The Prophecies of Abraham

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AuthorHouse, 2010 - Religion - 244 pages
This book is based on a deep understanding of the Chronological Order of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years and why terrorism, severe weather, and now Pestilence dominate the nightly news-all promised events that were told to us thousands of years ago. There is more to come, like famines, earthquakes, war and slavery. Most people have no idea about any of this. Sadly many do not even want to know. The Prophecies of Abraham will show you a pattern that the Creator has used since creation. Once you see it, you can no longer deny it. You will then know exactly when these events are to come. Welcome to The Prophecies of Abraham

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This book is a 1st time ever Publication No 1 seems to wanna tackle . So Joe stepped up to plate an did fullfill the requirements to get the message out to last days Revalations age Believers an those seeking Insite into times ahead . It is sort of a puzzle adjustment Reading with mathamatical skills some people seem to Understand it , i do know about 7 year time cycles an Sabbaticles . This is a very Good production , i wonder how u could film it i am sure it would BEE biggest HIT of Century if some1 did mastermind that ! It's a challenge to bee Faced wit Now in last Generation the Revalations kids getting last days Message out. Soon to bring Repentance Back to TORAH LOVE Obediences.
1 John 2 by 4 proves all sunday keeping pagan churches r LIARS by YHWH himself an verse 5 claims TRUTH isn't inn them so YHWH can't LIE an this proves they did STEAL 4th Commandment an LIe about it so they r Lawless amazingly the great falling Away is about to Come an SABBATH-,; (7th) day reinstituted as TRUTh LIGHT of WAY !!
Buy the book it's cheap almost free ! an make it a MOVIE if u can !! Block Busters !!
Remember to OBEY or u will be counted Lawless the Holy Spirit is Teacher an Guide if Yeshua did it do it ! If not flee from idolutry an sinning ! Breaking 10 love commands 1-4 Loves YHWH. 5-10 love of man 2 Greatest Commands Creator Demands freely. Eternally it's Light of 1st Ressurection !!

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A Totally Unique Take on Bible Prophecy!
The "Prophecies of Abraham" is one of the most unique books on Bible prophecy that I have ever read as it doesn't just reiterate the same old stuff found
in most prophetic books. Instead of presenting us with nothing but conjecture, this book is choc-full of facts that are proven by documented outside sources. If you are like me and don't like to take someone else's word for it, you can easily verify everything for yourself in this very resourceful work as all the reference material is carefully cited.
Joseph Dumond's research also shows us that the curses which are proclaimed in the Book of Leviticus fall sequentially according to the sabbatical weeks within the Jubilee cycle. This is proven in stunning fashion as historical facts from the beginning of history until the present day are correlated to the Jubilee cycles. Mr. Dumond then continues with the events in the lives of the Patriarchs, especially Abraham, correlating them to the Jubilees as well. What unfolds is a pattern which shows us what we can expect to see happening in the coming years. Amazingly many of the predicted events in the book have already come to pass - right on schedule.
Abounding in facts and historical evidence, the "Prophecies of Abraham" is a very informative eye opener. We all know that hard times are prophesied to occur but few books tell us exactly how, why, when and where. However, this book will explain all that and much more. With this book you can be properly prepared for what is coming. It is a must read and I highly recommend it!

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Joseph F Dumond was raised as a Catholic and converted to keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath and Holy Days as found in Leviticus 23 in 1982. He has studied the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles since then but only was given important insights in 2005. Teaching about the Sabbatical and Jubilee curses and how they are now in effect has led Joseph to understand the hidden Prophecies contained in the teachings of the Life of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph which willnbsp;mean life or death for those who know and those who don't. Joseph has an urgency to share this understanding with everyone willing to listen. Ask him to come and share it with you group no matter what denomination.

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