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a. r. ir. Collection. Plate LXXXVII

Euphoria Longana.


This tree is a native of India and Southern China. It produces its flowers and fruits at about the same time of year as does the Litchi, which it somewhat resembles, although its fruits are somewhat smaller and less palatable. The tree grows to a height of about 20 feet. It has large, alternate, pinnate leaves, and the oblong leaflets are not quite opposite: they are glossy on the upper surface, and a dusty-brown on the underside. The small flowers come in terminal panicles: and the fruit, which is borne in clusters, has a thin, brittle, somewhat rough shell. There is one large, smooth, hard seed, around which is a thin layer of sweetish, aromatic pulp. The best fruits raised here are those grown bv the Chinese.

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Morns nigra.


This low-growing tree is a native of southwestern Russia and Persia. It has rough, dark-green leaves, usually not lobed. The thick, fleshy fruit is variable in size. The mulberry grows readily from cuttings.

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