Critical Essays on Human Rights Criticism

Front Cover
András Sajó (jurist), Renáta Uitz (jurist.)
Eleven international publishing, 2020 - 350 pages
Decades of talk of the human rights revolution has triggered impatience and disappointment with a once cherished idea(l). Lately the backlash has received momentum from populist and illiberal political movements. Essays in this volume offer theoretical perspectives and practical insights on developments in Europe, the Americas and South Africa. Authors show how instruments, institutions and practices of human rights protection are used to undermine liberties. The picture includes strategic illiberal political actors as well as the (sometimes unwitting) contributions of human rights defenders, national and regional courts. This volume calls for a much needed conversation on the future of human rights among scholars and practitioners of human rights. It also invites students of populist and illiberal governments to join the debate. Bron: Flaptekst, uitgeversinformatie.

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