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Attachments—supplement to act concerning, 640
Auctioneers—licenses required in boroughs of Bor-
- dentown and Hightstown, and city of Bur-
lington, 275
Ballinger, Richard C.—act for relief of sureties, 9
Bank—act to incorporate the Clinton, 23
act to extend the charter of the Salem, 83
act to incorporate the Essex County, 183
act to incorporate the Ocean County, 224
act to incorporate the Union County, 599
Bank tax—act relative to, 535
Banks—act relative to unclaimed dividends and de-
posits in, 618
Battalion—supplement to act to establish an Inde-
pendent, at Newark, 642

Baptist Church at Paterson, First Particular—act to
confirm title of trustees to certain lands, 425
Belvidere and Water Gap Railroad Company—supple-
ment to charter of 365
Belleville Railroad Company—act to revive charter of 46
Benevolent Society of the United Sons of Erin at Pa-

terson—act to incorporate the, 6
Bergen County Agricultural Society—act to incorpo-
rate the, 242

supplement to act to incorporate town of 271
Bethlehem Township—part of Alexandria added to, 440

Beverly—act to establish township of 21
Bills of exchange, notes, &c.—loss of instrument not
to prevent recovery, &c., 81

Birds—supplement to act to prevent destruction of 251
Boarding-house Company—supplement to act to in-
corporate the Hainesport, 209
Boiling Springs Bleaching Works—act to incorporate
the, 93
Bordentown—act concerning firemen in borough of 49
and Columbus Turnpike Company—supple-

ment to act to incorporate, 73
act to amend charter of borough of, 275
(relating to non-resident auctioneers.)
Bosenbury, Joseph—act to confirm last will of 85
Bridge Company—act to incorporate the Passaic, 168
supplement to charter of Trenton City, 372
act to incorporate the South River, 436
Burlington and Jacksonville Turnpike Company in-
corporated, 11
act to amend charter of city of 275

(relating to non-resident auctioneers.)
act to incorporate Franklin Fire Engine

Company at the city of, 456
Aqueduct Company, act for relief of credit-

ors of, 532

Byram Township—elections to be by ballot in, 317


Camden and Haddonfield Passenger Railroad Com-

pany incorporated, 96
North and South, Passenger Railroad Com-

pany incorporated, 327

Moorestown, Hainesport and Mount Holly
Horse Car Railroad Company incorpo.

rated, 400
further supplement to charter of city of, 529
supplement to act to fund floating debt of

county of 634

Cape Island—act to protect keepers of hotels, &c., at, 333
Cape May—act to extend the charter of the General
Association of Upper Township in county
of, 548
Cedar Hill Cemetery Association at Millstone incor.
porated, 35


Cedar Hill Cemetery Association at East Windsor—
supplement to act to incorporate the, 55

Cemeteries—act to incorporate the Cedar Hill at Mill-
stone, 35

supplement to act to incorporate the Cedar
Hill at East Windsor, 55
act to incorporate the Flower Hill, 285
act for the relief of Mount Hope, 319
Chancery—supplement to act respecting court of, 82
China Company—act to incorporate the Trenton, 179

Citizens' Insurance Company of Elizabeth incorporated, 52
Comings, Sarah M., wife of Jacob W. Comings—au-

thorized to convey real estate, 252
Commissioner of deeds—to confirm acts of Charles H.
Thompson, a 541
to confirm acts of Stephen Jackson, 573
Cooper Rolling Mill Company incorporated, 460
Corporations—act relative to unclaimed dividends and
deposits, 618
Courts of law—supplement to act relating to, 74

(repealing act of 1857 so far as relates to
certain counties.)

supplement to act to reorganize, 637
(relating to times of holding courts in certain
Cox, Redmond S.—act to confirm will of, 509
Creditors—supplement to act for relief of,
Crimes—supplement to act for punishment of, 367
Crosswicks—act to authorize trustees of Methodist
Episcopal Church at, to convey land, 193
act to incorporate the Union Fire Company
of, 245

Deeds—act relative to acknowledgment and proof of,
in other states, 45

Deerfield Township—act respecting public schools in,
act to authorize town meetings by ballot in,
Deer and other game—supplement to act for preserva-
tion of,
additional supplement to act for preservation
of, -
Delaware, Raritan and Schuylkill Live Stock Com-
pany incorporated,
Dividends and deposits—act relative to unclaimed,
Docks in Newark Bay—act to authorize A. P. Salter
to build,

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Elastic Cone Spring Company incorporated,
Elections of town officers authorized to be by ballot,
Viz :—
Galloway, Atlantic County,
Pittsgrove, Salem County,
Lower Penn's Neck, Salem County,
Millburn, Essex County,
Byram, Sussex County,
Matavan, Manalapan, and Lafayette,
Lower Alloway's Creek,
in Winslow Township, act concerning,
Elizabethtown Mutual Assurance Fire Company—
supplement to act to incorporate the,
Elizabeth—act to amend charter of city of,
supplement to act to establish city of,
Elizabethtown and Morristown Railroad Company—
supplement to act to incorporate,
Emmans, Jacob—right of state to escheated lands of,
Equitable Mutual Life Insurance Company incor-

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Error—supplement to acts respecting writs of 643
Escheats—supplement to act concerning, 380
Essex and Hudson Agricultural and Mechanical Asso-
ciation incorporated, 12
County—act to create office of register of
deeds and mortgages in, 174
Bank incorporated, 1S3
Brigade—supplement to act respecting the
Independent, 355
act explanatory of supplement to actrespect-
ing the Independent, 560
County—act to facilitate judicial proceedings
in, 421
(authorizing an additional Judge to be
* F.
Fees—supplement to act to regulate, 622
(refers to governor's fees for affixing great
Fences—supplement to act to regulate, 623
Fencing of farms in township of Jackson, Ocean
County—act concerning, 616
Ferry Company—supplement to act to incorporate the
Weehawken, 3
act to incorporate the Kaighn's Point and
Philadelphia, - 320

act to consolidate the Bergen Point and
Staten Island and the Constable's Hook

and New York, 617
Franklin Fire Engine Company of Burlington City

incorporated, 456
Fire Company—act to incorporate the Union, of

Crosswicks, 245

Firemen in borough of Bordentown—act relative to, 49

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