Travels Through Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy and Lorrain: Giving a True and Just Description of the Present State of Those Countries, Their Natural, Literary and Political History, Manners, Laws, Commerce, Manufactures, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Coins, Antiquities, Curiosities of Art and Nature, &c. : Illustrated with Copper-plates Engraved from Drawings Taken on the Spot, Volume 1

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A. Linde, bookseller ... and T. Field, 1756 - Bohemia (Czech Republic)
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Page 132 - Who plow'd, with oxen of their own, Their small paternal field of corn.
Page 132 - Nor knows he merchants' gainful care, . Nor fears the dangers of the deep. The clamours of contentious law, And court and state...
Page 342 - ... ray. A ray of light striking perpendicularly upon a plane mirror, is reflected back in the same direction ; but those rays which strike it obliquely, are reflected back, in an opposite direction, but with the same obliquity ; consequently ' the angle of reflection is exactly equal to the angle of incidence.
Page 166 - ... of cuftom and of fimple diet, to which they alfo owe their uncommon longevity, many of them attaining to an hundred years of age. Their ufual drink is milk, and they feldom tafte any wine. The better to fecure their footing, their fhoes are without heels, and the foles rubbed with wax and rofin. The machines in which travellers are carried down-hill...
Page 238 - ... and, in a jocular way, insisted on a pledge from every lady for their appearance at the time appointed;. One gave him a ring, another a pearl necklace, a third a pair of ear-rings, a fourth a gold watch, and several such trinkets, to the amount of twelve thousand dollars. On the evening appointed, not one of the...
Page 364 - The mifmanagement in the packing up and carriage was fuch, that the hips, legs, and arms of the Venus were broken off by the way ; however, they have been replaced and joined with fo much art, that it muft be a very in— quiiitive eye that can difcover the leaft trace of that misfortune.
Page 364 - This has hitherto, in the unanimous opinion of all judges, been efteemed to furpafs not only all the ftatues in Florence, but any piece of fculpture throughout the whole world. It formerly...
Page 231 - ... in it as to be made a corporal of the pioneers, he was then working at that place with about twenty men, in order to complete a mine. But hearing the French bufy over his head, in fecuring...
Page iv - KEYSLER (JOHN GEORGE), a learned antiquary of Germany, and fellow of the royal society in London, was born in 1689, at Thournau, a town belonging to the counts of Giech. His father, who was of the count's council, took an extraordinary care of his education; and, after a suitable preparation, sent him to the university of Halle, where he applied himself chiefly to the civil law ; not neglecting, in the mean time, the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew languages, history, antiquity, and the sciences.
Page 247 - At the same time he, produced his credentials, in which the duke's seal and signature were exactly imitated. He met with a very favourable reception, and, without affecting any privacy, took upon him the title of envoy extraordinary from the Court of Savoy. He had several conferences with the imperial council, and made so great a figure in the most distinguished assemblies, that once at a private concert at court, the captain of the guard denying him admittance, he demanded satisfaction in his master's...

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