "Hüpfauf.
URCHIN, hedgehog.
USANCE, interest on money.
Uris (Fr. huit), eighth day, or space of

eight days, after a feast=the octave;

festivities during same. UTTERANCE (Fr. outrance), extremity. VADE, fade. Vail, lower, "angels vailing-clouds" =

" letting these clouds which obscured their brightness sink from before them (J.), clouds letting down, bearing down, angels (? S.). VALIDITY, value. VANTAGE, advantage ; "to the vantage"

= in addition, to boot; "of vantage same sense (S.). VANTBRACE, VAMBRACE, armour for the VARLET, servant to a knight. VARY, variation. Vast (Waste), “the darkness of midnight

in which the prospect is not bounded in

by distinct objects" (S.) VASTIDITY, immensity. VASTY, vast. VAUNT, van, beginning. VAWARD, vanward. VENEW, VENEY, VENUE, thrust, attack,

bout in fencing. VENGEANCE, harm. VENTAGE, hole or stop in a flute. VERBAL, verbose, or plain-spoken. Vice, a personage in the old moralities,

sometimes dressed as a buffoon; armed at times with a wooden dagger, “ Vice's

dagger.” Vie, wager, contend in rivalry. VIEWLESS, invisible. VILLIAGO (VILLIACO), villain. VINEWEDST, most mouldy, VIOL-DE-GAMBOYS, a viol held between

the legs, bass-viol, violoncello. VIRGINALLING, playing with the fingers as

on a virginal. VULGAR, common, general, "the vulgar air;" of common report,

most sure and vulgar.” VULGARLY, publicly. Wart, beckon; turn, "wafting his eyes." WAFTAGE, passage by water. WAKE, to keep night revel. WANION, WANNION, with a wanion,"

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apparently equivalent to with a ven.

WARD, posture of defence.
WARDEN, hard pear used for baking,

WARDER, kind of truncheon.
WASSAIL, festivity, drinking-bout.

I'll watch him tame; hawks
were kept awake to tame them.
WATER-WORK, water-colour painting.
Wax, grow, increase.
WEAL, welfare ; commonwealth.







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WEALS-MAN, commonwealth man, states-
WEAR, fashion.
WEEDS, dress.
WEEN, suppose, imagine.
WEET, know.
WEIRD, concerned with fate, "subservient

to destiny" (S.); "weird sisters "=

Fates. WELKIN, sky. WELKIN-EYE, blue, "heavenly" (S.). WELL-POUND, tried, approved (S.). WELL-SEEN, accomplished. WHEEL “how the wheel becomes it,"

burden of a ballad (this is queried by S.). WHELK, wheal, protuberance. WHELKÉD, with protuberances, or twist.

ed, convolved. WHIFFLER, a person who cleared the way

for a procession; originally a fifer. WHILE, until. WHIPSTOCK, handle of whip. WHITING-TIME, bleaching-time. WHITSTER, WHITESTER, bleacher. WHITTLE, small clasp-knife. WHOOBUB, hubbub. WIDE "speak so wide," far from the mark. WILDERNESS, wildness. WIMPLED, veiled, hoodwinked. WINTER-GROUND,

WISH, recommend, "desire, invite, bid"

WISTLY, earnestly, eagerly.
Wit, know.
WITHOUT, beyond.
WONDERED, able to perform wonders.
Wood, mad.
WOODCOCK, a proverbially foolish bird.
WOOLWARD, dressed in wool only.

go to the world," = marry; woman of the world," = married. WORM, serpent. Wort, cabbages, and similar plants ;

sweet infusion of malt before it fer

ments. Wor, know. WREAK, revenge. Wrest, tuning key. WRITHLED, wrinkled. WROTH, ruth, misfortune. Wry, go astray. YARE, quick, ready, active. YCLEPED, named. YEARN, grieve. YELLOWS, jaundice in horses. YELLOWNESS, jealousy. YESTY, frothy. ZANY, fool, buffoon. ZED, unnecessary letter," since "its

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protect from winter weather. Wis, think, suppose (i-wis = certainly,


place may be supplied by S." ZENITH, highest point of fortune,


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