The Great Pyramid: Distance, Speed, Time

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Petko Nikolic, 2005 - Bible - 65 pages
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            "We address to you people and peoples, to you sons and daughters of distant future of the Earth! We, your heavenly cousins and your ancestors from the beginning of the world who built this pyramid, We leave to you  this Pyramid’s messages, to you, to our cousins and our descendants which will live at the end of the your world.

            We leave the Pyramid to your eyes, to your mind and to your hearts: to eyes for watching and wondering, to mind for wisdom and knowledge and to your hearts to live with love and understanding.

           We know the past, we know the present, we know the future; we know when this world has become, we know the duration of the world and we know when this world will disappear. When the time comes, when the first fruit begins to grow on the tree of knowledge, when people misuse knowledge and begin to violate God's laws of the nature and when your Mother Earth begins to get angry and shake because of your corruptted heart and selfish greed, then the end of your world will come. Then the light will be saved, and the darkness will be destroyed.

            When the time comes, this Pyramid will tell you what it was, what it is and what it will be. So, hear our messages written in the Pyramid, and do not be foolish, but with wise guidance direct your effort to light, become light, because you will only come to the immortal heavenly world in the light image.”


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Why was the Great pyramid of Giza built? The Great Pyramid is a time capsule which holds ancient wisdom, knowledge about the ancient and modern metrology, knowledge about the size of the Earth, and fundamental but important knowledge about astronomy, with an exact precision which is only in our time established by the modern astronomical science. This is the knowledge about our material physical world.
In this book, there is no mystery. Everything is pure mathematics, pure geometry with the basic laws of physics and astronomy. This is the book for students, architects, sculptors, books for the Masons, Templars and for all those who seek knowledge of the truth that stands in clear arguments.

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