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American Bee Journal

Gleanings in Bee Culture for 1914.

The Magazine for the Beginner, Back-lotter, and Specialist Beekeeper
For several years we have been doing our best to make GLEANINGS an indispensable publication for the wide-awake beekeeper
whether he has but one colony, a small suburban apiary, or a series of out-apiaries numbering hundreds of colonies in all. We believe
we have never received such enthusiastic approval of our efforts as we received in 1913, when hundreds of letters from our friends told of
their appreciation. We wish that we might print a number of them here, but we prefer to utilize the rest of the space for outlining our
plans for 1914. For 1914 we shall continue the special numbers, the feature which has so delighted our readers during the last three years,
In deciding just what subjects to take up, we have not selected topics at random, for we have been guided by expressions of the majority.

JANUARY 1–Bees and Poultry.- attics. or roofs, and in back lots. We also -There has never yet been a systematic
We think we are safe in saying that no spe-

have a true story of a beekeeper in a city effort put forth for the compiling and pubcial number that we ever published proved

who was fined $100.00 because his bees were lishing of comprehensive crop and market so popular as our February 15th issue for considered a nuisance, and who afterward reports from various parts of the country. 1912. In getting out another special number appealed to a higher court and won out. A In 1914 we are going to make the effort of our devoted to the interests of poultry-raising good story.

lives to get telegraph reports from imporand beekeeping, we propose to surpass, our

tant fields, such as the clover-belt, Texas, former efforts and to get together the best

APRIL — Breeding.– Ever since we Colorado, Idaho, and California, etc. These material possible on poultry raising from

first began having special numbers there will be published right along as soon as we the beekeepers' standpoint.

have been requests on the part of a good get them, but in this August ist issue we

many of our readers for a special number shall have a grand summary of the crop reFEBRUARY — Bees and Fruit.—Our on breeding. We are glad that we are able ports and conditions of the market in genMarch 15th issue for 1912 has been used far to arrange for it this year, for it is a fact eral, No beekeeper should miss this imporand wide by beekeepers and fruit-growers that very little is known in regard to breed- tant number. alike to show the value of bees in large or

ing bees. Breeding is one of the most imchards. In the two years that have elapsed,

portant subjects connected with our pur- SEPTEMBER 1–Wintering.–We have however, so much new material has develsuit. We shall publish special articles by

not yet learned all there is to be learned in oped that in order to be entirely up to date

noted queen-breeders on qualifications of it is really necessary to have another spebreeding queens. Queen-rearing both for

regard to wintering. A number of specialists cial number on the same subject. We have the small beekeeper and the specialist will

are going to make experiments during the a wealth of material that has never before be fully discussed.

winter of 1913-14, which experiments will be

published in this number. We shall also been given to the public. Extensive fruit- JUNE 1_Moving Bees.-We, ourselves, give our own experience summed up as to growers, who are not especially interested

expect to move 300 colonies of bees to feasibility of wintering northern apiaries in in honey-production, will tell of the value

Florida, get a good honey crop, double the the South, of bees in orchards.

number of colonies, and move them back MARCH 1-Beekeeping in Cities.

again in the spring. Details of moving by IS NOT ALL THIS WORTH WHILE ?

boat, wagon, auto-truck, and by rail will be Probably few beekeepersrealize the number

fully described and illustrated, and other of beekeepers there are in every large city.

We have now given you our plan for 1914. City beekeeping is a most interesting topic,

large beekeepers having experience along If you are now trying to make the most out and in addition to stories of beekeeping told

this line have also promised articles for this of your bees, we feel sure you cannot afford

to miss such a wealth of information as the
by professional men,we shall have discussed
various problems connected with bees in AUGUST 1-Crop and Market Reports.

subscription price, $1.00, will bring you.

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During this month we shall double our usual efforts in points of delivery and service. We carry nothing but the Root make, which ensures the best quality of every thing. We sell at factory prices, thereby ensuring a uniform rate to every one. The saving on transportation charges from Cincinnati to points south of us will mean quite an item to beekeepers in this territory. We are so located that we can make immediate shipment of any order the day it is received.

New 64-Page Catalog

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Our new 1914 catalog contains double the pages of former editions, and requires extra postage. It is filled from cover to to cover with complete lists of goods in every line to meet every requirement of beekeepers. If you haven't received a copy when you read this, be sure to ask for one. It will save you money.

New Features for 1914

Few radical changes have been made this season. It should be noted, however, that we will send out with regular hives, unless otherwise ordered, the metal telescopic or R cover with super cover underneath. The side rail for the bottom-board will be extra length so as to overcome the difficulty experienced by some last season. Improvements have been made in extractors. We shall carry a very heavy stock so orders may be filled with our usual promptness. Write us your needs. Early-order discount this month 2 percent.

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American Bee Journal

Thale's Regulative Vacuum Bee-Feeder


Pleases everywhere. Not a dissatisfied customer. Let me double
your honey crop by stimulative feeding. Most practical method
known. Send 55 cts. in stamps to-day for a sample feeder
ST. ANNE, ILL., April 14, 1914.

Satus, WASH., May 14, 1914.
H. H. Thale, Maywood, Mo.-

H H. Thale, Maywood, Mo.-
Dear Sir:-Please send me five more feed-
ers with bottles. I am well pleased with the

Dear Sir:-Your feeders work perfectly. ten I got some time ago. I don't think that

They are better than any feeder I have ever any one will be sorry of their investment, as

used. I am using them side by side with they are the best feeders I have ever used,

other feeders, and like yours the best, and have tried all of them.

Yours truly,
Yours truly,
C, W. Dyon,

J. A. McCowan.

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H. H. THALE, Manufacturer

Box A 25,

Maywood, Missouri

Eastern buyers send ordors to Earl M. Nichols, Lyonsville, Mass., and B. H. Masters, Edison, Ohio, and Harry W. Martin,

New Holland, Pa. Northern buyers send orders to Minnesota Bee-Supply Co., Minneapolis, Minn.

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All Styles-All Sizes
Friction Top
Boxed Square Cans

60-Pound Shipping Cans HONEY PAILS

72 W. Adams Street, Chicago Sales Offices :

616 W. 43d Street, New York City


Marshfield Mfg. Co., Marshfield, Wis.


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Beekeepers' Supplies and Fruit Packages

We manufacture the famous Sheboygan Hive, which always gives absolute satisfaction. Our perfect sections, made from selected white basswood, are recognized as the best on the market.

Catalog now ready for distribution. Write for copy. SHEBOYGAN FRUIT BOX COMPANY,

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Send me your address for Italians and Carniolans. I BEGIN mailing Queens early in March. Untested, 75 cts. each. Tested, $1.25 each. Circular free.

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Grant Anderson, San Benito, PHARR WANTS YOUR ORDERS

Is the Comb Foundation made to suit

the Honey Bee.
It's the Comb Foundation that helps pro-

duce the full capacity honey crop.
It's the Comb Foundation to give your

Honey Bees. Ask for more information; also prices and FULL

DISCOUNT on all Bee-Supplies.

FOR QUEENS Goldens and 3-Banded Italians For twelve years we have asked for your orders and we have gotten all we could fill and sometimes more. But we have ever tried to serve you right, and will guarantee similar treatment in the future. Prices of Untested, $1.00; Tested, $1.50; Breeders, 3.00 to $5.00. Write for prices in large

quantities. 2-frame Nuclei, queenless, $2.25 All

3.25 F. O. B. colonies with queen 8.00 Berclair. Orders booked now-delivery last of May or June

3 IO

John W. Pharr, Berclair, Texas CARNIOLAN QUEENS


Gus Dittmer Company

Augusta, Wisconsin

Carniolans are excellent winterers, build up rapidly in the spring, are very gentle,very prolific, cap their combs very white, enter supers readily, and keep their colonies strong at all times. Write for our free paper, Superiority of the Carniolan Bee," explaining more fully, giving briefly best systems of management. Untested queens, $1.00 each; doz., $9.00. One-lb. package bees without queen, $1.50; with queen, $2 50, in June. ALBERT G. HANN, Clinton, New Jersey

Carniolan Queen-Breeder.

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