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The accompanying compilation of Scripture, first printed in another form in 1837, resulted from the following circumstance. Thirty-three years ago a brother officer of the deceased asked if he were “not longing for the LORD's appearing ?” The answer, “No: if I am ready myself to meet Him, that is all that concerns me,” was met by, “Oh, you are selfish, you are selfish: you only care for your own safety, and not your Saviour's glory!The words struck home. From that moment he threw himself, with all the warmth and energy of his nature, into the study of the subject. Both are now rejoicing in the LORD, for whose glory and coming they so ardently longed; and in earnest hope and humble prayer that others may be led to search the Scriptures for themselves, and to look for that blessed hope (even) the glorious appearing of the great God our Saviour Jesus Christ,—and 80 the prayers of saints in heaven, “How long, O Lord, how long," be responded to by those on earth, “Thy kingdom come,"—the result of his studies are offered to the public.

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