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Artocarpus incisa. Breadfruit (Tahitian var.)

This variety of Tahitian breadfruit is found only in a few gardens in Hawaii. Its glossy green leaves are nearly entire. The oblong fruit has a deep yellow pulp, with very little fibre.

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Artocarpus incisa.


This seeding variety is rarely cultivated on account of its inferior fruit. The leaves are slightly lobed. The fruit is oblong with a short, thick stem, and is covered with short, hard projections. The fibrous pulp contains numerous large seeds, which are edible when cooked.

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Artocarpus integrifolia.


This tree is a native of India and Malay. And was introduced to Hawaii by Mr. David Forbes of Kukuihaele, Hawaii. The Jack fruit is a large, handsome tree, with leaves from 4 to 6 inches in length, which on the old growth are obovate-oblong and on the young branches are narrow. The oblong, irregular fruit, which varies in weight from 20 to 60 pounds, is borne on the trunk, as well as on the old branches. The green rind is covered with small hexagonal knobs. The pulp when ripe has an overpowering odor and is seldom eaten; but the oily seeds when roasted are edible, and are said to resemble chestnuts. On Tantalus, Oahu, the Jack fruit thrives well, and has produced fair sized fruits. It is a tree that needs a great deal of moisture, and consequently is seldom grown on the low lands.

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