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CCOUNTS to be entered in Books, $ cxvii.

- which may be examined, ß cxix. ACTIONS may be instituted for the Recovery of Rates, . $ xxxviii.

- may be brought and defended in the Names of Commissioners' Clerks, & cxx.

in which Inhabitants may be Witnesses, ß cxxi.

- Limitation of Actions, Š cxxxvi. ADDRESSES of Surveyors of Pavement to be placed in

some conspicuous Parts of every District, $ v. ANNOYANCES. See NUISANCES. ANNUITIES, Money may be borrowed on, for the Pur

poses of this Act; but such Annuities not to be granted
until after public Notice, $$ ci. civ.
- such Annuities to be chargeable on the Rates, $ cii.
- Form of Grant of such Annuity, and of Transfer
thereof, § ciii.
-- no Annuity to be paid or recoverable unless a proper
Certificate be produced, 8 cv.
- if Annuitants die, other Annuities may be granted,
$ cvi.

to be deemed personal Estate, s cvii.

- Grants of Annuities to be entered in a Book, $ cviii. APPEAL.-Persons aggrieved may appeal, ß cxxxiii.

- and on Appeals by Commiflioners as to the Reparation of Pavements, full Cotts are to be awarded, g cxxxiii.

Recognizances concerning Appeals to be delivered by Justices to the Clerks of Commissioners, $ cxxxiv. APPLICATION OF COMPENSATION for Lands, &c.

taken under this Act, where exceeding £200, § lxxxiv.

where the Compensation does not exceed £200, and is above £20, § lxxxv.

- where the Money is less than £20, § lxxxvi. ASHES, Removal of. See NUISANCES, Scavengers. ASSIGNMENTS of Rates, for Money borrowed for the Purposes of this Act, Form of, $ xcvii.


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U S, llargdis, Ettates of, in the Paristi of Sanat arcra extrater from the Operation of the 4,

*** Cala" not to be treaten or dufted in Streets, on pain of

icron No: leic than 405. for each Ofience, IXIT Cri tLS not to be driven on Pavements, on pain of

14: te.ting no: lets than 405. nor more than 5, Ixiv. CIT R S, Entrance to, to be covered and secured, on

l'emaitr o not let than 408. nor more than 35, xx. TI- RMN ti be appointed at Meetings of Commiffoners,

orsis. CESTEI of Streets, Course of, may be altered by Com

miftionert o: Paving, lü. CHANCTLY, Court of, may order reasonable Espences of

Purchates to be paid by Commissioners, &c. xxxix. CINDERS, Removal of. See SCAVENGERS. CIERAS. Ses OFFICERS. COAL-HOLES to he fecured, on Penalty of not less than

405. por more than £5, $ ixx. COLLECTORS may be appointed or Conmiffioners for

Paring, to whom they thall give Security, and render

Accounts when required, $ xlvii. - - - Pianik, to *'?0 Penalty for Retention of Monies, Salvii. - Proceedings againts them, not to discharge their Secu

mits, Hex
--- not to accept any unauthorized Fee, le
- theii Representatives to account, sl.


COMMISSIONERS for paving Districts to appoint Surveyor's

of Pavement, s'ïi.
- and to fill up Vacancies within One Month after such
Vacancy occurring, giv.

- to cause dangerous or defective Pavements to be re-
paired, s vii.
- to relay Pavements taken up by Gas Light or Water
Companies, or Commissioners of Sewers, who shall repay
the Charges to them, $ xxiii.
- may make necessary Paving Rates, $ xxiv. If adequate
Rates be not otherwise made, $ xxvi.

may inspect other Rates, to assist them in preparing such Paving Rates, $ xxvii.

to assess equally Properly in different Districts, ş xxviii. - may re&ify Omissions in Paving Rates, $ xxix.

to appoint Treasurers, who shall give Security, $$ xlv. xlvi. And also Collectors and other Officers, g xlvii.

may pave Streets within their Districts, paving Mate. rials being vested in them, and to be disposed of by them,

§ lii. - may purchase necessary Materials, and employ Workmen, ş lii.

may stop up Streets during Repairs ; may alter the Channels therein ; and may raise or lower Pipes, $ lii. - Pavements not to be removed by other Persons without their Permission, on pain of forfeiting not less than 25 nor more than £10 for each Offence; and also not less than £s nor more than £10 for every Square Foot of Pavement so broken up, § liii. -- may survey Pavements; order Reparations; and may pave any Part within their Districts; and may include other Streets and Parishes in the same Places within such Districts, s liv.

- may cause Ports to be erected for the Protection of Pavements, and Prevention of Accidents, & lviii.

may appoint Scavengers, & lix. - to regulate Encroachments and Proje&ions in Streets, § lxxii. - may direct Streets to be diftinguished, and Houses to be numbered, lxxvi.

may borrow Money, and assign the Rates and Asseffments as a Security, g xcvii.

may grant Bonds to their Treasurer or Clerk, who may sell the same, and apply the Produce thereof to the Purposes of this A&, ş xcviii. - shall not be personally liable for Monies borrowed under this AA, & cvii. - may hold Meetings from Time to Time (Notice whereof to be given), at which Meetings they shall choose a Chair





man, and cause their Proceedings to be entered in a Book,
which ihall be Evidence, fcix. cx. cxi. cs.y.
- may adjourn Meetings if an adequate Nurrber do not
attend, & cxi. And convene Special Gegeral dieet is on
Emergencies, cxiii.

- may make Bye-Laws, $ cxv.
-- and enter into Contracts (public Notice being giren of
Meetings for Contracts), $$ cxvi. cxvii.
- may fue or compound for Breaches of Contra&s,

may hare Offices and Places, where Strays or Goods may be impounded, $ cxix. - may bring or defend Actions in the Name of their

Clerks, $ cxx. - not to be obstructed in the Performance of their Duty, у схіі.

Two Commiffioners may act where a greater Number is not required by any local Act or by this Act, $ cxxiv. - Cummillioners may act as Justices, $ cxxv.

on Appeals by Commiffioners as to the Reparation of Pavements, full Ccits are to be awarded, 9 cxxxii. - Juitices to deliver Recognizances to the Clerk of Commiflioners, $ cxxxiv. - Powers conferred on Commissioners to belong to Vestrymen, Committees, Courts, and all other Persons having the

Control of Pavements, cxxxvii. COMMISSIONERS OF SEWERS to have Notice given

them of the Appointment of Surveyors of Pavements for any parochial or other Diitricts, & x.

to give Notice to such Surveyors before they break up any Pavement, except for Repairs, 8 xi.

to allow Plans, Maps, Descriptions, &c. of Sewers, to be examined, and Copies or Extraâs thereof to be made, by Surveyors of Pavement, § xiii.

their Clerks and Secretaries to notify their Names and
Places of Abode to Surveyors of Pavements, $ xiv.
- such Commissioners may be required by Surveyors of

Pavements to repair defective Drains, after giving Notice
to repair them, xv.
- on neglecting such Repairs after Notice received, to
forfeit for the First Offence £5; for the Second £8; and
for the Third and subsequent Offences £ro, $ xv.
---- if, however, such Request thould not be made to the
proper Parties, subsequent Information fhall be given to
ihem on pain of like Penalties, $ xvi.
.-- to cause all Repairs to be executed with all convenient

Expedition, on like Penalties, $ xvii. eremuany wewn to cause all Rubbish and Obstructions cccafioned in



Streets by Repairs of Drains, to be speedily removed, on
pain of forfeiting £5 for every Offence, $ xviii.
- to provide Bars, Watchmen, and other Securities during
Repairs of Pavements broken up by their Works, for the
Prevention of Accidents, on pain of forfeiting £5, $ xix.

Works negle&ed by them may be executed by Surveyors of Pavements, $ xxii.

· Pavements taken up by Commissioners of Sewers to be relaid by Commisioners of Pavements, to whom they are to repay the Charges, $ xxiii.' - to make new Grates, and repair present Grates; and also to make and repair new Sewers and Grates, $ $ Iv. lvi. - may order private Drains to be cleansed, &c. g lvii.

- Commissioners of Sewers for Westminster and certain Parts of Surrey exempt from the Operations of this Act,


CONSTABLES to assist in levying Rates, $xxxvi..
CONTRACTS may be made by Commissioners, ş cxvi.

- public Notice to be given of all Meetings for making
Contracts, ß cxvii.

Contracts to be entered in Books, s cxvii. - Breaches of Contracts may be compounded for,


incapacitated Persons, enabled to fell, lxxxi.

on their Refusal or Inability to treat, a Jury to be impannelled, § Ixxxii.

if Sum assessed by Jury shall not exceed the Sum offered, the Costs of such Assessment shall be paid by such Body Corporate, &c. And the Commissioners, &c, may retain

the same out of the Sum fo assessed, lxxxii. COURTS may be stopped up with the Approbation of Two

or more Juftices, and with the Consent of the Owners of the contiguous Property, $ lxxix.


DISTRESS may be levied on Nonpayment of Rates, & XXXV.

Constables to assist in such Levy, $ xxxi.

Form of such Distress, $ xxxvii.
- Not to be deemed unlawful; and Plaintiff not to

recover, if adequate Amends have been tendered, cxxxii. DRAINS, private, may be ordered to be cleansed, &c. by Commissioners of Paving, s lvii. 03


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