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If you look at the photo of the Suttons in the Model T, I am the kid in the black t-shirt! I lived this story and the decades since. Marjorie Sutton was an outstanding women in this world! She was very talented and always greeted everyone with her beautiful smile. When this article was written, mom was only 32 years old. In 1956, there weren't that many American women you could point to that had more going for her than she did! She was an artist, she was athletic, a great cook, she taught her family manners, and she was a wife to our dad for 65 years! Two years after this article was written, Time Magazine did a follow up article down in Brazil. Yes, Brazil! Dad sold the Ford Dealership and got the idea to go develop a coffee plantation that could also spread Christianity. That was a whole story in itself, but it showed how mom could adapt. Over the years she and dad traveled the world and saw many things. They took our whole family to Europe and the Holy Land during the entire summer of 1964. An amazing women, that Mrs. Marjorie Sutton! 

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