Statistics Respecting Indian Schools with Dr. Ryerson's Report of 1847 Attached

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Re this appendix (Ryerson report) : "In 1847, five years after the publication of the Bagot Report, Egerton Ryerson was asked by the Department of Indian Affairs for his suggestions on "Industrial Schools for the benefit of the aboriginal Indian tribes" (Ryerson, 1847, p. 73). Of course, by this point, the Canadian government had already decided that such schools were going to be implemented throughout the country. At the time, Ryerson held the position of Chief Superintendent of Education in Upper Canada, which later became the province of Ontario. He complied with this request in a letter to George Vardon, Assistant Superintendent of Indian Affairs. In his letter, Ryerson (1847) states that for Aboriginal people "nothing can be done to improve and elevate his character and condition without the aid of religious feeling. This information must be superadded to all others to make the Indian a sober and industrious man" (p. 73) .... Egerton Ryerson, as an influential and respected Canadian within the area of education, was taken seriously by the Department of Indian Affairs and most of his suggestions were implemented in the educational system for Aboriginal children. Although he did not implement or oversee the launch of the schools, he contributed to the blue print of them."-- from //

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