A Handbook for Attendants on the Insane: the autobiography of 'Jack the Ripper' as revealed to Clanash Farjeon

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Trafford Publishing, Mar 14, 2003 - Fiction
Clanash Farjeon has dared to unmask the horror from the killer's point of view. In his memoirs, Recollections of Forty Years, written in 1910, Lyttleton Stewart Forbes Winslow insisted that there were eight murders, not five, and claimed that he had singlehandedly chased Jack the Ripper from England. Was this troubled scion of the Pilgrim Fathers uniquely in a position to know? . . Day after day and night after night I spent in the Whitechapel slums. The detectives knew me, the lodging-house keepers knew me, and at last the poor creatures of the streets came to know me . . To me the frightened women looked for hope. In my presence they felt reassured and welcomed me to their dens and obeyed my commands eagerly . . Has a tortured impulse to confess lain long buried beneath these words? Amidst a vivid evocation of London life in the 1880's, Winslow unfolds the peculiar circumstances of his early years, the telling details of his family history, a shocking blow by blow depiction of each fatal encounter and his fond remembrance of the unfortunate victims of his unholy crusade. One of the finest books on historical crime ever published. - Christopher Berry-Dee, Director of the Criminology Research Institute. One of the best murder mysteries ever! - Warren Allen Smith, author of Who's Who in Hell. What a good idea to use Winslow as a suspect! As good a piece of Ripper fiction as I have ever read. - Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider and Jack the Ripper; Summing-Up and Verdict. An extraordinary novel. It receives our highest accolade. Recommended! - Ripperologist magazine. One is continually nodding 'Yes, that's how it must have happened!' - Christopher Michael diGrazia, Ripper Notes. **Now available in Italian from Gargoyle Books in Rome as Le Memorie di Jack lo Squartatore translated by Chiara Vatteroni. Una storia con tutti i crismi per gli appassionati del genere... - Massimiliano Panarari, La Repubblica.

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