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II. P. W. Collettion.

Plate CI I

Pyrus Sincnsc.


This tree is a vigorous and clean grower, having strong, thick shoots, beautiful foliage, and very ornamental fruit. The dark-green leaves are broadly ovate, and long-pointed, with their margins thickly furnished with very sharp, almost bristle-like teeth. The large white flowers appear rather in advance of the leaves. The fruit is hard and rough, about 2ii'j inches in diameter, with generally a depression about the stem. The flesh is tough and gritty, but is very delicious when baked. Propagation is by cuttings.

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G. P. W. Collection. PLaTE Oil

Passiflora quadrangularis.


This tall, strong climer is a native of tropical America. Its leaves are broadly ovate, and the strong stems are purplish in color. The large, interesting flowers are from 3 to 5 inches across. The sepals are linear and violet shaded, the petals are very narrow and lilac. The many rows of filaments in the crown are violet with bars of white below the middle, the inner and shorter set being deep violet. The oblong fruit attains a size from 5 to 9 inches in length, and in color is a pale, yellowish green. The suculent, edible pulp of its hollow center has an agreeable sub-acid flavor, and contains many flat seeds. This vine bears well where there are bees; artificial fertilization also increases the number of its fruits.

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