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-- La: TCC

, CE.
the Weeker aad Santes Coboaero of Severs,
= the Parloes of Sza: Mary Aston and Saint John
Hackney, & cum
- certain Provisons in the Aa of 56 Geo. 3. c. 118.

- the ERates of the Collegiate Church of Weft mifter,
contiguous thereto, ý cxlvi.

Turopike Roads, cxlvii.

FOOTWAYS to be swept daily during Frost and Saow,


GAS LIGHT COMPANIES to have Notice given to them

of the Appointment of Surveyors of Pavements for paro-
chial or other Districts, & x.
- to give Notice to such Surveyors before they break up
any Pavement, except for Repairs, & xi.
--- not to lay down any new Mains for the Conveyance of
Gas during the Months of December, January, or February
(such Mains to be of Iron) ; on Penalty of forfeiting £s
per Square Foot of Pavement, and £5 per Foot in Length
of Pipe made of any Material in Violation of this Act,
s xii.

Secretaries or Clerks, Surveyors or Inspectors, and
Turncocks of such Companies, to notify their Names and
Places of Abode to Surveyors of Pavements, $ xiv.


GAS LIGHT COMPANIES may be required, by Surveyors

of Pavement, to repair defective Pipes, &c. Notice in
Writing being first given to them, $ xv.
- on negle&ting such Repairs, after Notice given, to
forfeit £5 for the First Offence; £8 for the Second;
and £io for the Third and every subsequent Offence,
$ xv.

if such Requisition for Repairs fhould not be made to
the proper Parties, subsequent Information shall be given
to them, on pain of incurring like Penalties, $ xvi.

Repairs and Works by such Companies to be executed
with all convenient Expedition, $ xvii.

to cause Rubbish and Obstructions occasioned in Streets
by Repairs of Pipes, &c. to be speedily removed, on pain
of forfeiting £5 for every Offence, after Notice given to
them, $ xviii.
- to provide Bars, Watchmen, and other Securities
during Repairs of Pavements broken up by their Works,
for the Prevention of Accidents, on pain of forfeiting €5,
$ xix.

- Works neglected by them may be executed by Sur-
veyors of Pavements, Š xxii.
-- Pavements taken up by them to be relaid by Commis.

fioners of Pavements, to whom they are to repay the
Charges, $ xxiii.
- the Situation or Position of any of their Pipes or Plugs
may be raised or lowered by the Commissioners of Paving,

♡ lii.


HACKNEY, Parilh of Saint John at, exempted from the

Operation of this Act, $ cxliii.
HOARDS may be erected, but not without Leave in Writing

of the Surveyors of the Pavement, on pain of forfeiting
· 108. per Day during the Continuance of such Hoards,

$ lxxv.
HOGSTIES, being Nuisances, to be removed on Notice

given, on Penalty of £10, $-Ixvii.
HOLES excavated for Vaults to be inclosed, on Penalty of

403. and not exceeding £10, § lxxi.

- See also COAL-Holes.

sances, to be removed on Notice given, on Penalty of

£10, 8 lxvii.
HORSES not to be broken, exercised, or tried in Streets, or

exposed or shown for Sale, on pain of forfeiting not less
than 40s, nor more than £5, § lxiv.


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LANDLORDS.-Regulations for the Payment of Rates by

Lan lords of Small Houses let at small Rents, or to weekly

or monthly Lodgers, $ xxxiii.
- Agreements between Landlords and Tenants not to be

impeached by this Act, $ xxxiv.

- Landlords to repay Rates collected from Tenants of

divided Tenements, g xli.
- Persons receiving Rents to be deemed Owners or Land-

lords, $ xlii.
LIME not to be slacked in the Streets, on pain of forfeiting

not less than 40s. nor more than £5, § lxix.
LOCAL PAVING ACTS of Parliament not affected by

this A&, & cxxxviii.
LONDON, all Streets within, to be subjest to this Act, şi.


MAINS or Pipes for conveying Water or Gas to be made of

Iron, on pain of forfeiting £5 per Foot in Length of Pipe
made of any Material contrary to this Act, $xii.
--- such Mains not to be laid down during the Months of
December, January, and February, on pain of forfeiting
£5 per Square Foot of Pavement fo broken up, $ xii.

Plans of such Mains, or Descriptions thereof, to be
examined by Surveyors of Pavement, who may copy or
make Extracts from the same, g xiii.

defective Mains may be required to be repaired by
Surveyors of Pavement, on giving Notice in Writing to

repair them, $ xv.
MARY-LE-BONE (Saint), all Streets within the Parish of,

to be subject to this Act, ß i.
- Houses, &c. within the Parish of Saint Mary-le-bone,

in the Line of the New Street, or in Mary-le-bone Park,
to be rated at a specific Sum, $cxlv
- certain Provisions touching Mary-le-bone Park in the
Ači of 53 Geo. 3. c. 128. not to be affected by this Act,

& cxliv.
MASONS not to be appointed Surveyors of Pavements, g iii.
MEETINGS of Commissioners, Notice of, to be given, sex,

may be adjourned, if an adequate Number do not
attend, cxi.
L a Chairman to he appointed at such Meetings, & cxii.

- Special General Meetings may be convened on Emera
gencies, ß cxiii.

Proceedings of Meetings to be entered in Books, which

shall be good Evidence, s cxiv.
MONEY may be borrowed by Asligiment of Rates for Pur-

poses of this Act, xcvii.
and be raised by Sale of Bonds, & xcviii.


C-.-steret, a Lores) OCTS MA Dix mit Fial-

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L. C O P pre veci ni Neri H. OR
an : prenez ul.
- or "

De 20 Ton 3.1- es, wa pirms
en Friir,

Vnio e prenourerars I venens I mot

cecaire r iar carus Savernemi. * .
- ne igrinume trudi uremi nje rrip to
'ne asi mpanies and ter umumnes, unt to
the amm::lianers devers, S

- se pren murer in Campanile or br
Caminifigners r ewers. Terrre ne reus w mit Petite
ment, *xcept for Layars. 11.

- to je pyen in Noor, Tv Surtevor r Treet, to
Gas Light and tier Campames, mi Cummifiers
of jewers, ar terece ve Pipes ut runs II.
- to je riven a nem, or Banuva ar Cotrices, Rab.
buh, e in Streers, 1 .
- to be given to Pertons, for ciemning ko. of private
Drans, 911.
- and far Zemavai arriances, SIST.
- but a Repetcn of stres is unneceifury for the
Removal of Nutance and Amoyances, L.

to be gren for the Removal of Hogties, Slaughter-
houles, and other Nutances, & i.
- to be given by Commaticaers of Paving, or their Sur-
VETOT), for Removal of Encroachments and Projections in
Streeti, Laxi.
- to be given of Meetings of Commiffioners; of adjourned
Meetinga , and also of Special General Meetings, og cx.
cxi. cxiii.
- to be given of Meetings for entering into Contra&s,
Direction as to the Service of Notices, s cxxix.

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