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C P. W. Collection. PLate XIII

Eugenia brasiliensis.


This evergreen shrub, or low-growing tree, which in many .countries is said to reach a height of but 6 feet, in Hawaii attains a height of 20 feet: and although it thrives in comparatively high altitudes, it bears best below the 200-foot elevation, and requires considerable moisture. The biuntish. dark, shiny leaves, which are scale-like along the branches, are obovate, oblong, and about 3 inches in length. The blossoming season according to the location; however, the tree generally has flowers and fruit from July until December. The fruit is the size of a cherry, is deep purple in color, and the persistent calyx is very prominent. The sweet pulp has a very agreeable flavor.

Probably the first plants of this variety were brought here by Don Marin, about a century ago. Some fine trees may be found in Pauoa and Makiki valleys, and also in Xuuanu, in the garden which formerlv belonged to Dr. Hillebrand.

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a. P. IF. Collection. PLate XIV

Eugenia uniHora.


This shrub is said to be a native of Brazil. In Hawaii, it is a

common garden plant, sometimes reaching a height of 10 feet. Its glossy leaves are ovate-lanceolate, and its peduncles short. It has small, single, white fragrant flowers. The mature fruit, which resembles a cherry, is about 1 inch in diameter, and is ribbed longitudinally. It has a delicious, spicy, acid flavor. There is generally one large, round, smooth seed.

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