Biography of Ephraim McDowell, M.D. v. 1, Volume 1

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McDowell Publishing Company, 1897


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Page 34 - Many of us and our forefathers left our native land and explored this once savage wilderness, to enjoy the free exercise of the rights of conscience and of human nature. These rights, we are fully resolved, with our lives and fortunes, inviolably to preserve ; nor will we surrender such inestimable blessings, the purchase of toil and danger, to any ministry, to any Parliament, or any body of men on earth, by whom we are not represented, and in whose decisions, therefore, we have no voice.
Page 256 - I commenced the operation, which was concluded as follows : Having placed her on a table of the ordinary height, on her back, and removed all her dressing which might in any way impede the operation, I made an incision about three inches from the musculus rectus abdominis, on the left side, continuing the same nine inches in length...
Page 395 - We entirely disbelieve that it has ever been performed with success — nor do we think it ever will...
Page 99 - though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me...
Page 468 - Upon examination, per vaginam, I found nothing in the uterus, which induced the conclusion that it must be an enlarged ovarium. Having never seen so large a substance extracted, nor heard of an attempt or success attending any operation such as this required, I gave to the unhappy woman information of her dangerous situation.
Page 427 - If it be proposed, indeed, to make such a wound in the belly as will admit only two fingers, or so, and then tap the bag, and draw it out, so as to bring its root or peduncle close to the wound of the belly, that the surgeon may cut it without introducing his hand, surely in a case otherwise so desperate it might be advisable to do it, could we beforehand know that the circumstances would admit of such treatment.
Page 265 - I thought my statement sufficiently explicit to warrant any surgeon's performing the operation when necessary, without hazarding the odium of making an experiment, and I think my description of the mode of operating, and of the anatomy of the parts concerned, clear enough to enable any good anatomist, possessing the judgment requisite for a surgeon, to operate with safely. I hope no operator of any other description may ever attempt it. It is my most ardent wish that this operation may remain to...
Page 463 - A grateful profession reveres his memory and treasures his example." On the opposite side is inscribed, "Erected by the Kentucky State Medical Society, 1879." On the eastern face this inscription: " Beneath this shaft rests EPHRAIM MCDOWELL, MD, the ' Father of Ovariotomy,' who, by originating a great surgical operation, became a benefactor of his race, known and honored throughout the civilized world.
Page 255 - December, 1809, 1 was called to see a Mrs. Crawford, who had for several months thought herself pregnant. She was affected with pains similar to labor pains, from which she could find no relief. So strong was the presumption of her being in the last stage of pregnancy that two physicians, who were consulted on her case, requested my aid in delivering her. The abdomen was considerably enlarged and had the appearance of pregnancy, though the inclination of the tumor was to one side, admitting of an...
Page 265 - ... of some author, as mechanical as themselves, they cut and tear with fearless indifference, utterly incapable of exercising any judgment of their own in cases of emergency; and sometimes, without possessing even the slightest knowledge of the anatomy of the parts concerned.

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