The Vilppu Drawing Manual

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Vilppu Studio, 1997 - Art - 176 pages
DVD #1: How to Best Study the Masters When you are learning to draw, it is common to hear the phrase "study the Masters, like Michelangelo, Raphael, etc" or "do a Master Copy". It can be challenging to hear these words when you don't know what this means or what you are supposed to actually do with the Master paintings. You don't want to be stuck staring at the painting, admiring it, but feeling lost and confused about how this is supposed to help you improve your drawing. You want the confidence to know that you are approaching it correctly, looking for exactly what it is you are supposed to be looking for. You want to know that when you sit down with a Master painting that you will learn something very valuable that will help you improve your skills immediately. In this informative video Glenn explains and demonstrates how the Great Masters studied, which was passed down to him as he too learned to master the craft of drawing and composition. In this first video, you will learn how the masters actually learned by copying one another. You will also learn the origins of the Vilppu concept of Gesture and why it is the foundation of your composition. These techniques and many more will be demonstrated to you in this DVD. DVD #2: Rubens: Study of a Man's Back The first DVD in the series explained one aspect of studying the Masters, which is about the composition and the use of Gesture. This isn't the only thing that you study when doing a Master Copy or a Master Study however. It helps to go into this practice of studying the Masters with an idea of what you are looking for, and to understand how detailed you can be. What if something you have learned about drawing is in direct conflict with something you see this Great Master did in their drawing or painting? How do you handle these issues? In this DVD, Glenn Vilppu explains how the Masters would copy one another and improve upon the work of another by "correcting" the drawing as they did their copy. As he does a detailed study of Rubens' Study of A Man's Back, you can learn what he is thinking about as he does this. You will also learn that although he is replicating the drawing, he is not actually "copying" everything he sees, but is in fact analyzing it. DVD #3: Pontormo: Drawing Study This third DVD in this new series is a demonstration of this drawing by Pontormo. Learn how most of the drawings that have been discovered from the old Masters were actually "working drawings" with the goal of turning them into paintings. Also learn how most of these working drawings were done to study the figure nude, even if the final painting had them clothed. See how he does a Master Copy without "duplicating" the original work, but instead builds upon it from his own knowledge.

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