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Business for which no fees are receivable.

1,060 New warrants to survey, entered, numbered and filed; copies of all which have been made and directed to the several deputy surveyors for execution..

110 Warrants of acceptance entered, numbered and filed. 1,175 Returns made to the secretary of the land office for patenting; the surveys and warrants re-endorsed and re-filed accordingly, and, correspondent entries made in the warrant registers.

1,312 Tickets directed to the secretary of the land office for cal


1,190 New surveys received, compared with the warrants, examined as to their correctness, entered in the deputys' lists, marked in the warrant registers, endorsed with the time of acceptance, numbered and filed.

1,582 Entries made in the fee book.

Business for which fees have been received, amounting to $2,010 87.

2,308 Copies, extracts, connected drafts, &c. 1,301 Searches.

23 Accounts settled with deputy surveyors.

Besides which a good deal of time has been expended in preparing new file boards, re-arranging and labelling many of the papers, and a variety of other matters tending to perfect the state of the office."


On the first of April last, there remained unexpended of the extra appropriation for clerk hire for the year preceding, seventeen hundred and ninety two dollars and three cents; since that period there has been applied in the payment of four clerks, in addition to the standing appropriation, one hundred sixty-six dollars and sixty-seven cents, of the extra appropriation for the year commencing on that day, leaving a balance of twenty-one hundred and sixty-two dollars and fifty cents for the remainder of the year.

The contingent expences since the last report have been as follows.


Printing and stationary, including some maps,


175 pair of file boards, leather for do. and sundry small articles,

Fire wood and sawing do.

Reparing stoves, mending seal press, &c.

$91.80 26 39

48 69





$ 286 74

Attorney's fee for recovering old debt of deputy surveyor,
Richard Barrett, services attending office,

Of the above sum one hundred and forty-four dollars and fifty-five cents has been expended since the 1st of April last, and is consequently to be charged to the appropriation for the year 1815, and leaves a balance for similar expenditures for the remainder of the year, of four hundred forty-five dollars and fortyfive cents.

The state of the office' will, perhaps, be as well comprehended from the preceding statements, with the additional remark that, none of the current business of the year remains unfinished, as it would be by any further observations, I could make.


Surveyor General.



To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met.

The following statements shew, (agreeably to the general acts of Assembly.) the business performed in the Land Office during the year ending the last day of November, 1815, together with the state of the office; the manner in which the money appropriated for clerk hire was expended; a detailed account of the contingent expences, and an account of the land sold by the secretary of the land office and surveyor general, late the property of John Nicholson.

Business performed.

957 Warrants for vacant land issued.

957 Applications for warrants entered and names indexed. 1,200 Patents issued, names indexed and transcribed into general index.

2 Patents on mortgages issued. 103 Warrants for islands issued.

110 Warrants of acceptance issued.

2,325 Calculations of purchase money and interest due, and certificates to the treasurer of the amount.

2,325 Treasurer's receipts entered in day-book.

3,555 Accounts transferred, and new accounts opened and names


1,065 Orders to the surveyor general for returns.

123 Petitions and decisions of the board recorded.

Business performed on which fees were received.

50 Orders for resurvey.

142 Orders for valuing islands.

205 Copies, judgments of the board and other office copies. 105 Exemplifications of patents.

126 Caveats entered. d.

116 Citations issued.

267 Searches.

112 Calculations of arrears due, and not paid at the treasury. 8 Certificates on discharge of mortgages and liens.

Lands late the property of John Nicholson sold.

Four hundred and twenty-six acres and ten perches, in
Clearfield county, sold to William Tate, for
Four hundred and forty acres and eighty perches, in
Franklin county, sold to J. Findlay and G. Cham-
bers, for

Payments to Clerks.

$213 00

132 15

Of the balance appropriated for clerk hire during the year 1814, which remained unexpended on the 1st of December, 1814, there has been applied the sum of $1,509 91 for the purpose of paying seven clerks till the 1st of April, 1815; and of the extra, together with the standing appropriation of the year 1815, there has been applied the sum of $2,916 65, for the purpose of paying six clerks for services performed from the 1st of April 1815, until the 1st of December, 1815.


Since my report for the last year there has been expended out of the balance of the appropriation for 1814, which remained at that time, viz.

[blocks in formation]

Mary James and the executors of E. V. James for



[blocks in formation]

Of the appropriation for 1815, there has been expended, viz.

Paid Jacob Kunkle for mending coal bucket,

John Wyeth for ink,


Abraham Oves for inkpowder,

Alexander Lytle for cutting wood,

John Wyeth for quills,

Murray and Dearmond for quills,

Joseph Wallace for towels,

Abraham Oves for tape,

George Evans for coal,

Richard Barret for his services,

Rose Wright for postages,

William Graydon for quills,


1 37.

3 25

4 50

5 00


1 47

28 00

42 00

6 97



5 00

James S. Espy for stationary,

John Wyeth for one ream of paper,

Christian Gleim for 1500 parchments and printing, 731 25

$840 99 Leaving a balance of $1,159 01 unexpended to meet the contingencies to the end of the year.

There yet remains the day book entries of the two last months to be posted, which is all the unfinished business in the office. I am with due respect, &c.


Secretary of the Land Office.



No. 1.

Harrisburg, March 14th, 1815.

SIR-I enclose to you a copy of an act passed by the legislature of this state at their late session, authorizing the Governor to negociate a loan, for paying the militia and volunteers of this state late in the service of the United States. The motive for

this law is too obvious to need any elucidation. If the govern ment of the United States is not prepared to pay those troops, I shall be happy to learn from you, whether that government will accept the loan from Pennsylvania on the terms and conditions prescribed in the law.

I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully,

Your obedient servant,

Secretary at War.


No. 2.

Department of War, 24th March, 1815.

SIR-I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter inclosing a copy of the act of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, entitled, An act authorizing the Governor to negociate a loan for paying the militia and volunteers of this state, late in the service of the United States,' passed the 11th of March 1815. This communication has been submitted to the President, who authorizes me to express his high sense of the uniform patriotism and public spirit of the legislature of Pennsylvania, to accept the loan of $300,000, (or such part of that sum as may be necessary for the contemplated object,) at an interest of six per eentum per annum, to be reimbursed at any time within three years, upon the condition prescribed in the act, and to give you an assurance, that the sum so loaned shall be applied to the payment of the militia and volunteers of Pennsylvania, late in the service of the United States.

I cannot allow this opportunity to pass, without an expression of the personal gratification, which, as a grateful citizen of Pennsylvania, I have derived from contemplating the exemplary conduct of the state, in its relations to the national government, during your administration.

I am,.

[blocks in formation]

GENTLEMEN-The President of the United States, having agreed to accept from the state of Pennsylvania, on loan 300,000 dollars, or such part of that sum, as may be necessary to pay the


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