The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

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Infobase Publishing, Jan 1, 2009 - Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Chornobylʹ, Ukraine, 1986 - 100 pages
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Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster by Scott Ingram, like most others written about the same serious subject, shrewdly and carefully detours away from meaningful and important issues, such as the translation of Chernobyl from Ukrainian Russian to other languages:
Chernobyl can mean "Black and White" rather than just "Wormwood".
In Sovietopean countries a "Chernobily" can refer to a black and white monochrome television set. Also Bylorussia has "Byl" as a prefix and this means White as in White Russia, the translation of Bylorussia or Belorussia, the Ukraine's neighbour.
Also, this text and other media related to Chernobyl, are similar to so much media about the 911 events of 11 September 2001:
The crucial important subject regarding the Law of Nature or Law of the Boomerang is never breached.
This Law states
"What goes around comes around"
or the Grim Reaper Rule
"As Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap".
Certainly there are hellaciously high Himalayan-sized mountain ranges of Bad Karma heaped up against the Sovietopean Empire and Sovietopean Khazar-ruled North America and Britain, as Soviet Zionism conducts its ferocious fascist fanatic wars of domination against the Semitic Arab and Iranian People and any others who oppose the New World Order.
We would like this book to concentrate more on the Soviet minority Khazars, embedded deeply within and supremely over the World economic and scientific order.
Example: Albert Einstein, Oppenheimer and Edward Teller were of Khazar heritage, as are so many many other high-ranking directors, scientists and human elite in the perilous nuclear movement or syndicate. The same applies to other syndicates, such as the alcohol syndicate, the gambling syndicate, the building syndicate, the military-war-for-profit syndicate, and all of these are directly involved in the New World Order syndicate in New York City, a veritable New Jerusalem of Zionist-controlled Sovietopean "civilisation".
Nevertheless, this book does a partially satisfactory job in rehashing and regurgitating some of the interesting information about one of the most spectacular human "accidents" in history.
We hope the New World Order will completely reverse its all-too-human plans to endanger Planet Earth with diabolical nuclear fission energy which will create long-term radioactive danger for all biological inhabitants, lest there arrive a Race War in which the ruling human race, which promotes and propels serpentine nuclear power, be surgically removed, along with all of us foolish enough to trust elite human deviates.

Review: The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

User Review  - Christine - Goodreads

I didn't know much about this so decided to read up. Very interesting and written well to explain about nuclear fission, etc. What a horrible disaster. Read full review

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