The White Game - Achieving Peak Performance With The Power Of Presence

Front Cover
Grove Publishing, 2021 - Health & Fitness - 148 pages


that top skiers reach during a breakthrough performance comes from being fully present in a natural flow of actions. This ecstatic, harmonious experience isn't limited to sports professionals but reflects a possibility that anyone can learn to bring fulfillment and joy in their life.

The White Game will help you discover how to overcome

your fears while developing awareness through feeling your actions. With total clarity you can achieve a peak experience while flying down a mountainside. You will also discover practical ways to remedy the ever-increasing stress and noise that is constantly bombarding us, cultivate a deep connection to the world around you and discover the happiness waiting behind every breath.

This unique approach uses simple methods to reach these objectives and will show you how to increase your sense of presence while developing confidence to face life's challenges. This isn't only about achieving a top result in a ski race, but also making every moment meaningful and fulfilling.

About the author (2021)

Chris Corbett was born in the UK with the creative background of a grandfather who was a best selling author in 1920's London as well as the first Artistic Director of the BBC and a great-grandfather who founded the Royal College of Music. Chris grew up in Northern California where he was educated at the University of California in Berkeley and in Santa Cruz while also studying yoga and meditation. Moving to Los Angeles he worked for Playboy Magazine, Walt Disney and on an Academy Award winning film in addition to documentary film projects in Europe, America and India. He also owned a publishing business for eight years with a rock stars brother-in-law, operating from one of the oldest studios in Hollywood.Since moving to Switzerland in 1986 he has been engaged in corporate communications at several multinational headquarters in Zurich. Also during this time, he has written articles, taken photographs for various publications and had his fiction work published in a short story collection. His first novel Nirvana Blues looks at how several young people deal with the changing times and find their way towards inner contentment. His non-fiction book, The White Game, shows what the Matterhorn, David Bowie, mindfulness and downhill racing all have in common. A second novel is on the way set in the world of the international art scene and private banking where three friends try to bring an environmental criminal to justice in a world where the old order is rapidly fading. Peter Kronig has been skiing since he was three years old and joined the Swiss National Ski team as a downhill and slalom racer when he was a teenager. For over forty years he has been teaching students all around the world - USA, Canada, France, Switzerland and South America - all with very effective results. Because of his high standard of teaching he's been able to work with an elite clientele that includes private bankers, business executives, politicians, doctors, rock stars, Academy Award winning film directors and European royalty.

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