The Science of Cure

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Tracy D. Kolenchuk, Nov 19, 2020 - Health & Fitness

The Science of Cure defines and describes the elementary types of cures for any curable illnesses. These elements are explored and combined to cover complex, illnesses, and chronic illnesses. The book explores the impact of this theory of cure on many concepts, including: illness, disease, sickness, healing, transformation, placebo.

Three basic causes of illness are reviewed, and their associated cure processes. Cure is a verb.

Is a cure holistic or reductionist? How can we tell? The concepts of holistic and reductionist treatments are clearly defined, such that we can easily determine if any treatment is holistic, reductionist, or a blend.

Is prevention better than cure? Umm.. Not when we are sick. In addition, because many illnesses cause secondary diseases - a cure is often the best preventative.

The Science of Cure is a condensation, expansion, and exploration of the concepts introduced in the books The Elements of Cure and A Calculus of Curing – developed over several years of research and writing for the blog site Healthicine – the Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness. It is also an expansion of the papers A Definition and Exploration of Cure published on in July 2018 and A Theory of Cure, 2019. This book defines fundamental concepts of cure, cures, curing, and cured, and many related topics including cause, illness, disease, sickness, treatment, remission, and recurrence. 


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The Meanings of Cure
From Cause to Cure
Other Illness Concepts
Causes of Illness
Causal Chains
Deficiencies or Excesses?
Consequences of Illness
Circles of Illness Cause Cure
Curing Injury Illness
Curing Attribute Illness
Curing Causal Illness
Curing Chronic Illness
Illness Cause Cure
Cures come from Health
The Healthicine Creed

Other Cure Concepts

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About the author (2020)

Tracy Kolenchuk is the creator of Healthicine, the Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness. In his studies of healthicine, he was surprised to learn that CURE is not defined medically nor scientifically. This lead to a four year quest (so far) to understand, explore, and document the basics of cure.

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