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We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bible on life.,. Finally one which provides a reader with all they need to start or complete in community. We went and got left over organic produce from our local farmers market. A few pounds of carrots and cucumbers. We were able to make some pickles and crunchy pickled carrots to share with all our friends, neighbours and family. It was an excellent way to barter for some new lids for our mason jars (not needed for fermentation) We all highly recommend this book and we are so happy to have been loaned a copy. Please, everyone buy this book and reclaim your health as well as localize! 

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Two words: life. changing. Halfway through the book, I put up some carrots to pickle. (SO GOOD.) By the time I finished reading it, I'd also made hard cider. It's full of theory -- which is fascinating -- and also practical tips for all difficulty levels. It's the kind of book that helps you get started if you've never fermented, and can open whole new worlds of ideas for you if you want to go further. I couldn't possibly recommend this enough. 

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