Reclamation Manual: Design and construction, pt. 2. Engineering design: Design supplement no. 2: Treatise on dams; Design supplement no. 3: Canals and related structures; Design supplement no. 4: Power systems; Design supplement no. 5: Field installation procedures; Design supplement no. 7: Valves, gates, and steel conduits; Design supplement no. 8: Miscellaneous mechanical equipment and facilities; Design supplement no. 9: Buildings; Design supplement no. 10: Transmission structures; Design supplement no. 11: Railroads, highways, and camp facilities, Volume 10, Parts 1-6

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Page 20 - Where the bearing materials directly under a foundation overlie a stratum having smaller allowable bearing values, these smaller values shall not be exceeded at the level of such stratum. Computation of the vertical pressure in the bearing materials at any depth below a foundation shall be made on the assumption that the load is spread uniformly at an angle of 60 with the horizontal...
Page 20 - Where portions of the foundation of an entire structure rest directly upon or are underlain by medium or soft clay or rock flour, and other portions rest upon different materials, or where the layers of such softer materials vary greatly in thickness, the magnitude and...
Page 20 - Whenever, in an excavation, an inward or upward flow of water develops in an otherwise satisfactory bearing material, special methods satisfactory to the commissioner shall be immediately adopted to stop or control the flow to prevent disturbance of the bearing material. If such flow of water seriously impairs the structure of the bearing material, the allowable bearing value shall be reduced to that of the material in loose condition.
Page 20 - The tabulated bearing values for classes 10 to 12 inclusive apply only to pressures directly under individual footings, walls and piers. When structures are founded on or are underlain by deposits of these classes, the total load over the area of any one bay or other major portion of the structure minus the weight of excavated material, divided by the area, shall not exceed one-half the tabulated bearing values.
Page 20 - The 2 loads to be used in computing the maximum pressure upon bearing materials under foundations shall be the live and dead loads of the structure ... including the weight of the foundations, but excluding loads from overlying soil.
Page 20 - ... and, if necessary, the allowable loads shall be reduced or special provisions be made in the design of the structure to prevent dangerous differential settlements.
Page 6 - Recommended Practice and Standard Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete," Report of the Joint Committee on Standard Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete, June 1940, American Society of Civil Engineers.
Page 24 - Material (tons per sg. ft.) 1 Massive bedrock without laminations, such as granite, diorite, and other granitic rocks; and also gneiss, trap rock...
Page 20 - Classes 4 to 9 inclusive may exceed the tabulated values by two and one half per cent for each foot of depth of the loaded area below the lowest ground surface immediately adjacent, but shall not exceed twice the tabulated values.

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