Annual Report (new Series).: Volume 1-XVI ... 1885-1904, Volume 6

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Page 91 - VISITORS. The number of visitors to the Museum during the year from the 1st of January to the 31st of December was 17,575 or three thousand more than in any previous year.
Page 4 - Manitoba, ike., with map and illustrations — Tyrrell. F — Sudbury Mining District — Bell. G — Geology of Hunters Island — Smith. L — Geology and Economic Minerals of Portneuf, Quebec and Montmorency Counties, PQ — Low. M — Report on a portion of the Province of Quebec and adjoining areas in New Brunswick and Maine, &c.
Page 98 - ... maintain a civil action in any court of competent jurisdiction in this state against the owner, lessee, agent or manager of said well, and each of them jointly and severally to recover the cost and expense of such tubing and packing, together with attorney's fees and costs of suit.
Page 98 - ... adjacent to or in the vicinity or neighborhood of such well may enter upon the lands upon which such well is situated and take possession of such well from which gas or oil is allowed to escape in violation of the...
Page 97 - ... wasting by escape, shut in and confine the same in said well until such time as it shall be utilized ; provided, however, that this section shall not apply to any well while it is being operated as an oil well.
Page 98 - ... any person or corporation lawfully in possession of lands situate adjacent to or in the neighborhood of said well, may enter upon the lands upon which said well is situated, and take possession...
Page 98 - ... rock and before drawing the casing, fill up the well with sand or rock sediment to the depth of at least twenty feet above the...
Page 92 - ... There will doubtless be strong objections urged against such action, based chiefly, if not entirely on the very erroneous, but unfortunately very prevalent idea, that a museum is a place of amusement, whereas it is essentially a place of instruction as is the church and Sunday school ; and the principal difference between the two, concisely stated, is, that in the museum the work, and in the church and school the word, of the Creulor is expounded. This admitted, there seems no obvious or intelligible...
Page 71 - ... and valuable. DR. ARC SELWYN, CMG, FRS, the Director of the Geological Survey of Canada, has had a catalogue prepared of the fine stratigraphical collection of Canadian rocks exhibited by the Survey Department at the Columbian Exposition. The collection comprised 1500 specimens, illustrating all the formations known to occur in the Dominion of Canada, from the Laurentian to the Pleistocene. Mr. WF Ferrier gives a few explanatory notes with regard to the rocks represented in the collection. IF...
Page 98 - ... of the casing, shall drive a round, seasoned wooden plug at a point just below where the lower end of the casing rested ; which plug shall be at least three feet in length, tapering in form, and of the same diameter at the distance...

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