The Pocket Lint Chronicles: A Delectus of Pledgets: A Gathering of Pocket Lint and Pocket Lint Lore for the Diversion and Delectation of the Gentle Reader

Front Cover
John Benn, 2006 - Dust - 416 pages

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Reviews from the dust jacket:
Thought you already knew everything you never wanted to know about pocket lint? Let this book change your mind -- and your life. Putting your hand in your pocket
will never be the same again. THE POCKET LINT CHRONICLES is more, much more, than a virtuosic feat of pointless eloquence or a merely delicious waste of time. It's what our time alive is all about. WHAT? Magazine
All I can say is, Wow, it's the WAR AND PEACE of pocket lint. Mary Ann Capling
Improbably inspirational. Thomas Pear, The Los LaurentesTimes
What if our pockets could talk? But they do! Barbara Carlson is making them. She's the Voice of Our Pockets and you should hear what they have to say! Dale Smith, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
This book will slow you down and cheer you up. It wil make you believe that you, too, can become a rambler, a tattler, a spectator. It invites you to look intently at just one thing from curious angles -- and leads you gently down the surprising sidetracks and tangents it affords. THE CHRONICLES will lighten anyone's dire views of these unstable times.
Abby Rhode, The Highlanders Harkener
THE POCKET LINT CHRONICLES is a MUST-HAVE for every bookshelf!
Dr. Richard Taylor, Scanning Electron Microscope Laboratory, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Park lark, part caper, part research, part autobiography, part social commentary, all journal, THE POCKET LINT CHRONICLES gives us a meditation on what the fluff in our pockets means to us and what happens when we look at it. What emerges from this book is far, far more than pocket lint.
Detritus Digest
If you reed know other book this year -- you won't reed this one eether, at leest from cuvver to cuvver. But do yourself a fayver. Open THE POCKET LINT CHRONICLES ennywhere and graze. Bits of it are EXCEL-lint. elitterassy tooday

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