Constitutional Equality a Right of Woman: Or, A Consideration of the Various Relations which She Sustains as a Necessary Part of the Body of Society and Humanity; with Her Duties to Herself--together with a Review of the Constitution of the United States, Showing that the Right to Vote is Guaranteed to All Citizens. Also a Review of the Rights of Children

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Written by one of the more radical women's rights activists of the nineteenth century and covers a wide range of topics concerning the role of women in American society. It also includes a chapter on the rights of children that focuses on the question of prenatal care.

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Page 111 - States prescribes that each state shall "appoint," in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the state may be entitled in Congress...
Page 47 - ... motherhood. Victoria Woodhull and Tennessee Claflin wrote: Tis true that the special and distinctive feature of woman is that of bearing children, and that upon the exercise of her function in this regard the perpetuity of race depends. It is also true that those who pass through life failing in this special feature of their mission cannot be said to have lived to the best purposes of woman's life.
Page 112 - States, shall be the supreme law of the land ; and all judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution and laws of any State to the contrary, notwithstanding.
Page 21 - Woman as a whole.. .is possessed of a healthful, saving, purifying power that is needed everywhere. The basest sensualist bows and worships in the presence of a pure and holy woman, and loses the power to think of such a being falling to his level."10 Even Isabel Archer, the sensible heroine of Henry James...
Page 114 - ... wide spectrum of problems. (Susan B. Anthony herself finally came to favor this position.) But there remained some few individuals who reminded women that the demand for suffrage was by no means a fundamental issue of feminism. Wrote Tennessee (sometimes known as Tennie C.) Claflin as early as 1871: "If the enfranchised woman should still be compelled to remain the servile, docile, meekly-acquiescent, self-immolated and self-abnegative wife, there would be no difficulty about the voting. At the...
Page 98 - ... President and the Secretaries of the United States, and the Governors and State Officers shall be forced to recognize that they are the servants of the people, appointed to attend to the business of the people, and not for the purpose of perpetuating their official positions, or of securing the plunder of public trusts for the enrichment of their political adherents and supporters. A reform in the tenure of office, by which the Presidency shall be limited to one term, with a retiring life pension,...
Page 143 - yours is a fearful duty, and one which should in its importance lift you entirely above the modern customs of society, its frivolities, superficialities and deformities, and make you realize that to you is committed the divine work of perfecting humanity.
Page 100 - I promise that woman's strength and woman's will, with God's support, if he vouchsafe it, shall open to them, and to this country, a new career of greatness in the race of nations, which can only be secured by that fearless course of truth from which the nations of the earth, under despotic male governments, have so far departed.
Page 108 - The third restriction upon the power of amendment is, that no State shall, without its consent, be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.
Page 135 - ... care can avert the danger. The editor then goes on to philosophize in this way: A man may drink moderately but steadily all his life, with no apparent harm to himself but his daughters become nervous wrecks, his sons epileptics, libertines, or incurable drunkards, the hereditary tendency to crime having its pathology and unvaried laws, precisely as scrofula, consumption, or any other purely physical disease. These are stale truths to medical men, but the majority of parents, even those of average...

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