The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation

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Frog Books, 2004 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 417 pages
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Wynn Free explores the remarkable parallels between the work of David Wilcock and the legendary Edgar Cayce while he builds a convincing case that the two men shared the same source of prophetic information and that Wilcock might indeed be Cayce's reincarnation. Compiling some of Wilcock's most inspirational and life-transforming prophetic guidance from his channeled Source, this book conveys profound insights into topics such as earth changes, secret cabals, soul evolution, death and reincarnation, ascension, crop circles, and the theory of evolution. Explaining how energetic increases occurring in the Sun and planets can have scientifically-measurable, far-reaching effects in a number of realms, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce presents new evidence that this energy can transform DNA, potentially making ESP, telekinesis, levitation, and other paranormal activities as common as breathing and usher in the Golden Age promised by every major spiritual tradition in human history. Readers will come away with a deeper understanding not only of the life and work of both Wilcock and Cayce, but with a broader sense of the many forces--seen and unseen--at work in the universe today.


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This is a substantial work, more like a trilogy than a single title.
Part One - Reincarnation by Wynn Free
Initially the concern bears on the primary book title, that is, on the thesis of whether
David Wilcox might be a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. This idea is thoroughly approached from several angles and much evidence is given. Those most likely to object to the idea will be Cayce fans who might expect Wilcock to be a carbon copy neglecting the fact that Cayce was not perfect and that a new improved version might be in order. Wynn Free never says that he is, just that you should consider the evidence and make up your own mind, after all, this is not really provable in any case. If Wilcock had not perfected his craft, the identity of the Source would be a moot point.
In a cosmology of Ra Wynn Free tells us "Edgar Cayce, L/L Research, and David Wilcock were and are on the cutting edge of insights linking science and spirituality." He explores the common threads of their channeling, the "metaphysical congruencies" and concludes the parallels are unmistakable. His work is thorough, documented, sourced and presented in an easy to read and open-minded tone.
"As I immersed myself in the process of writing this book, I realized that knowing what's to come is not nearly as important as getting in touch with one's own personal connection with the interdimensional sources. But our logical minds need first to accept that this is real....then this dimensional shift might also be real,... being determined by the amount of love you can maintain in your actions and conduct towards others each day."
Part Two - Sample Messages from David Wilcock
This next section is more meaty, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. These are full text transcriptions from his inner source that Wilcock calls Ra. His Ra is nowhere near as oblique and cryptic as the early Ra presented in the Law of One from L/L Research. Wilcock studied the earlier Ra Material diligently and would often stare at a single page for half an hour trying to penetrate the full meaning.
In the second part we find a diverse collection of well-chosen passages, both snippets and five full chapters each devoted to an extended reading. Here the reader is given ample room to gauge the quality and flexibility of the Wilcock Source. Here is where the book shines, no platitudes and wishy-washy fluff, but something to ponder at length. Only by your personal discernment of this section will you reach a meaningful assessment. .
Again, what makes DW's output worthwhile is not whether it is a carbon copy of Edgar Cayce's style or hang-ups, but how it touches your heart and lifts your vibration.
David Wilcock has been very generous to place over 100 of his readings on his site for free viewing. Selected preview of many pages is also available on
You can read some entire sample chapters from this section online.
Chapter 14 Take Responsibility for Self-Acceptance is on divinecosmos
Chapters 15 & 17 are on speedoflove
Chapter Fifteen - Ra's View of Television and the Media
Chapter Seventeen- Ra Reading: Healing the Original Wound and Reconnecting with God
Chapter 16 Your Attitude is Everything is on divinecosmos
Chapter 18 The Birth of the Christ Within Us All is on divinecosmos
Chapter 19 A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension by David Wilcock is on spiritofmaat
"The punchline has yet to come, but come it will. Right now, you are being set up for the final blast of Love energy, that part kicked in at the end that then makes everything snap together, leading to peals of uproarious laughter. So too will this Ascension be the capstone that then holds together the shaky foundations of everything that now seems so disjointed."
"And thus, see this Ascension event as the preparing of the way for you. You will inhabit bodies ... [that] are much more well-equipped for those Christlike abilities that you will have, namely:
* The ability to fast-forward and rewind linear time as though it were a


The Puzzle
From Academia to Interdimensional Student
Common Soul Separate Bodies
The Cayce Legacy and the Wilcock Promise
Ra Ra the Gangs All Here
The Story of RaTa
The Great Pyramid of Giza
Level Two
Ra Counsels Wilcock
Ra Client Readings
Ras View of Television and the Media
Ra on Your Attitude is Everything
Ra on Healing the Original Wound
Ra on Ascension and the Birth
A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension

Enter Wilcock Prophecy Fulfilled
Common Threads
Predictions and Prophecies
The Message
The Wilcock Readings
La Pièce de Resistance Ras Pledge to
The Energetic Engine of Evolution by David Wilcock
A Poem by Wynn Free

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About the author (2004)

Wynn Free currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona where he expresses himself as a songwriter, poet, and freelance writer. He maintains a website,, where he posts many of his creative works.

David Wilcock is a professional intuitive consultant who, since 1993, has intensely researched UFOlogy, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. Wilcock has been a guest on numerous radio programs and has lectured throughout the United States and Japan. He is also an accomplished musician and composer of jazz-fusion, New Age/meditative, and world music pieces.

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