Bones of Contention

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Deo Enterprise, 2012 - Families - 496 pages
A 490 page romantic novel of great characters; a tantalizing tale of irresistible love, obsession, family values, and forced marriage; an utmost quake to the foundations of a close knit family. This is a story of an established noble family on Silvercroft Avenue in Birmingham, which was so particular about generation and traditional norms of marriage. It illustrates the struggle of a young breath-taking beauty, Queenie Austin-Ward, who contested her family's predestined judgment of attempting to force her to tie the knots with heir Karl Chester, the man she despised with immeasurable apathy. The eldest of two, Queenie was showered with every speck of fondness and affection under the sun. Heir Karl Chester was the son of the predominant lord who owned the Castle East of the Austin-Wards. The only son of lord Mackay and lady Blossom Chester, his life was not completely different from that of Queenie. It was flourished and doting. Prologue: Alone without his immediate family, lord Austin-Ward was espoused by the preceding John and Caroline Chesters, (heir Karl's grandparents), who took him on as their own child when his uncle neglected him. He grew up with Mackay Chester who was two years younger than he was. By way of rewarding the family for their support towards his upbringing, he vowed to give into marriage his daughter, born seven years after the birth of heir Karl Chester. It was an agreement, which was sealed when Queenie was a tot, far from making decisions on her own. Heir Karl Chester was made aware of this plan at a tender age. He welcomed it with all enthusiasm and as he matured, the thought was nurtured within him. He set his eyes on Queenie; saw her at every opportunity, even when she was ignorant of her surroundings. Meeting with heir Karl wasn't initially a problem, until she began to see the hidden devices. Until now! When the true picture was revealed and her parents' plan began to manifest. Then, she went flabbergasted. She was hardly independent until she gained admission to study at the City University in London. There, on a wet winter evening, she met with the most glamorous, handsome gentleman who left her breathe hanging! So irresistible was his self-possession that she fell for him almost immediately. She pulled up beside the road. The driver signalled to her to wind down the side mirror. He was willing to offer her assistance back to college, as the rain was so torrential, she had difficulty driving. It was love at first sight and neither could explain the strength and bond felt on the initial day. The ordinary friendship soon turned into a strong affection, too alluring that they couldn't imagine themselves without each other. Queenie was at the commencement of her emotional roller coaster. As she matured so quickly into adolescence, her father thought it was the right time to make his intentions known to her. Gradually, it tore the family apart at a rate that could not be curbed. No one wanted to succumb. There was no room for compromise; the hidden secret of the decade blown into free air! She hugely resisted! Individual relationship within the family was under immense strain. No affection was forthcoming from them to her. Her present dream seemed as tattered as her future. Her liaison with Scott was challenged when she rejected her parents' offer and revealed that she had found a lover of her soul. She opted for the only option she thought conducive. Ran away with Scott. Her parents made every attempt to track her down so as to ensure her marriage to the man of their preference.

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