On the Trail to Sunset

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Page 127 - The automobile traveler of to-day needs but to don the magic spectacles of imagination to transform the scudding car into a huge bird on whose wings he is borne into the romantic land of dreams and historic memories. Before him is Independence, no longer the attractive
Page 326 - Winthrop, sometimes to the advantage of one, sometimes to that of the other.
Page 11 - Norah,' to be left behind in my ' Doll's House ' when there's a little hardship to be endured?
Page 262 - He paced back and forth from the window to the door, frowning and trying to make up his mind as to the best course to pursue. He recalled his doubt of McNulty at Chicago, the patched tires, the damaged camping outfit.
Page 359 - And not the knowledge how to play, So goes the world untuned to him forever Who feels, but feeling, has no power to say.
Page 522 - It feels so good to be back at my job that I don't know whether I'm on my head or my feet. But, of course, sir, I've got to explain.
Page 98 - Eastcott, who would have given a great deal to know the exact nature of Evelyn's evident friendship with Senor Santos, agreed that she did.

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