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John V. McCormick, Pittsburg, January 23, 1905.
Charles Large, Pittsburg, January 24, 1905.
Henry Weiskettle, Pittsburg, January 29, 1905.
John T. Trevaskis, Turtle Creek, January 29, 1905.
Arthur R. May, McKeesport, January 30, 1905.
Jacob Klein, Pittsburg, February 5, 1905.
Mrs. Stella R. Brillhart, Pittsburg, February 5, 1905
L. H. Burnett, Pittsburg, February 5, 1905.
Albert J. Walker, Pittsburg, February 6, 1905.
J. Woods McCormick, Pittsburg, February 20, 1905.
George Johnston, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
J. H. Harrison, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
Samuel W. Meals, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
H. M. Corwin, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
Edward C. Lang, Allegheny, February 27, 1905.
Miss Margaret Hughes, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
Ferd H. Phillips, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
Fred 0. Henzi, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
Henry F. Weaver, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
Miss Lizzie Fleming, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
E. F. Portman, Carnegie, February 27, 1:03
Albert P. Myer, Pittsburg, February 27, 1907.
R. F. Emery, Wilmerding, February 27, 1905.
Fred. Gerdts, Duquesne, February 27, 1905.
Frank P. Blackmore, Pittsburg, February 27, 1950.
Miss May Magee, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
George P. Herriott, Pittsburg, February 27, 1905.
George B. Bleming, Pittsburg, March 19, 1905.
D. B. Oaks, Pittsburg, January 22, 1905.

Armstrong County. Miss Myrtle D. Thompson, Kittanning, February 27, 1905.

Beaver County.
Miss A. M. Reed, Beaver, February 27, 1905.

Blair County.
J. Foster Meck, Altoona, January 22, 1905.

Bradford County.
W. Howard Allen, Athens, January 29, 1905.
H. K. Mitchell, Troy, February 5, 1905.

Bucks County.
John L. DuBois, Doylestown, February 26, 1905.

Chester County.
Samuel P. Green, Kennett Square, January 29, 1905.
John H. Voorhees, Kennett Square, February 11, 1905.

Crawford County.
Andrew B. Howland, Titusville, February 5, 1907.
J. D. Bowman, Linesville, February 27, 1905.

Dauphin County. Frank P. Snodgrass, Harrisburg, January 22, 1905. H. L. Nissley, Harrisburg, January 22, 1905 . Eugene Snyder, Harrisburg, January 22, 1905. F. J. Schaffner, Hummelstown, January 22, 1905. F. W. Liesman, Harrisburg, January 22, 1905. George W. Shultz, Halifax, January 22, 1905. Charles C. Stroh, Harrisburg, February 27, 1905.

Fayette County. James M. Springer, Belle Vernon, January 29, 1905. J. Robinson Balsley, New Haven, February 5, 1905. Arpad G. Kail, Uniontown, February 27, 1905.

Jefferson County. Smith M. McCreight, Reynoldsville, January 30, 1905.

Lackawanna County.
S. B. Bulkley, Dunmore, January 25, 1905.

Lancaster County.
William K. Seltzer, Ephrata, January 31, 1905.
Charles S. Martin, Lancaster, February 27, 1905.
M. N. Brubaker, Mount Joy, February 27, 1905.

Lehigh County. Phaon C. Weaver, Emaus, February 27, 1905.

McKean County. Moses Sullivan, Bradford, February 5, 1905.

Monroe County. William A. Shafer, Stroudsburg, February 27, 1905.

Northampton County. James S. Downs, Easton, January 22, 1905.

Northumberland County.
D. C. Kaseman, Shamokin, January 30, 1905.
J. Q. Adams, Shamokin, January 30, 1905.

Philadelphia County. Willis B. Heidinger, Philadelphia, January 21, 1905.

Charles A. Hunsberger, Philadelphia, January 22, 1905.
Frank T. Matthews, Philadelphia, January 22, 1905.
George F. Knight, Philadelphia, January 22, 1905.
George H. Hill, Jr., Philadelphia, January 22, 1905.
Thomas B. Foulkrod, Philadelphia, January 28, 1905.
Michael F. McCullen, Philadelphia, January 26, 1905.
George Mckee, Philadelphia, January 29, 1905.
Myer A. Levi, Philadelphia, January 29, 1905.
Samuel R. Reed, Philadelphia, January 30, 1905.
Joseph T. Taylor, Philadelphia, January 30, 1905.
James G. Keys, Philadelphia, January 31, 1905.
Pemberton S. Betts, Philadelphia, February 4, 1905.
Isaac Sion, Philadelphia, February 5, 1905.
William M. Taylor, Philadelphia, February 5, 1905.
M. Walter Miller, Philadelphia, February 6, 1905.
Jacob A. Fritz, Philadelphia, February 26, 1905.
J. Fred Dieterich, Philadelphia, February 26, 1905.
Jacob Mann, Philadelphia, February 26, 1905.
E. Warner Bonsall, Philadelphia, February 26, 1905.
Charles Weissinger, Philadelphia, February 26, 1905.
Joseph W. Mills, Philadelphia, February 26, 1905.
Edward Watson Anstice, Philadelphia, February 26, 1905.
Lewis Neilson, Philadelphia, February 26, 1905.
Edward F. Simpson, Jr., February 27, 1905.
Charles P. Ulmer, February 27, 1905.
Albert S. Wray, Philadelphia, February 27, 1905.
Harry M. Kurtz, Philadelphia, February 27, 1905.
Henry M. Bauer, Philadelphia, February 27, 1905.
Francis M. Hutchinson, Philadelphia, February 27, 1905.
Thos. Shallcross, Jr., Philadelphia, February 27, 1905.
Miss Katharine F. Sellers, Philadelphia, February 27, 1905.
Arthur E. Paige, Philadelphia, February 27, 1905.
William E. Stokes, Philadelphia, February 27, 1905.

Potter County. Art S. Burt, Lewisville, January 21, 1905.

Schuylkill County.
Albert W. Felix, Schuylkill Haven, February 27, 1905.

Wayne County.
John Tompkins, Manchester township, February 27, 1905.

Westmoreland County.
E. E. Allshouse, Greensburg, January 22, 1905.
Frank Bumer, Monessen, February 12, 1905.

Wyoming County.
II. Stanley Harding, Tunkhannock, February 6, 1905.

York County. WS. Owen, York, February 27, 1905.

Agreeably to the Executive message presented this day.
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the motion?

The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the provisions of the Constitution, and were as follows, viz:


Messrs. Bolard, Brown, Catlin, Cochran, Cumings, Dewalt, Edmiston, Fisher, Freeland, Godcharles, Gransback, Grim, Hackett, Hall, Heidelbaugh, Herbst, Hill, Irvin, Keyser, Manbeck, Matson, McNees, McNichol, McPherson, Miller, Phillips, Quail, Roberts, Scott, Shepard, Sisson, Sproul, Stewart, Stineman, Stober, Thomas, Thom. son, l'are, Wilbert, Woods (Allegheny), Woods (Westmoreland) and Zern-12.



Two-thirds of all the Senators having voted "aye,” the question was determined in the affirmative.

A motion was made by Mr. Cumings, That the Senate do advise and consent to the nomination of the following named persons to be notaries public for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the term of four years, to compute from the date of their confirmation:

Adams County.

William W. Besser, East Berlin.
John D. Keith, Gettysburg.
Leo F. Stock, Gettysburg.

Allegheny County.
Joseph R. McQuaide, Pittsburg.
Robert Moore, Pittsburg.
E. J. Humbert, Pittsburg.
A. J. Maloney, Pittsburg.
Chas. F. Engel, McKees Rocks.
Miss Agnes C. Way, Pittsburg.
A. J. Hunter, Homestead.
William Robinson, Sharpsburg.
C. S. Marshalli, Pittsburg.
Calvert Bradshaw, Pittsburg.
Charles J. Carson, McKeesport.
George Jacobs, Homestead.

Allan B. Angney, Pittsburg. Thomas E. Keating, Pittsburg. W. R. Johnson, Bellevue, William B. Yoder, Pittsburg. Chas. Gibbs Carter, Pittsburg. Miss Emily V. Murray, Pittsburg. Birney Hines, East Pittsburg. Miss Clara Stamets, Braddock. Ralph P. Tannehill, Pittsburg. Miss Katherine A. Murray, Pittsburg. John M. Love, Pittsburg. John Kadlecik, Pittsburg. F. P. Sproul, Pittsburg. Kenneth McLennan Lean, Pittsburg. T. L. Pillow, Allegheny City. E. W. Wright, Pittsburg. W. C. McClure, Pittsburg. B. F. Richards, Pittsburg. Louis Amshel, Stowe township. Wm. A. Knorr, Swissvale. F. C. Hodkinson, Pittsburg. Robert M. Jones, Pittsburg. Howard Neely, Pittsburg. Chas. H. Sachs, Pittsburg. Glen G. Wallace, Allegheny City. Robert H. Leitch, Pittsburg. Arthur V. McKee, Jefferson township. J. H. Felmeth, Pittsburg. W. D. Rent, Pittsburg. Saul Schein, Pittsburg. O. P. Kennedy, Pittsburg. Geo. H. Beltzhoover, Pittsburg. Fred. W. Assel, Pittsburg. Charles Schwan, Pittsburg. Walter S. Lobingier, Pittsburg. Miss Marie B. Singer, Braddock. S. W. Shaw, Pittsburg. Albert J. Brush, South Fayette township. Andrew Yerkins, Sharpsburg. Thomas M. Wright, Franklin township. Fred. Bruckman, Pittsburg. Roland K. Andrus, Pittsburg. Arthur R. Pitts, Duquesne borough. John S. Andrews, Bridgeville. Joseph S. Bialas, l'ittsburg. Sion B. Smith, Pittsburg. Charles H. Ebert, Pittsburg. Will J. Stoup, Pittsburg. Lee D. Hemingway, Pittsburg. Mrs. Alma T. De Noon, Pittsburg. H. Bedford Duff, Pittsburg. Hiram A. Taylor, East Pittsburg. H. R. Bigham, Carnegie. J. G. Marshall, Pittsburg.

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