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The memory of Dr. G. Birkbeck Hill is, by his noble work as an editor and essayist, already inseparable from that of Boswell and Johnson, and cannot but be affectionately honored by every devoted reader of their works. No man will ever have done so much and so well as he to make their companionship accessible and familiar to those who need it and enjoy it. An editor of Johnson must henceforth be deeply in debt to him; and while it is easy to acknowledge definite borrowings, it is hard to measure or describe the inspiration and insight which one owes to his labors.

I wish to thank Mr. A. Edward Newton for the portraits which accompany this edition; and Professor Lane Cooper for a careful criticism of the Introduction.

Princeton, July 31, 1909.

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SAMUEL JOHNSON, from a portrait painted by Sir Joshua

Reynolds, soon after the publication of the

Frontispiece JOHNSON IN A TIE-WIG, by Reynolds

Page 30 THE DISTRESSED POET, by Hogarth, 1736-40

114 JOHNSON IN 1770, by Reynolds

322 JOHNSON, AS DESCRIBED IN BOSWELL'S Tour, drawn and etched by Trotter



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