One White Crow

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Trafford Publishing, Nov 28, 2005 - Religion
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Did you know that your unconscious mind is constantly speaking in audible messages that can actually be heard? One White Crow, in tandem with the accompanying CD, will allow you to hear the human soul communicate in a manner that has not previously been possible. A father talks to his son two years after his death, details of a past life are suggested, and two human souls are heard singing in unison. You'll also hear Tony Blair's soul speak ... and Adolf Hitler's. Meta Speech, which has been investigated for many years and under several different names, including Reverse Speech and Reverse Audio Phenomena, is a form of Interdimensional Communication. It is not a hallucination or coincidental sound that appears to be speech: it is intentional speech and has an origin. Be warned, however, Meta Speech will shake your foundations. You will never be the same again after discovering that we are all connected, not only everyone on earth, but everyone that has left the earth, too. To most people this is a preposterous suggestion. It is even a frightening one. And I must underline that knowledge is qualitatively different to faith. And the argument enclosed within the pages of One White Crow is not just an abstract, theoretical one. When the objective evidence presented in this book/CD is considered with an open mind, the case for communication and survival of the soul becomes irrefutable.

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