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G. P. W. Collection. PLate CVII

Passiflora, var. foetida.

This strong and hardy vine grows well on arbors and trellises. Its leaves are three-cleft, and have long petioles; and spiral tendrils spring from the axils. The single, pale-green flowers are surrounded by a green, lace-like covering. The fruit is nearly globular, and slightly pointed; it is about three-fourths of an inch in diameter, and when ripe is a bright scarlet.

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G. P. TV. Collection. Plate CVIII

Cereus triangularis.


Although this plant with its wonderful nocturnal blossoms may be found growing almost everywhere in the Islands, the best specimens of its kind may be seen on the stone walls of Oaha College. The beautiful creamy flowers with their yellow centers are large, about a foot long, and when in full bloom about the same in diameter. The tube is covered with large, leaf-like green scales. The fruit, which is about il/i inches long and 2 inches in diameter, is covered with persistent, large, fleshy scales which are scarlet colored when ripe, and the interior pulp is edible and refreshing. Fruit, however, upon the night-blooming cereus in Hawaii is rather rar?, although a few fine specimens have matured.

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