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G. 1: W. Collection. Plate XCVII

Zisiphus Jujuba.


This tree, which grows to a height of from 15 to 20 feet, is a native of China, from which country it was probably introduced to these Islands. Its branches are usually prickly; the leaves. which are from 1 to 3 inches in length, are alternate, ovate to oblong, obtuse, and are dark green and glabrous above, and tawny and nearly white beneath. The flowers are axillary. The yellow fruit, which ripens in March, is about the size of a cherry. When eaten raw, it has a bitter flavor, but it makes an excellent preserve.

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(1. P. W. Collection. Plate XCYIII

Phyllanthus emblica.

There is but one tree of this species that has ever fruited in Honolulu. It is to be found growing in the grounds of the Royal Mausoleum, Xuuanu Valley. It is of medium height, having a crooked trunk, and its thin, scattered branches grow irregularly. The numerous alternate leaves are pinnate, the obtuse leaflets growing close together, and are from one-half to three-fourths of an inch in length. Its minute flowers are greenish-yellow. The round, six-striated fruit is smooth and fleshy, and three-fourths to one inch in diameter. The seeds are enclosed in three or more obovate cells, each cell containing two seeds. The pulp is hard and bitter, but when cooked makes an excellent preserve.

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