One hundred defects of the Mass; from the Roman Missal; 'De defectibus in celebratione Missarum occurrentibus'. Examined

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Page 29 - Cry aloud, for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked!
Page 34 - 1. Bound upon th' accursed tree, Faint and bleeding, who is He ? By the eyes so pale and dim, Streaming blood and writhing limb, By the flesh with scourges torn, By the crown of twisted thorn, By the side so deeply pierced, By the baffled burning thirst, By the drooping death-dew'd brow, Son of Man!
Page 35 - Thou! Bound upon th' accursed tree, Dread and awful, who is He ? By the prayer for them that slew, ' Lord! they know not what they do !' By the spoil'd and empty grave, By the souls He died to save, By the conquest He hath won, By the saints before His throne, By the
Page 34 - 0 sing unto the Lord a new song; for He hath. done marvellous things: with His own right hand and with His holy arm hath He gotten Himself the victory.
Page 20 - Priests,] were many Priests, because they were not suffered to continue by reason of death. But this man [Jesus], because He continueth ever, hath an unchangeable* Priesthood. Wherefore He is able also to save
Page 11 - gave it to His disciples, saying, Take and drink ye all of this, for this is the chalice of my blood of the New and eternal Testament, the mystery of faith, which shall be shed,
Page 34 - tis Thou ! By the lifeless body laid In the chamber of the dead ; By the mourners come to weep Where the bones of Jesus sleep, Crucified ! we know Thee now; Son of Man!
Page 26 - whose going forth is from the end of the heaven and his circuit unto the ends of
Page 15 - Jesus;—" For such an High Priest became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners.
Page 27 - that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them !

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