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Hive bodies, 8 or 10 frame, 250 each. Covers and bottoms, prices upon application. Falcon Foundation and Bee Supplies.

FROFALCON QUEENS Everything for the beekeeper. Address. J. C. Frohliger, Berkeley, Calif.

Greater San Francisco

Please mention Am. Ree Journal when writing.


BARNES' Nachinery

Read what J.L PARENT, of Charl ton, N. Y., Bays: «Wo cat with one of your Combined Machines, last winter. 60 cbaft hives with 7-in cap 100 honey-racks, 600 brood-tramer 2,000 honey-boxes, and a great deal of othor work This winter we have double tho amount of bee hives,eto. to make, and we expect to do it with this Saw. It will do all you say 16 WILL. Catalog and price list theo Addreas W.1. & YOR BARNE

nos Ruiny Who Lookout, a.

A new machine of pressed-steel
construction for folding sections
and putting in top and bottom
starters at all one handling.
With top and bottom starters
the comb is firmly attached to all
four sides, a requirement to grade
fancy. Increase the value of your
crop this season by this method.
The Editor of the Beekeepers'
Review, in commenting on things
at the recent Detroit, Michigan,
beekeepers' convention, stated :
“It was the consensus of opinion
of those that saw the machine
work, that it was the best thing
for the purpose ever brought on

to the market."
The Chicago-Northwestern Beekeepers’ Convention in December unani-
mously adopted the following resolutions:

WHEREAS. This convention has been impressed by the exhibit of the Woodman Com bined Section Press and Foundation Fastener, and believe that the same is practical and a labor saver for the beekeepers at large. Therefore, be it

Resolzied, That the Chicago-Northwestern Beekeepers' Association in convention as. sembled, do heartily endorse the above device as a practical machine for the beekeepers producing comb honey.


W. B. BLUME. It makes no difference how many or what kind of fasteners you have, we want you to try this one. Your money back if you are not satisfied that it is the best on the market. Send for special circular, showing 10 illustrations. Immediate shipment of all goods. 40-page catalog.

Price, with one form, 4x5 or 4 1-4x+ 1-4, $2,50. Extra form, 15c.

Daisy Lamp, 25c. Weight of outfit, 4 pounds. Postage extra.
A. G. Woodman Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan

[blocks in formation]

bred in separate yards, ready March 20,
Untested, one, $r; six, $5; 12, $9; 25. $17 50: 50.
$34; 100, $65. Tested, one, $1.50; six. $8; 12,
$15. Breeders of either strain, $5. Nuclei
with intested queen, one-frame, $2.50; six
one-frame, $15; two-frame $3.50; six two-frame
$20.40; nuclei with tested queen, one-frame,
$3.00; six one-frame, $17.40; two-frame, $4; six
two-frame $23.40. Our Queens and Drones
are all reared from the best select queens,
which should be so with drones as well as
queens. No disease of any kind in this
country. Safe arrival, satisfaction, and
prompt service guaranteed.
D. E. BROTHERS, Attalla, Ala.

NEW BINGHAM The New Bingham Bee-Smoker



(Trade mark.)




DEALERS Each, 15c; Doz., $1.65, postpaid

If your Dealer does not keep them, order from Factory, with complete instructions. R. & E. C. PORTER, MFRS.,

Lewistown, Illinois

the all important tool of the most ex-
tensive honey-producers of the world.
This illustration shows the remarkable
steel-fire grate which such men as Mr.
France, Mr. Rauchfuss, the Dadants
and others say is the best on the mar-
ket. The Smoke Engine grate has 381
holes for the air and draft, equal to
an opening 2 inches square. Buy the
large sizes and be pleased. For sale at
your dealers or direct. Weight each.
Smoke Engine 4-inch stove....I? Ibs. $1.25
312-inch stove..

Two larger sizes in copper,extra
Conqueror 3-inch stove.....12
Little Wonder 27-inch stove...I
Two largest sizes with hinged cover.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

.50 .75 .50

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Root's Goods in Michigan

Such as Winter-cases, Sections, broodframes of every description, Section holdders Comb Foundation. Supers. Hive-bod. ies, kers, etc. Get my prices before placing your orders.


Our Specialty — The “Root Quality" Bee Supplies to Michigan Beekeepers Prompt Service in Shipping. We sell at factory prices. Beeswax Wanted Send for 1914 Catalog showing our l'arcel Post Service.

Rt. 3, Box 209, Sheboygan, Wis. M. H. Hunt & Son, Dept. A, Lansing, Mich.

American Bee Journal

“Falcon” Hives, Supplies and Foundation

Everything for


“Falcon" Foundation made in the “Falcon" plant at Falconer, N. Y.


SUPPLIES FOR 1914-Take inventory of supplies now and figure what you will need for a slim season. Get them ready at odd

times in the winter; and if there is a good season you will have ample time to re-order in April and get them for use. We

like to make 'Inventory Sales" of Falcon" supplies, for we know that we are dealing with an up-to-date beekeeper. INVESTMENT-What is the investment of an extra $25.00 in supplies to the loss of 500 pounds of honey? Resolve to change for

1914, and buy." Falcon" supplies now: EARLY-ORDER DISCOUNT-For Falcon" hives and supplies bought now we give an early-order cash discount equai to 12

percent per year. You see it pays for a strictly money basis. Write for early-order discounts, and send list of wants for

quotation. “FALCON”

QUALITYIn making our beehives, all of our waste lumber is made into cheap toy building blocks, so that we are able to put better material in our hives and goods. Get a trial lot this fall so that you can see for yourself, and still have

time to order 1914 supplies. FREE SAMPLES of our famous "Falcon" foundation, made in our factory at Falconer, N. Y., cheerfully sent postpaid with

copy of catalog, and name of nearest dealer if desired. FACTORY W. T. FALCONER MFG. CO.,

Falconer, N. Y., U. S. A Where the good bee-hives come from


Flax Board is now used by thousands of beekeepers East and West. We have in our office hundreds of unsolicited letters from some of the largest and most progressive beekeepers in the United States, saying that it is just the thing that they have been looking for for many years, and that they are putting in on every hive in their apiary.

Gray Caucasians

Best Bee for Everybody Glass Honey Dishes

The Handiest Dish in the Home Cambined Bee-brush

and Hive Tool A Great Tool for the Bee Yard

Ant Dope
Guaranteed to Rid Everything of Ants
Prices sent free. Write to-day.

A. D. D. Wood
Box 61, Lansing, Michigan

The cost of Flax Board is small. It undoubtedly will pay for itself many times every season. You, of course, know that you must protect your bees against the cold in spring if you want to rear brood for the early honey crop- You also know that most of the heat escapes at the top of your hive while the cold comes in at the bottom. With the use of Flax Board, however, you can entirely overcome this.

We will gladly send you a small sample free if you will write for it
One-half inch thick Flax Board to fit top of hive:


Weight. 8-frame..

.$.10 each

174 lbs.

Order a lot. Try them on some of your hives and compare the difference.

100 Nicollet Island
Minneapolis, Minn.




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Manufacturers of Dovetailed Hives, Sections, and Shipping Cases.

Am Now Shipping Untested Queens



My bees are the product

of many years of breed PENNÄ USA

ing by both Swarthmore and Henry Alley. Both names stand out like beacon lights among our

past and present breed. ers, for the best queens ever produced in the

United States. Never had foul brood. SWARTHMORE APIARIES, Swarthmore, Pa.





We Make a Specialty of

SUPERIOR Manufacturing


Italian Queens SECTIONS

Untested, $1.00; 6, $5.00; 12, ing for the best honey gatherers. None bet: They are the Finest in the Land

$9. Select Untested, $1.25; 6, $6, coumari OUR BEE-SUPPLY CATALOGE 12, $10. Prices on application for J. W. Taylor & Son, Beeville, Bee Co.

, Tex. tested and untested queens by the hundred. Address,

Queens of Quality AUG. LOTZ & CO.

Boyd, Wis. T. S. HALL, Talking Rock, Ga. .

Now ready by mail; 26 years' careful breed-
ter. .
orders promptly. Untested, $1.00 each, or
$10 a dozen. Tested, $1 25 each, or $12 a dozen.
Select tested, $1.50 each, or $15 a dozen.
Breeders, the best, $5.00. Send all orders to

None Better. Prices will make you smile. We want to every bee-keeper in the land. It is FREE. Ask for it.

H. S. Duby. St. Anne, III., carries a full line of Our Goods, and sells them at our regular catalog prices.

3-band leather color. Unt., boc each; $7 00 per doz. Sel. Unt.. 750 each; $8.00 per doz. Circular free. J. I, BANKS, Liberty, Tenn

American Bee Journal

The Double-Walled Massie Bee-Hive




Surest Protection for Bees—Increased Supply of Honey

The Best Hive for any Climate
Furnished in the clearest of lumber in either Cypress, White Pine or Redwood

Admits fresh air into the hive, lessening the chance of swarming,

and giving renewed energy to the bees.
Fifty years in the bee supply business has shown us that

the MASSIE is the very best hive, and testimonials
THE MASSIE HIVE to this effect are received daily from those who are
For Comb or Extracted Honey using this hive.


The Dovetailed Hive. We are also extensive manufacturers of Dovetailed Hives and all other Apiarian Supplies. If you are in the market for supplies be sure to get our prices before buying elsewhere. We issue a 72-page illustrated catalog which will be mailed to any one upon request.






Everything in Supplies
New Goods. Factory Prices
Save Freight and Express Charges

Providence, R. I.

1. It allows feeding during any time of the day or year-at mid-day or in mid-winter.

2. It controls the mating of the queen so that mismating is prevented.

3. It settles the robber bee question as the roller can be quickly turned to bring the small entrance into position.

4. It sifts automatically undesirable drones out of the hive, and cages them in the drone trap.

5. It permits ample yentilation at the height

of the honey-flow. 6. It can be instantly closed when moving bees in and out of cellars or from one yard to another.

7. It permits undesirable queens to be sifted out by screening the bees through the wire entrance.

8. It prevents swarms from going to the tops of trees or away to the woods when the beekeeper is away.

9. It practically eliminates swarming, as the colonies usually show no inclination to swarm. Why, I do not know.

10. It is adjustable to make a shallow bottom for summer and a deep one for winter.

It contains many other valuable features which will be apparent to any beekeeper upon investigation, and if it is once tried it will always be used. 8-frame size, $2.00; 10-frame size, $2.50. Italian Queens, Breeders, $10 to $25.

Nothing so under $10.



honey and get the best goods obtainable, especially made to meet Western condition, Send for new catalog and special price list to Colorado Honey-Producers' Association

Denver, Colorado




Will be ready to take care of your queen orders, whether large or small, the coming season. Twenty-five years of careful breeding brings Laws' queens above the usual standard: better let us book your orders now.

Tested queens in March; untested, after April ist. About 50 first-class breeding-queens ready at any date.

PRICES: Tested, $1.25; 5 for $5.00; Breeders, each $5.00. Address


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Capacity of yard 5000 queens a year–Select Queen tested for breeding, $5 QUICK SHIPMENT OF QUEENS The very best Queen tested for breeding, $10. 300 fall reared tested Queens

of 3-band stock reared for honeyready to mail, $2.50 to $10 each.

gathering qualities Queens for export will be carefully packed in long distance cages,

Untested, June, $1.00. Later, 75c but safe delivery is not guaranteed.

Tested, $1.50. Select tested, $2.
Send your orders now and be as-

sured of having queens when you want them. R. A. SHULTS, Cosby, Tenn,

John M. Davis, Spring Hill, Tenn.

The One Subject on Which all Beekeepers Can Agree

Lewis Sections!

There are many subjects on which no two beekeepers can agree; but here is one they can agree on. They all acknowledge that Lewis Sections are the best to be had—that they excel in quality and workmanship-and when you say Quality and Workmanship, you have said all there is to be said about a honey section.

Let us take you with us through the different operations and show you how Lewis Sections are really made.

First the material, which is the best Wisconsin white basswood that can be obtained, is bought by an experienced buyer by the carloads-millions of feet of it. It arrives at the Lewis factory in the board and is sorted as carefully as a woman picks over strawberries.

The best boards are then sent on their buzzing journey through the factory-fed through a planer watched over by a veteran in the business-sawed up into correct thicknesses and lengths and run through a polisher, the sandpaper polishing both ways of the grain.

Then the particular work commences. Here is where the intricate machinery gets the strips, rabbets them, scores them, dovetails them, and then the finished sections are packed away. But the secret is here: This delicate machinery is cared for like a trotting horse—the Lewis section foreman has been watching it, caring for it, keeping it right for the past thirty years.


He is still on the Job Making Lewis Sections for You

No matter what Hives, what Frames, what Supers, and whatnot you use.

Insist on Lewis Sections

Here is what one of our

Every crate going out with the Lewis name means something to you. customers has just written us:

“We have been using the G. B. Lewis Company's No. 1 Sections for several
years, and have a few other makes, but I find the Lewis goods the best. We
have put up about 30,000 sections so far this season, and have not found one
section in the lot that was not perfect. We find they fold perfectly and hold
together where some of the other makes come apart. We use the Rauchfuss
Combined Section Press and Foundation Fastener and Dadant's Foundation."

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(Entered as second-class matter at the Post-office at Hamilton, Ill., under Act of March 3, 1879.) Published Monthly at $1.00 a Year, by American Bee Journal, First National Bank Building

C. P. DADANT, Editor.
DR. C. C. MILLER, Associate Editor.


Vol. LIV.—No. 6

) ! szientists treat his views. See his article in this number.



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Alfalfa Seed Produced Without

the Help of Bees

We are in receipt, from the DepartWisconsin Inspector Report ered with a hard membrane through ment of Agriculture, of a circular letWe are in receipt of the 16th annual which odors must pass in order to

ter explaining how seed may be proreport of the State Inspector of Apistimulate these organs. But one gets

duced in alfalfa without the help of aries of Wisconsin. Mr. N. E. France a rather differentimpression in reading

bees, by the artificial or accidental shows 285 apiaries inspected containing Cheshire, Vol. I, page 109, when the "tripping” of the Aower. This is the 9070 colonies. Of these 3117 colonies 'smell hollows' of the antenna are “snapping back of a part of the flower were diseased in 151 apiaries.

mentioned as 'covered by a thin layer to deposit pollen on the stigma." Another great

advantage derived lying over a goblet-formed cavity be- However, the cross mating of flowers from the inspection management in neath, into which passes a nerve-end by the fertilization of one blossom with Wisconsin, is the information bureau cell.' The idea that the bee smells with the pollen of another cannot take place

without the action of bees. It appears for beekeepers wanting to either buy its sting, an organ nearly always inside or sell bees, queens, honey or bee-sup- the bee, seems a little like a man smell- from this letter that the honey-bee is plies. Every State might have such a ing with his liver. We know the queen

less efficient in this than some of the bureau of information. Mr. France is is accepted or rejected according to its wild bees. But as the honey-bees are doing splendid work for the beekeep smell, and when a bee is smelling at a more numerous than the others, where ers of Wisconsin.

queen, or at other bees, we can see it they exist at all, it necessarily follows use its antennæ."

that the most flowers are fertilized Dr. McIndoo on the Organs of However, although it is the general through their agency. Cross fertilizaSmell

belief that the organs of smell are in the tion ensures seed production in about All who care to be informed as to antennæ, it never has been considered twice as many instances as when the the natural history of the honey-bee- a matter of certainty. Cheshire, on the

flower is fertilized by its own pollen. and every beekeeper should be of that

page already quoted, speaks of certain The reader will find in this number number—will be interested in Dr. Mc- parts of the antennæ as “almost cer- an article from the pen of our learned Indoo's investigations regarding the tainly olfactory.” That “almost” means correspondent, Mr. John H. Lovell, smelling organs of the honey-bee. His that we are still on the lookout to learn with illustrations, showing a few of the conclusions, however, are so radically whether the organs of smell are in the numerous kinds of bees in existence different from anything passing cur- antennæ or elsewhere, and if elsewhere, on the American continent. Pollenrent heretofore, that they are not likely where ? Dr. McIndoo says he has dis- gathering bees are to be found even in to find ready acceptance. Something covered the true organs of smell, and the northern mountains, where the like this is likely to be said: “That's says it with positiveness. No doubt summer is less than three months duall very interesting, but not at all con- some will ask, “Who is this man, that ration. Nature evidently provides well vincing. As stated in the article, ‘Both we should believe such a startling for the needs of all its productions. scientists and beekeepers are now gen- statement from him ?" Mr. McIndoo But where Aowers are grown artierally agreed that the honey-bee has an is one of that small band of earnest in- ficially in immense fields, as with our acute sense of smell, and that its olfac- vestigators that Dr. E. F. Phillips has alfalfa-covered plains, an artificial protory organs are located in the an- gathered about him at Washington. duction of pollen-gathering insects is tennæ.' Is the generally accepted be- That position entitles to serious con- necessary, and our honey-bеe proves lief to be lightly set aside without the sideration any statement he niay make, its usefulness. fullest proof? Dr. McIndoo objects and it becomes us to have at least an Bulletin No. 75, of the Department of that all the antennal organs are cov- open mind, watching in the meantime Agriculture, entitled, “Alfalfa Seed

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