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17 wooden buckets, wanting 8 condemned standards,

repairs not worth 416 old gun slings,
repairing, and will 2 new sett of stamps and
be sold,

brands, for stamping 13 drums wanting repairs,

the arms and leather 4 do. condemned

3 old fifes,
24 condemned camp colours,

much torn and not
worth repairing,

In the Armory Department.

With files and other necessary 1 new large buff wheel,

tools to complete the armory, 11 do. large and smallvices,

which is now in operation.

In the State Magazine. 104 new barrels ball cartridges, 400 new common tents with 58 do. quarter casks powder.

poles and pins, Sent to York, Nov. 4th, 1814: 21 do wall do. with flyes do. 500 old cartridge, boxes belts Sent to Erie in 1813: and scabbards,

4 old brass cannon, 4 prs. 530 new


To Harrisburg: 1300 new knapsacks, *

2 old brass cannon, 6 prs. 250 do. muskets,

Brigade Inspector's Office, October 4th, 1815. SIR– The above is a correct list of military articles contained in the State Arsenal and State Magazine, as fas as I am at present able to ascertain...


1st brigade, 1st division, P. M. John M. HYNEMAN, Esq.

Adjutant General, P. M.


York, January 28th, 1815. SIR-The following is a correct statement of the military stores of every description, by me collected, and safely deposito ed, viz. Public muskets,

3321 stand do. rifles,



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1,010 Canteens, 1147 Spades,

42 Knapsacks, 288 Grubbing hoes,

31 Cartouch boxes and belts Camp kettles,

828 each,

830 Large boxes containing miScabards and belts each, 368 litary stores,

12 Drums, 10 Boxes of flint,

2 Axes, 85 Ditto of axes,

2 Tent poles and pins sufficient for the above markees and tents.

I have had the tents that were in use, well washed, dryed and rolled. The camp kettles I have had well cleaned and oiled; the workmen are going on with the cleaning and oiling the arms as fast as possible, and in my opinion are doing them well.

There are a number of the arms of this brigade, which are not yet collected, nor is there room for them in the arsenal, without hampering the workmen.

I have had the arms that are fit for service stacked by themselves, and those that want repairing apart from them.

I am your Excellency's,
Obedient humble servant,

Brigade Inspector. SIMON SNYDER.


Inventory of ordnance, arms, ammunition, military stores and

camp equipage, deposited at Erie belonging to the state of Pennsylvania, May 20th, 1815.

450 muskets,

430 do. damaged, 1400 flints, 17000 musket ball cartridges, 8000 do. damaged,

166 cartouch boxes ditto, 1200 pounds of powder,

300 do damaged, 1904 pounds of lead,

5 do. musket ball, 106 fixed case shot, 132 do. strap do. 100 four-pound shot, 10 tents, 2 wall do.

2 pair of bullet moulds,
50 tin camp kettles,
60 do. damaged,
180 iron camp kettles,
25 do. damaged,
90 tin

40 do damaged,

1 gallon measure,
11 quart do.
4 tin cups,
6 coffee pots,
14 funnels,
62 bake kettles,

7 do. damaged,
77 lids,

[blocks in formation]

100 axes,

280 do. damaged,

4 spades, 3 do. damaged, 13 shovels, 5 iron wedges, 4 grubbing hoes, 6 hammers, 3 shingling hatchets, 9 drawing knives, 3 adzes, 12 chisels, 20 augers, 2 square rules, 55 gimblets, 1 spike draw, 7 hand saws, 5 cross cut do. 3 log chains, 6 pair steelyards, 20 pocket ink stands, 10 quires writing paper, 1 trunk medecine, 1 chest do.

10 plates,

6 knives, 4 forks, 1 pitcher, 1 coffee mill, 4 bed robes, 10 blankets, 20 lbs. of nails, 40 do. steel, 5 grind stones, 2 frows, 5 brass field pieces, 5 carriages, complete, 4 collars, 4 breechbands, 2 bridles, 4 pair of hems, 4 tar buckets, 2 budge buckets, 1 fire bucket, 3 fuzz boxes, 3 pincers, 5 rammers and spunges, 3 gunners' belts, 4 lbs. coffee damaged, 2 do. chocolate do. 2 gill measures, 4 Ibs. loaf sugar, 30 boxes for cartridges, 3 pad locks, 2 quart bottles, 1 gallon do. ? pint measures.

I certify this to be a correct return, of all the public property within the bounds of the 2d brigade of the 16th division, Pennsylvania militia, which I have been able to get possession of.


Brigade Inspector His Excellency SIMON SNYDER,

Governor of the Commonwealth

of Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, 22d November, 1815.

20 augers,

7 hand saws,

4 tin cus,

SIR-Having taken into consideration your report to me of the arms, camp equipage and military stores in your care remaining, as the property of this state; I do in virtue of the authority in me vested, in and by an act, entitled, “ An act to provide for the preservation of arms, camp equipage and other military property, belonging to this commonwealth,' passed the 15th day of March last past, order and direct that, with all convenient speed, you proceed to sell (having given reasonable 'notice thereof,) for the best prices that can be obtained, either by private or by public sale, the public stores consisting of the articles following, viz. 17000 musket ball cartridges, 3 adzes, 8000 do. damaged,

12 chisels, 1200 pounds of powder, 300 do. damaged,

2 square rules, 60 tin camp kettles damaged,

55 gimblets, 25 iron do. do. 1 spike draw, 40 tin pans,

do. 1 gallon measure,

5 cross cut do. 11 quart do.

2 band saw files,

2 cross cut do.. 6 coffee pots,

3 log chains, 14 funnels,

6 pair steelyards, 62 bake kettles,

20 pocket ink stands, 7 do. damaged, 10. quires writing paper, 77 lids.

1 trunk medicine, 43 pots,

1 chest do. 3 'do. damaged,

10 plates, 20 skillets,

6 knives,
4 do.

4 forks,
1 griddle,

1 pitcher, 15 large iron kettles,

1 coffee mill, 2 frying pans,

4 bed robes, 8 wooden buckets,

10 blankets, 9 cans,

20 lbs. of nails, 90 wooden dishes,

40 do. of steel, 100 axes,

5 grind stones, 280 do. damaged,

2 frows,
2 do. broad,

4 lbs. coffee, damaged,
2 do do. damaged, 4 do. chocolate do.
4 spades,

4 do. loaf sugar,
3 do.

damaged, 30 boxes for cartridges, 13 shovels,

3 pad locks, 5 iron wedges,

3 quart bottles, 4 grubbing hoes,

1 gallon do. 6 hammers,

2 pint measures, 3 shingling hatches,

2 gill do. 9 drawing knives

And having so done, that you make specific report thereof to me, as also of the state that the remainder of arms, camp equipage, &c. shall be in, after you shall have made sale as above directed, in order that your report be laid before the Legislature during their next session as directed by the act, the title of which is above recited.

SIMON SNYDER. To WILLIAM CLARK, Esq. Inspector of the second brigade,

sixteenthi division, Pennsylvanis Militia.

Harrisburg, 230 November, 1815. A similar order was this day issued to Robert Provines, Esq. inspector of the 2d brigade, 10th division, Pennsylvania militia, for the sale of two kegs of powder remaining in his charge.

Same day:-- A similar order was issued to Isaac Post, Esq. inspector of the 2d brigade, 8th division, Pennsylvania militia, for the sale of 8 large camp kettles, 18 tin ketties damaged and 1 keg of gun powder, containing, as he says perhaps 15 pounds.

Same day.-A similar order was issued to Daniel Sharp, Esq. inspector of the 1st brigade, ist division, Pennsylvania militia, for the sale of the following property, viz. 225 condemned muskets, 4 new adzes, 27 do. common tents,

7 hatches out of repair, 365 do. haversacks, (linen,) 224 rifle stocks, 572 blankets,

s2 new tin cups, 85 old tin camp kettles, 190 musket stocks, 48 old tin mess pans,

58 quarter casks of powder, 30 old frying pans,

335 wooden water buckets, 6 old skillets,

94 camp colours, (condemned,) 185 old axes,

104 half barrels ball cartridges.



Harrisburg, 16th March, 1815. An act providing for the preservation of arms, camp equipage and other military property, passed by the present legislature, containing provisions and prescribing duties which require your prompt attention, has induced this early transmission, for your government, of the preceding copy of that law, togther with my orders that you proceed immediately to perform all the duties therein enjoined; and that in their discharge, you use due vigilance, and exercise all the authority vested in you by law, and

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