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Journal of the Senate.

TUESDAY, January 3, 1905.

This being the day and hour fixed by the Constitution for the meeting of the General Assembly, the members of the Senate, together with a number of gentlemen elected to the Senate at the last general election, assembled in the Senate Chamber at twelve o'clock noon, the Hon. William M. Brown, President, in the chair.

The Senate was opened with prayer by Rev. J. Wesley Sullivan, Chaplain.

After which the Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth being introduced, stated that in obedience to the direction of the eighty: seventh section of the act of July 2, 1839, entitled "An act relative to elections of this Commonwealth," he presented to the Senate returns of the election for Senators in November last.

A motion was made by Mr. Keyser, That the Clerk proceed to open and read the returns as pre. sented.

Which was agreed to.

The said returns were opened and read, and the following persons were duly retured as elected, viz:

First district, composed of the First, Second, Twenty-sixth, Thirtieth, Thirty-sixth and Thirty-ninth wards of the city of Philadelphia, George A. Vare.

Third district. composed of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Twentieth wards of the city of Philadelphia, William H.


Fifth district, composed of the Fifteenth, Twenty-eighth, Twentyninth, Thirty-second, Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth wards of the city of Philadelphia, Charles L. Brown.

Seventh district, composed of the Tenth, Twelfth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth wards of the city of Philadelphia, James P. McNichol. Ninth district, composed of the county of Delaware, William C.



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